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Heavy Rain E3 2009 Trailer »

At this point, it seems as though just as many people are waiting on Heavy Rain to collapse under its own hype. That’s a shame, because I had the privilege of attending a behind-closed-doors glimpse at another section of Quantic Dream’s eagerly anticipated title, and it’s one of the best titles on display at this year’s E3. And that's no overblown superlative.

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Mafia II Screenshot

It's probably unfair to say that Mafia II's been in the making for seven years. Even though the first Mafia was released in 2002, 2K Czech (or as they are formerly known, Illusion Softworks) has certainly been doing other things (the Vietcong series, for example). But man, whatever the reasons, it's still been a long, long time.

The demo I'm basing this preview on was my first real look at the game, and a major preconception ended up being broken. I was operating under the impression that this was an open-world game. This was proven wrong almost immediately when the producer demoing the game stated "this is not an open-world game." I did not have to read too deeply into that statement. I saw what he was talking about, though, when the protagonist, Vito, went through one of the game's early missions.

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You've seen the Modern Warfare 2 demo video by now, no doubt. Probably as many times as you've ranked through COD4's multiplayer and started from scratch. It was definitely my favorite game-related highlight from the Microsoft press conference, so I was a little disappointed that the hands-off demo Activision gave me was essentially the same thing.

Can't blame a guy for wanting more. But I did get to see those little parts they fast-forwarded through during the conference "in the interest of time." The highlights were Col. MacTavish and Roach (that's you) taking their time carefully stalking towards the snowy airbase, pulling triggers on the count of three for simultaneous kills of a two-man patrol, and MacTavish getting discovered while Roach was downloading the objective files in an office above the hangar, where the press conference demo picked up with Roach enacting Plan B, i.e. "blow everything up and run."

 Modern Warfare 2 Direct Feed Video

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If there's one thing Treasure's trippy, action title Sin and Punishment 2 for Wii has going for it, it's style. After just one look at some of the acrobatic combat and wildy creative design on display in the game's new E3 2009 trailer, you will definitely want to find out everything you can about this compelling action title.


Sin and Punishment 2, E3 2009 Gameplay Trailer »


Yosuke Hayashi, the department producer of Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, discusses the new features included in this iteration of the game, including new visual effects and enhanced level design.


Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Developer Walkthrough »




'Left 4 Dead 2' Trailer from Microsoft's E3 2009 Press Con »

It hasn't even been a year, but Valve is already mapping out a sequel to last year's multiplayer smash hit, Left 4 Dead. The developer's keen sense for online play made the game one of 2008's biggest hits. With Left 4 Dead 2, we're getting what looks like a well-honed sequel. I dove into a 10-minute session with "The Parish," a stage set in what appears to be an undead-infested New Orleans. Given the city's recent history, there's an eerie ambience to the setting. During Microsoft's press conference this week, we were introduced to Coach, one of the four survivors you'll play as. For today's 10-minute demo, I stepped into the role of Ellis, a mechanic armed with a gun and the will to survive.

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Post-apocalyptic settings are all the rage these days, and yet, I still find myself fascinated and excited about having the chance to explore yet another one in Gearbox Software's FPS Borderlands for PC, Xbox 360, and PS3. The new E3 2009 teaser trailer doesn't contain much, but it certainly does point to one depressing and brutal adventure that I can't wait to embark upon. 


Borderlands E3 2009 Teaser »


So you won't be able to play this until September 2009, but we're excited to bring you the Halo 3: ODST HD direct-feed gameplay demo from E3 2009. Check out what your life will be like as an Orbital Drop Shock Trooper wandering the streets of New Mombasa. It doesn't look pretty but it sure looks fun.

Watch our gameplay demo below.

Halo 3 ODST E3 2009 Direct-Feed Gameplay »

There are several moments during the new E3 2009 trailer for THQ's Warhammer 40k: Space Marine where you can't help but say, "Whoa." Aside from having one of the funniest titles around, the game looks like it should offer plenty of massive battles and widespread destruction whenever it's eventually released on Xbox 360 and PS3.

Warhammer 40k Space Marine E3 2009 Trailer »

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There's no denying the corruptible nature of the awesome temptress that is rock-and-roll, and games like Rock Band have reaped huge benefits for their ability to give players the slightest of taste of what achieving rock stardom must feel like (minus the weird rashes and painful comeback tours).

While that spirit is alive and well in Harmonix's upcoming LEGO: Rock Band, the franchise's slightly more mature edge has been dulled for younger audiences, and the results could not be more adorable. Check out the new E3 2009 trailer, and see what good old-fashioned block-and-roll looks like. (Feel free to use that as your slogan Harmonix).

LEGO: Rock Band is expected to be released this holiday season on Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, and DS.


LEGO Rock Band E3 2009 Trailer »


Although you won't be able to get your hands on Mass Effect 2 until early next year, you can still vicariously enjoy the continuing adventures of the first human Specter, Commander Shepherd in this HD gameplay video from the upcoming sci-fi action-RPG. 


Mass Effect 2 E3 2009 HD Direct-Feed Gameplay »



There's no denying that Modern Warfare 2 is one of the most talked about and highly-anticipated games from E3 2009. Though even we can't play this game yet, we're happy to bring you this Modern Warfare 2 HD direct-feed gameplay demo for your viewing pleasure. It's almost like you're actually playing it, right?

Oh, by the way, this shows off gameplay segments that Infinity Ward had to skip at Microsoft's press conference. Wondering what they had to skip? Wonder no more!

Modern Warfare 2 E3 2009 HD Direct-Feed Gameplay »

Wet Hands-On Preview

A few weeks ago, when we saw the stylish shooter Wet demoed at Bethesda’s event in London, we liked what we saw, but were left wondering how it would work. If you can go into slo-mo whenever you want, we thought, wouldn’t that make the game really, really easy? But after playing a bit of it at Bethesda’s booth during E3 today, we don’t think it will, making us that much more enthused about this game.

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When it comes to next-gen space opera games, BioWare's Mass Effect stands among the very best. For Mass Effect 2, BioWare is looking to push the genre to its limits by ramping up the consequence factor, and creating an all-around more riveting and more cohesive experience. But why take my word for it when you could check out the new E3 2009 trailer?

Mass Effect 2 is being developed for Xbox 360 and PC.


Mass Effect 2 E3 09 Trailer »


Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier Hands-On Preview

3D platformers are damn tough to do well on the PSP. The analog slider is too imprecise, and the d-pad doesn't offer the analog control that's a necessity for the genre. But that's not stopping High Impact Games, developer of Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters and Secret Agent Clank, from taking another swing at the genre.

This time, they're adapting the Naughty Dog franchise Jak and Daxter to the small screen. In The Lost Frontier, our cartoonishly heroic duo finds themselves exploring the most distant areas of their world, where they discover the areas where the legendary Precursors stopped building the planet. With a new perspective into the inner workings of their world, they learn that the Eco -- the magical essence that flows through the world -- is dramatically out of balance. Their job, of course, is to restore it.

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