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I'll admit it: When Peter Molyneux introduced the Milo tech-demo at E3 2009, I was among the many who made jokes about potential uses for the little-boy simulator. But I'm not laughing anymore.

Peter Molyneux recently gave a TED talk where he went a little more in-depth on what Milo is and how it works, and it's a lot less like a joke and a lot more like unbridled awesome.  I get it now... I could see how you could use Kinect to create a truly unique gaming experience. See if this talk doesn't change your mind too.


Live Blog: GDC 2009 Keynote - Nintendo President Satoru Iwata

Nintendo knows its E3 2009 press conference sucked (okay, I'm paraphrasing). In my E3 2009 press conference report card, I ranked it behind Microsoft and Sony. According to Nintendo Everything, Nintendo president and CEO Iwata has admitted to the company's press-conference shortcomings:

"As for the media briefing at E3, of course we had many internal discussions after that. Honestly speaking, none of us at Nintendo thought that our presentation at E3 was as good as it could have been. It is apparent that we could not fully convey the charm of our products. In the past, Wii Sports and Wii Fit were naturally able to convey their appeal on stage since it was something no one had ever seen or imagined before. People seemed to capture the appeal of Wii Sports instantly and although there was some initial confusion with Wii Fit, its appeal did get through to the audience afterwards.

This year, however, with the New Super Mario Bros. Wii, four people lined up with Wii Remotes was not a scene that no one had ever seen. Those who actually had the chance to play understood how the game would change with four people playing simultaneously, but we could not address that fun sentiment at the media briefing. Now we strongly feel that we need to look into finding a better way to demonstrate the products’ appeal better at E3 in these times where more people are watching it online via web cast not only in the U.S. but all around the world, than the number of audience who actually watch it in the theatre. In that sense, we learned many lessons from this year’s E3 show."

Essentially, Iwata said, "Yes, our presser sucked. With so many people watching on television and the Internet, we need to stop sucking."

What do you think of Iwata's criticism? If he on the mark? Is he being too hard on the company? Do you think the company will hold a better presser in 2010 than 2009? Share your thoughts, kind citizens of TheFeed


A new Open Source post from G4 President Neal Tiles is live... check it out here.

This month Neal talks about the triumph of our June 2009 programming, looks forward to Comic-Con 2009, answers questions about anime on the network, and much, much more.

Submit your own questions to Neal Tiles and he could answer them in next month's post.

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The one game that took everyone by surprise at E3 2009 was a little Nintendo DS title called Scribblenauts. This little nugget of genius stood head and shoulders above an astounding amount of fantastic video games, so you know that there has to be something very special about this incredibly simple and yet infinitely complex game.

Such is the topic of this week's Soapbox. Adam talks about how he not only can't wait to play the game, but how he thinks  Scribblenauts stands as an example of how amazing games have gotten in recent years. Are you as excited for this game as The Sess? Hell, I might buy a DS just so I can play it. Enjoy.

Sessler's Soapbox: Scribblenauts Makes Adam Happy! »

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Mass Effect 2 E3 2009 Project Director Interview »

While everyone was floored at E3 2009 by what BioWare is doing in terms of story and characterization in Mass Effect 2, one aspect of the game that isn't getting a lot of play is the combat. Longtime BioWare fans love the pause-and-play skirmishes the company has been serving up since Baldur's Gate. Newer gamers would prefer something smoother and more fluid. It looks like BioWare is keeping up with the times. Project director Casey Hudson told G4tv.com aboot about the combat improvements:

"Much of the way Mass Effect 2 plays is similar to Mass Effect, but every part of it has been improved. The biggest difference, in fact, is when you pick it up, it feels like a precision shooter. It has all the depth that we had before, but now weapons feel accurate and powerful right from the beginning. We have physics-based special-abilities. All of these things can now be fired in real time, so you don't have to pause the game to select tactical options. It just feels so much more fluid. It feels fantastic."

I'm sure that younger gamers and players that are relatively new to BioWare games will love the improvements that Casey was talking aboot about. As an old school BioWare fan, I'm a little saddened by this inevitable modernization. I fondly remember the epic battles I waged in Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate II -- part of the fun was hitting the space bar in the middle of a fight and spend minutes thinking about all the cool ways I could dispatch my enemies before finally delivering the deathblow. I totally understand that the majority of fans desire combat that's faster and smoother, but I wish there were more gamers that enjoyed a break in the action so that they could plot their cerebral assassinations.

