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Activision has announced a unique partnership with legendary rockers Rush that will bring the band’s seven-part opening suite from their epic 1976 album 2112 to Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock’s story-based Quest Mode.

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Ice T is so hardcore, he even makes tweeting seem manly. Case-in-point: The old school legend (and friend of TheFeed) was recently arrested in Los Angeles. Rather than cower under his bed like you would have done, he got on twitter and posted the following:

"Some punk b*tch rookie cop named Fisher #10026 Made the arrest of his bullsh*t career today. Arresting the Notorious Ice T for no seatbelt. Out in 20 min. Come on son...

He said "I know who you are and I don't give a f*ck!" That was right after I called him a punk b*tch.. Then they questioned me about FLTG

In other NEWS! Bout to go do some more voice overs for my character GRIFFEN in Gear Of War 3 today. Gotta pimp past all the bullsh*t. Moovin

All right? Is that hardcore enough for you people? He calls out the cop that arrests him, and then goes and does voice over for the new Gears game.

Ice-T's Twitter Account

Stooges, Bad Religion Bring Real Punk To Rock BandNext week, real punk rock will be available in Rock Band, as a bunch of tracks from the Stooges and some Bad Religion show up on the service. There's even some older Bad Religion included. Like when they kicked ass. "No Control!"

Here's the track list:

  • Bad Religion – “New Dark Ages”
  • Bad Religion – “No Control”
  • The Stooges – “1969”
  • The Stooges – “I Wanna Be Your Dog”
  • The Stooges – “No Fun”

What do you think? Are you down for wailing "No Fun," complete with those killer hand-claps and primitive guitar?  I'm going to be rolling around in peanut butter in my living room, just like Iggy did in the 70s, baby.

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DJ Hero 2

Activision released the artist list for DJ Hero 2 this morning, and it's pretty monstrous. The singers, rappers and producers on hand for this upcoming beat-matching game run the gamut from old school heroes like Afrika Bambaataa and Melle Mel to current hit-makers like Young Jeezy and Kanye West.

“With DJ Hero 2, we wanted to create the ultimate party experience of 2010, and that meant not only revamping and adding social and multiplayer game modes, including full microphone support, and all-new levels of creative freedom, but also mixing and mashing hits from over 100 of the biggest and most popular artists on the planet,” said Dan Neil, Music Director, FreeStyleGames, in a statment. “We can’t wait to drop details on which of these artists’ hottest tracks, as well as how we’ve mixed them together exclusively for the game, later this year.”

You should pore through the list. It's right under the "Read More" tag.

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Video Games LiveIf you've wanted to check out Video Game Live but the game-orchestra isn't playing in your hometown, you're in luck. This summer, the Public Broadcasting System is airing a VG Live concert featuring music from Mario, Zelda, Sonic, Halo, Warcraft, Chrono Cross, Castlevania, Guitar Hero, God of War and Final Fantasy as performed by the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra.

Check your local listings for dates and times in July and August.

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Music DLC Round-Up -- Week Of September 7

Queen Track Pack

"Crazy Little Thing Called Love"
"Killer Queen"
“Somebody To Love"

Price: $5.49/440 Microsoft Points/550 Wii Points for pack, or $1.99/160 MSP/200 WP per track

Click through to see new tracks for Rock Band, Lips, SingStar and DJ Hero.

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Alex Verrey from Mad Catz speaks on the company's peripheral plans for 2010, including Call of Duty: Black Ops precision aiming controllers and the new gear for Rock Band 3.

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New Def Jam Rapstar Tracks Revealed

Konami have revealed a handful of new tracks that will be included in their upcoming emcee simulator Def Jam Rapstar. Songs from A Tribe Called Quest, LL Cool J, and Run DMC will join the game’s already impressive hip-hop track list.

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10-Song Queen Downloadable Pack Coming To Rock Band On October 20

Break out the leather pants and fake moustaches (if your facial hair is as thin as mine), because rock legends Queen have returned to Guitar Hero in the form of a new three song track pack.

The pack includes such Queen favorites as “Crazy Little Thing Called Love,” “Killer Queen,” and “Somebody to Love,” and is available now for $5.49/440 Microsoft Points/550 Wii Points. Rock Band fans have been playing these tracks since last October, but better late than never, right?

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Rock Your Freedom: Songs For A Patriotic Weekend

America. This is the weekend you celebrate your independence, and your escape from under the tyrannical oppression of Great Britain. "Taxation without representation" became the rallying cry that stoked the fires of eventual revolution, and on July 4, 1776, you declared yourself independent. Awesome. What's the best way to celebrate that event? Why, with rock and roll, of course.

It's hard to think of few things more quintessentially American than fireworks, hamburgers on the grill, the smell of suntan lotion, and sweet, unfiltered, pure rock and roll. That's why you need to Rock Your 4th with these songs. We're not showing favorites here between Rock Band and Guitar Hero, and the only thing we really wish was that "America, Eff Yeah" from the Team America soundtrack was available in either of these games.

Have a rockin' holiday, and go activate that Star Power already!

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Music DLC Round-Up -- Week Of September 7

Pop 1 Track Pack

Lady Gaga (Feat. Colby O'Donis) - "Just Dance"
Maroon 5 - "This Love"
Owl City - "Fireflies"

Price: $5.49/440 Microsoft Points/550 Wii Points for pack, or $1.99/160 MSP/200 WP per track

Click through to see new tracks for Rock Band, Lips, SingStar and DJ Hero.

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Rock Band 3

Harmonix isn't lacking ambition with Rock Band 3, but in the game's final months, the design is etched in stone. The game is what it is. What's next? For Rock Band lead designer Dan Teasdale, it's accepting a new position at Comic Jumper developer Twisted Pixel and leaving Harmonix.

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Michael Jackson

Ubisoft E3 2010 press conference featured an appearance by a bunch of Michael Jackson's dancers, and while the proteges of the King of Pop busted out some funky-fly-fresh-wicka-wicka moves, there wasn't really any information revealed about how Jackson's ouvre will be translated to the gaming space. Today, thanks to an interview with Video Games 247, we have those details for you... aren't you lucky?

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Creedence Clearwater Revival Rolling Onto Rock Band

Fans of classic down-home rock (and anyone named Jeffrey Lebowski) will be pleased to hear that rock icons Creedence Clearwater Revival will be making their Rock Band debut next week in the form of DLC pack that includes 12 of the band's most killer tracks.

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Music DLC Round-Up -- Week Of September 7

All Time Low Track Pack

"Damned If I Do Ya"
"Dear Maria Count Me In"

Price: $5.49/440 Microsoft Points/550 Wii Points for pack, or $1.99/160 MSP/200 WP per track

Click through to see new tracks for Rock Band, Lips, SingStar and DJ Hero.

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