Want to know the level of commitment required to unlock the Endless Setlist achievement in the soon to be released Rock Band 3? It sounds innocent enough: play all 83 songs in one sitting. However, as X-Play’s Abbie Heppe, Matt Keil, and J.P. Shub found out, plowing through RB3’s massive track selection in one go is far from the glamorous feat you’d think it would be. Still, they powered on, and now you can witness their heroic journey by checking out the following video. Warning: serious gamer dedication ahead.

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Instant Jam Embeddable Announced

A few month ago, I previewed "casual" PC/Mac music game Instant Jam. I found it enjoyable; it allowed me to play Tom Waits songs on a plastic guitar. The hook of the game is that it syncs with your existing MP3 library and allows you to play many of the songs you own. So the catalog is in the thousands, and is growing every day.

The embeddable version has been announced, and I would like you to play it. Go ahead. I've embedded it right under the "Read More" tag. So take a couple minutes, check it out, then tell us whether you agree with my "hey, this is neat!" preview.

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Rock Band 3

Lock up your grandmas; Billy Joel is coming to town. The famous piano-man will be dropping some of his biggest hits on the Rock Band Network on Dec. 14, including these golden favorites:

  • “Big Shot”
  • “Captain Jack”
  • “It’s Still Rock N Roll to Me”
  • “Movin’ Out”
  • “Only The Good Die Young”
  • “Piano Man
  • “Pressure”
  • “Say Goodbye to Hollywood”
  • “The Entertainer,”
  • “The Stranger”

All these tracks will be available as Rock Band 3 downloadable content with both Keys and Pro Keys parts.

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DJ Hero 2 Won't Allow Xbox 360 Owners With 100 Friends Play Online

We only received our copies of DJ Hero 2 yesterday, but Houston, there's a problem. We encountered an error that prevented us from playing DJ Hero 2 last night, so we promptly contacted Activision to find out what could be causing the bizarre glitch. In testing it seemed related to our friends list, which is capped at 100, for different folks here at G4. Activision has responded by saying that it was well aware of the issue, and that it will be resolved in a title update expected to be released by Friday. 

We have to imagine that other outlets who reviewed the game just aren't as popular as we are, as we haven't seen this issue mentioned anywhere else. The official Activision statement and instructions to resolve the problem are after the jump.

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In a few short days, Harmonix and MTV Games will once again change the music game landscape with their latest peripheral-tastic offering, Rock Band 3. Pro Mode, keyboards, three-part harmonies, drop in/drop out play, and a host of other new features and improvements are sure to help RB3 make an auto-tuned splashed when it lands next week. To gear you up for the imminent release, X-Play has put together a rocking preview to answer any last minute questions you might have about the upcoming music title.

Rock Band 3 Preview »


A Story Of

The soundtrack for BIT.TRIP FATE is already available over at CD Baby, a couple weeks ahead of the release of the upcoming WiiWare title. Not only is this sort of jumping the gun cool and encouraged, but a quick listen reveals more of the series’ retrotastic chiptune sounds and what is easily one of the best track names this year, “A Large Part of Your Mind Sliced”. Point your cursor towards those two little words below for more news this week from the VGM scene.

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Links Of TheFeed: Extremo GTL

I don't really count myself among the many who find clowns to be terrifying. Even after seeing Killer Clowns From Outer Space as a kid, they never really freaked me out that much. However, if I ever have kids, I won't let them within 10 miles of Extremo the Clown & his Never Never Van, as he might be the creepiest clown around. Good news though, you can get to know him a little better from a safe distance on FilmDrunk's podcast.

  • This week on the FilmDrunk podcast, meet Extremo the Clown, the man with the scariest van on the planet. [FilmDrunk]
  • Get in some quality GTL on Jersey Shore, the RPG. [CollegeHumor]
  • Here are 6 reasons Weird Al is still relevant. [UnrealityMag]
  • 25 photos of celebrities in high school sports photos. [Manofest]

Rock Band Gets More Experienced With New Jimi Hendrix Tracks

Jimi Hendrix-loving Rock Band fans will soon have a fresh batch of downloadable tracks from the legendary rock guitarist to virtually shred to, as Harmonix and MTV Games will be adding 12 tracks from Hendrix’s landmark album Are you Experienced to their ever growing catalog of killer tunes.