Click here to watch the entire Mass Effect 2 interview in glorious HD.

What do you guys and dolls think? Do you like that Mass Effect 2's combat will be more fluid than the original's? Or do you enjoy pause-and-play gaming? Also, isn't Casey's Canadian accent awesome?


Alliance of Valiant Arms E3 2009 Project Manager Interview »


If you’re looking for a free tactical online first-person shooter set in an urban environment during a fiction war between Russians and the rest of Europe, then Red Duck’s Alliance of Valiant Arms might just be for you.

During this E3 2009 interview, the game’s project manager Wook Kim breaks down some of the game’s features, including its approach to combat.

“The game uses the Unreal 3 game engine, so it has really high, super graphics. And it’s very ream oriented, so there’s going to be a lot of communication going on with your team, and there’s very fair, balanced gameplay.”

If that sounds like something you might be interested in, then be sure to watch the full interview.

For more interviews from E3 2009, check out the rest of our features.

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Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising E3 2009 L.D. Interview »


Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare 2 might be the most high profile and most anticipated military FPS of the year, but Codemasters believes its own Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising has what it takes to stand toe-to-toe with the Activision juggernaut, as well as every other shooter coming to market over the next few months, or ever, apparently.

As the game’s lead designer, Tim Brown, explained during E3 2009, Dragon Rising will offer a very different experience than that found in other run-and-gun shooters.

 “The difference in our game…is that it’s all tactical. You’re not the hero. You tip the balance, but it’s not all down to you. You’re going to rely on your guys, and they’re going to rely on you.”

Brown went on to say that Dragon Rising will be “the most realistic shooter you’re going to see on a console ever.”

Predictions don’t really come any bolder than that, so be sure to check out the rest of the interview to see what has Brown so confident.

For more interviews from E3 2009, check out the rest of our features.

Dirt 2 E3 2009 Lead Game Designer Interview »


A lot of people might not agree with me, but I am a huge fan of racing games that at least try to have a narrative thread running through them. It just makes everything that much more compelling, because you have characters and stories to give the races additional significance beyond just who placed where or what was the fastest lap time.

Thankfully, the folks over at Codemasters listened to my ranting, and decided to use narrative to give its upcoming racing title Dirt 2 an edge over the competition. The game's lead designer, Matthew Horseman, explained during E3 2009:

"The whole experience about Dirt is that it's not all about racing now. It's about experiencing the lifestyle of an extreme sports star. So in the game we've got people like Ken Block, Travis Pastrana, Dave Mirra, and the whole story of the game is that you go on the Dirt tour, and travel around the world with these guys...You can form relationships with them, and they'll ring you when you're chilling in your RV, and say, 'Hey. I'm going to Baja, California. Want to come join me?'...So you get to go race with these guys, get to chill out with them. It's just a fantastic experience."

Of course, the game doesn't skimp on the racing elements either, so to find out more, be sure to watch the full interview.

For more interviews from E3 2009, check out the rest of our features.

Jumpgate Evolution E3 2009 President Interview »


Net Devil’s upcoming space-based MMO Jumpgate Evolution was one of the truly great surprises of E3 2009. Not only does it pack all the depth and variety you’d expect from an MMO, it also brings space to life in a way that I haven’t seen in quite some time.

It should come as no surprise then to hear what famed sci-fi franchise Net Devil president Scott Brown cites when discussing the game’s sense of scope.

“Massive amounts of fighters, all other players, fighting each other in space. That’s always been the dream. I’d say probably the most influential moment was that scene in Return of the Jedi where they’re attacking the Death Star, and it’s just hundreds of ships on the screen. I’ve always dreamed of being able to play in that, and it’s all other people at the same time.”

And believe me, the cosmic vistas and interstellar battles that you encounter in this game are stunning, and on par with those found in any number of famous sci-fi movies. This is one game you should definitely keep on your radars.

To find out more about all what awaits you in the vastness of Jumpgate Evolution, be sure to watch the full interview.

