Harmonix is trying something quite ambitious with its Kinect launch title Dance Central: teaching gamers how to dance! Luckily, the game keeps looking better and better, and the soundtrack isn’t too shabby either (if you’re into that sort of thing). Speaking of tracks, Harmonix just put out a new trailer featuring some Natal-powered dancing set to the Salt-n-Pepa hit “Push It.” And while we’re talking about pushing things, why not push play?

Dance Central "Push It" Trailer »


Earlier today, Harmonix and MTV Games confirmed the final track list for Rock Band 3, and now they’ve released a new trailer that focuses entirely on showing off in-game footage of the game’s new keyboard peripheral. I’m not sure, but I think it might be impossible to look cool rocking out behind a keyboard stand, unless you go all Jerry Lee Lewis on that mother. Anyway, enjoy.

Rock Band 3 Keyboard Trailer »

Harmonix Says You'll Be

Harmonix and MTV Games officially revealed the officially official set list for Rock Band 3. The developers “debunked” the big Gamescom list leak last week, by, well, revealing the entire list in a video response. But today, the list was given a proper announcement, and that means the only thing left to wonder about is which version of RB3 we’re going to buy.

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Rock Band 3 Release Date, Pre-order Deals Announced

Harmonix and MTV Games have revealed the first details about the next phase in their Rock Band Network music authoring service. Rock Band Network 2.0, as it is currently known, will bring a number of new additions and improvements, including a bunch of enhancements specifically designed to take advantage of the new features being introduced in Rock Band 3.

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Yesterday, I posted a "rumor" story that a bunch of Rock Band 3 tracks had been leaked in Germany. Harmonix got word of the internet story and released a stern admonishment to us and other media outlets to not traffic in rumors and speculation! 

"Wait for official setlist!" they cry. And so I owe them, and you, a heartfelt apology.

To drive the point home, and staunch the information leaks about Rock Band 3's setlist.  Harmonix released the following official response video.

Rock Band 3 Setlist OFFICIAL Comment from Harmonix on Vimeo.

"We are communications professionals," says John Drake, "And we would never accidentally leak 83 songs long before our game comes out."

Wait a minute...

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Rock Band 2

I'd rather listen to the relaxing gold sounds of yacht-rockers Seals and Crofts or Leo Sayer than the sonic assault of Disturbed. I like songs about the joys of wearing a windbreaker while riding a sailboat or the pleasure of a Southern California sunset. They really suit my mellow, mustachioed lifestyle.

Disturbed, on the other hand, calls to mind disaffected youth who spend a lot of time at shopping malls looking sad. You know, the kinds of people who wash my car.

But, hey, a trio of Disturbed tracks are coming to Rock Band next week, as well as some other tracks from Veer Union, We Are the Fallen and Crash Kings, so maybe I'll download them and have my mind changed. The full list is under the cut.

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When Michael Jackson: The Experience was revealed at E3 this year, none of the game was shown. Bummer! But luckily, Ubisoft is showing off the game at Gamescom this week. We spoke to brand manager Felecia Willams, who gave us insight on what to expect, as well as showing some of her moves on the Wii version of The Experience.

Michael Jackson The Experience Gamescom 2010 Interview »

The Kinect version won't feature avatars, but will put you in the game. I hate being onscreen, but that doesn't mean I'll hate this game."You're going to be apply different all different looks onto your yourself," Williams explains. "You could be made of lights, or made of smoke. There are a lot of different effects, so people who are a little shy will have options too."

Oh, and the game will be able to teach you how to Moonwalk. Moonwalking: CONFIRMED.

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Just Dance 2

It's a music game set list kind of morning people. Earlier, we let you in on a bunch of songs rumored to be included in Rock Band 3, and now we've got a whole bunch of official tracks that will definitiely be appearing in Just Dance 2.

The sequel to the surprise-hit dancing Wii title are...

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Rock Band 3

I love leaks and rumors. Something about getting information about a game before it's been "officially" released is fun in an "illicit knowledge" kind of way -- even if half the time it turns out to be inaccurate. So here's today's leak/rumor: A video reportedly shot at Gamescom (since pulled off the internet) showed off a bunch of new Rock Band 3 tracks.

I can't vouch for the truthfulness of any of these sources; it's not official, etc. But here's the lineup of might-be-in-the-game songs:

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New Tracks Revealed For Michael Jackson The Experience

Ubisoft today revealed a bunch of track for the Michael Jackson The Experiencee at Gamescom today. The all-singing, all-dancing vid game coming out for the Kinect, Wii and PlayStation Move will be out this fall.

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April Fools: Bieber Or Die

Dear readers of TheFeed, I'm about to make your day... with Justin Bieber.  Internet.genius Shamantis took Bieb's piano driven soft-rock schlock "U Smile" and slowed that shizz down 800 percent, resulting in a trancey epic that sounds like Sigur Ros.

Seriously.  Listen to it, and enjoy a new respect for Bieber's genius:

J. BIEBZ - U SMILE 800% SLOWER by Shamantis


Rock Band 3

The slow trickle of information continues -- At the Gamescom 2010 show today, Harmonix released the names of a bunch of tracks that will be playable in Rock Band 3 when it comes out on October 26. Because this is a European show, the track list highlights artists from all over the world, including Jamaica's Bob Marley and Germany's Rammstein.

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Instant Jam Developer Interview »

In tandem with this week's Gamescom show, casual game makers InstantAction unveiled Instant Jam, a web-based music game with a twist. While other music game allow you to play a song from a pre-selected setlist of music chosen for you, Instant Jam uses your own MP3s to generate the track list.

In a nutshell: It's a free-to-play Guitar Hero style game that syncs with your music library and allows you to play with either your computer keyboard or a USB guitar controller.

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Alan Wake Soundtrack Album

Much like Alan Wake is very different from most everything else currently spinning in game consoles, the same holds true for Petri Alanko’s score for the game. The soundtrack album for the critically acclaimed Xbox 360 title is now available and The Feed invites you to join us for a listen.

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Music DLC Round-Up -- Week Of September 7

Sum 41 Track Pack

"In Too Deep"
"Fat Lip"
"Still Waiting"

Price: $5.49/440 Microsoft Points/550 Wii Points for pack, or $1.99/160 MSP/200 WP per track

Click through to see new tracks for Rock Band, Lips, SingStar and DJ Hero.

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