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I don't think you can handle the metal in gore-game Splatterhouse's soundtrack. It's more metal than AC/DC lighting Metallica on fire. It's more metal than triple bass drums. It's more metal than your mom. (Yeah, I said it.)

Anyway, here's the song list:

  • The Accused – “Pounding Nails”
  •  ASG – “Dream Song”
  • Cavalera Conspiracy – “Must Kill”
  • 5 Finger Death Punch – “Dying Breed”
  • Goatwhore – “Apocalyptic Havok”
  • The Haunted – “Hollow Ground”
  • High On Fire - “Fire, Flood & Plague”
  • Invisible Enemies – “Dead Eyes”
  • Lamb of God – “Walk With Me in Hell”
  • Mastodon – “Blood and Thunder”
  • Municipal Waste – “Rigorous Vengeance”
  • Mutant Supremacy – “Morbid Dismemberment”
  • Terrorizer – “Dead Shall Rise”
  • WolfShirt – “Headlong Into Monsters”

Splatterhouse comes out on October 28 for the PS3 and 360.

(I have never heard of any of these musical groups.)

I don't know about you, but I'd hate having a Michael Jackson experience... still, I'm looking forward to the Michael Jackson: The Experience game. As Adam points out in the X-Play video below, during his lifetime, Michael Jackson touched a lot of people.

Anyway, check out how the King of Pop looks post-death, in video game form, in the video below:

Michael Jackson: The Experience Preview »

Rock Band 2

There will soon be over 2,000 songs available through the Rock Band Network. The milestone is marked fittingly with next week's release of The Jimi Hendrix Experience’s seminal album, Are You Experienced. Hendrix is one of over 800 artists who have tracks in Rock Band and Rock Band 2.

"The success of our song downloads has afforded us the opportunity to approach Rock Band as an interactive music platform and reshape the way gamers think of expansion content," said Paul DeGooyer, senior vice president of electronic games, music and programming for MTV Networks. "Our commitment to weekly releases, disc export, forward compatibility of downloads and the launch of the Rock Band Network were milestones in the development of Rock Band's vibrant digital business.  Now, with the release of our 2,000th song, we are reaffirming our commitment to present new music every week – and with the new features in Rock Band 3, there will be more ways than ever to experience it."

Are You Experienced, will be available as a special Rock Band edition album download Tuesday, Oct. 12 through the Rock Band Music Store of downloadable content for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 system and Wii.


Rock Band 3

Bad news, Playstation 3 rockers: When Rock Band 3 launches on October 26, you will not be able to buy a bundle with the new keyboard peripheral. From the official game forums:

"You may have seen that retailers have taken down the Rock Band 3 keyboard/software bundle pre-orders for PlayStation 3. Unfortunately, this SKU will not be available in the U.S. due to the agreement terms for the region. However, Mad Catz and MTV Games are working with those retailers that accepted pre-orders to enable them, if they choose, to honor those pre-orders placed prior to this change as soft bundles (separate discs and keyboards), at pre-order pricing. These retailers will have more details shortly."

If you're planning on playing the game on the 360 or the Wii, you'll be able to be fully keyboard-bundled. If you're PS3 owner, though, you'll have to purchase the game and the keys separately.

I'm way psyched for the 360 version of Rock Band 3; I love keyboards and harmonies, and both will be represented here. But lately, excitement levels for music games have seemed much less than in the past. Do you guys even care about Rock Band 3?

Talkabouts: Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock »

In this Talkabout, our resident rock gods Abbie Heppe and J.P. Shub talk about the sixth installment in the GH series, Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock.

Granted, these two rhythm game fans have a lot to say about Activision's latest offering, but the question is: do you agree? 

Watch the video and let us know in the comments!

Also, look at how metal they look. METAL!!!!

Music DLC Round-Up -- Week Of September 7

No new releases

Click through to see new tracks for Rock Band, Lips, SingStar and DJ Hero.

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Rock Band 2

Next week, older music gamers are in luck: Proto-college rock innovators R.E.M. and glam-rock superstars T-Rex both have tracks coming to the Rock Band Network. The R.E.M. tracks demonstrate the awesome taste of MTV Games when it comes to Rock Band track selection. Rather than focus entirely on the band's hits, the selections also draw from older, less well-known R.E.M. with the inclusion of "Driver 8" and "Radio Free Europe." How the game will deal with the mumbled lyrics on older R.E.M. remains to be seen. 

Anyway, here's the track list:

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