For more interviews from E3 2009, check out the rest of our features.

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Final Fantasy XIV E3 2009 Producer Interview »

Square Enix surprised a lot of people when it unveiled Final Fantasy XIV at Sony's E3 2009 press conference. Some gamers thought that it might be the second coming of the MMO Final Fantasy XI. Producer Hiromichi Tanaka said that's not the case:

"Characters in the trailer looked very similar to the ones in Final Fantasy XI. That's pretty much the only thing that's going to be similar. The gameplay and the story are going to be completely different."

For more details on Final Fantasy XIV, be sure to watch the entire interview.

For more interviews from E3 2009, check out the rest of our features.

Shigeru Miyamoto E3 2009 Interview »

X-Play's Blair Herter had the honor of sitting down and chatting with Nintendo's legendary Shigeru Miyamoto during E3 2009. Among the topics discussed were:

  • Going four players with New Super Mario Bros.
  • Super Mario Galaxy 2
  • Integrating ideas from 2D development into a 3D game and vice versa
  • Introducing fresh ideas after decades of game development
  • The new Zelda game
  • Metroid: The Other M
  • His thoughts on Microsoft's and Sony's respective forays into motion controls

Regarding that last bullet point, Miyamoto said, "I think it's a testament that everyone has been able to see that when gamers are using their entire bodies to play in a physical nature, that they're having fun. It's just nice to see that everyone is recognizing that it's a fun style of gameplay for our audiences."

Be sure to watch the entire interview to get all the answers from one of the most brilliant developers in gaming history.

For more interviews from E3 2009, check out the rest of our features.


The MMO Report's Casey Schreiner Gives the ZAM Network Love AdviceOne of the best things about E3 is that everyone in the gaming industry comes together inside the LA Convention center; something that doesn't happen very often. While we were covering all the MMOs on the show floor, the man himself Casey was not only recognized, but interviewed by our friend Andrew Beegle from The ZAM Network. Andrew was hitting the show floor finding out what it takes to pick-up on a booth babe, so of course he wanted advice from the smoothest man on the planet, Casey Schreiner. Check out his sound advice on respec-ing for maximum Charisma.


And while you're at it, why not check out all the coverage Casey and The MMO Report got from the show floor at E3 2009! It's just as informative.

The MMO Report E3 2009 Special Part 1

The MMO Report E3 2009 Special Part 2

Infinity Ward Community Manager Robert Bowling discusses the importance of narrative pacing and the diversity of gameplay experiences awaiting players in Activision's highly-anticipated FPS Modern Warfare 2.

"It's all about pacing," Bowling explains. "There's places where you want to ramp it up to eleven and places where you want to have a more subtle intensity. We're telling a story here and crafting an action movie experience."

Check out our interview below:

Modern Warfare 2 E3 2009 Community Manager Interview »

Ash Ismail, the Lead Designer on W.E.T., provides a quick breakdown of Bethesda's upcoming action shooter.

Like the House of the Dead: Overkill team, Ismail and the A2M team really liked "Grindhouse." "Our story is...crazy characters, crazy scenarios," he says. Speaking of Tarantino, W.E.T.'s heroine, Rubi Malone seems just as inspired by "Pulp Fiction's" The Wolf as "Kill Bill's" The Bride. Ismail describes her as "what we call 'a problem-fixer' -- she gets paid a lot of money to fix messy problems; problems that cause a lot of collateral damage." Plus, he breaks down the meaning of the title; Metal Gear Solid 4 fans might catch the reference. Check out our interview from E3 2009:


Wet E3 2009 Lead Designer Interview »

Does that entice you to shoot, hack, and slash your way through countless waves of hapless goons yet?

For more interviews from E3 2009, check out the rest of our features.

Dead to Rights: Retribution E3 2009 Project Director InterviewImre Jele discusses how a robust combat system, engrossing narrative and player freedom all contribute to Dead to Rights: Retribution being a franchise reboot worthy of keeping your sights on.

Is this a sequel? "Dead to Rights: Retribution is a brand-new start for the franchise," said Jele. "We took the best elements of the original game and tried to reintroduce them to a new console generation."

To find out more, be sure to watch our video interview.

For more interviews from E3 2009, check out the rest of our features.

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