Notorious B.I.G., Snoop Dogg, Beastie Boys Announced For Def Jam Rapstar

Yo, yo, yo, b-boys and/or b-girls: Music game Def Jam Rapstar has added Kinect support, and publisher Konami has lowered the price down to $39.99 for the game, and $49.99 for the game and the mic. You could save yourself mad money, son. Holla! Plus, you'll be able to use your Kinect camera to upload video of your unstoppable flows, ninja.

Seriously, though, two things: 1) Def Jam Rapstar is a really good game. Surprisingly fun, interesting and well-made. 2) Why isn't every game or device that allows you to use a camera compatible with Kinect? I tried to take a picture with my Kinect to send to a friend, and it couldn't even do it, same with games like Uno... what's up with that? I can only hope fixes are on the way for all of these things.

Anyway, buy Def Jam Rapstar! It's cheap. Word is bond.

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Rock Band 3

It's the holidays and that means mistletoe, rum cake and lawsuits! Yesterday, we learned that some of the founders and shareholders of Rock Band developers Harmonix are suing their parent company Viacom over profits from the Rock Band franchise. Today, Viacom has responded.

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Actor Injured During Spider-Man Musical (Video Below)

With early showings ending up disastrous and the official opening delayed from January 11 to February 7, the Broadway production of Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark has enough problems as it stands. However, its list of misfortunes can now add an injury (the fourth overall) sustained by a cast member during a performance on Monday. With details of the incident just now emerging, it was revealed that ensemble member and aerialist Christopher Tierney was the victim of some bad planning during one of the production's many elaborate stunts. Hovering on a diving-board-like platform several feet high above the stage, Tierney, performing a stunt in the place of Reeve Carney's Spidey would take a nasty dive. (See the video below.) While hooked to wires, it seems that there was too much slack and the actor reportedly sustained broken ribs and internal bleeding. A plunge like that could easily have been fatal, so thankfully, the actor will live to tell the tale. However, for the Turn Off The Dark production itself, it means increased scrutiny from State Safety Inspectors and perhaps more confirmation of the criticism about the sustainability of the $65 million production. (The most expensive in Broadway history.) Will this drama bring down the Wall-Crawler's stint on the Great White Way? Or will the notoriety only pique the curiosity of the audience?

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Daft Punk Tron Legacy

After 28 years of waiting and over a year of the hype-machine in overdrive, Tron: Legacy has finally rezzed its way into theaters.  While critical reception has been less than positive, reactions from fans are just the opposite.  Like the Bit character from the original movie, it’s all about either YES or NO.  One thing about Tron: Legacy that most do seem to agree on though is the shared excitement over the original soundtrack crafted by Daft Punk.  After a year of alleged leaks, rumors and official streams, the music of Tron: Legacy is out now, with a debut that cracked the Top 10 of Billboard's album chart.  How does it sound?  Pull up a laser and join us on the Grid for a listen.  If you still haven’t seen the movie yet, we’ll try and keep the spoiler bugs off your interface as much as possible.

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Links of TheFeed: Photoshop Gangsta

Anyone who has ever used Photoshop knows that the included tutorial is as boring as a bag of rocks. Thankfully, hardcore educational rapper "CMYCKilla" has decided to spice up the learning process by adding some phat beats and lyrical flow.  The born to teach gangsta effortlessly educates you about every nuance in Photoshop, making "command z" a phrase you'll be repeating all day. So get with it son, and check out this week's links to get yourself some photoshop knowledge. Holla atcha' boy.

  • Ever wonder what your girlfriend is really saying? You need the Manslater [ManOFest]
  • What's better than a dinosaur? A gallery of superhero dinosaurs. [UnRealityMag]
  • A live-action adaptation of Yogi Bear. [FilmDrunk]



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  • Screenshots
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Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Pre-Order Bonus Character Revealed

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood has been a big hit for Ubisoft.  Just this week, the NPD Group announced that the game placed second amongst the top 10 games sold in the US in November (right behind COD: Black Ops).  One of the da Vinci’s behind Brotherhood is Jesper Kyd, who has composed the music for all three of the core Assassin’s Creed games. The Feed got to talk with Jesper Kyd about his music for AC: Brotherhood and he was gracious enough to answer some of our readers’ questions as well.

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Crank Up The Tunes: The Best Gaming Related Songs

When you're not gaming, there's very little you can do to broadcast your love of video games, besides sporting a borderling d-baggish shirt, or putting up a poster on your wall that will immediately get torn down or put away if you invite a boyfriend/girlfriend over. So how can you class it up? Through the art of song. Nothing combines both class and video games like a well-crafted ode to your favorite game. Unless you add wine and cheese.

Along those lines, here are some of our favorite video game-related songs. Mind you, we wanted to specifically keep songs featured in video games out here, so unfortunately you won't see "Still Alive" or "The Theme From Super Mario Bros." in here. Those still tug our heartstrings, but they aren't meta enough for this tune-filled feature.

Prepare your ears, crank up the speaks, and dive in.

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Rock Band 3

Music game Rock Band 3 might not be selling in the huge numbers some would like, and its developer Harmonix might be on the rocks, but that doesn't mean the music has to stop, man. December 14 will see the release of the ultimate track pack for keyboard aficionados: A Billy Joel collection that feature 12 of the Piano Man's greatest hits, spanning his entire career. Check out these golden oldies:

  • “Big Shot” X
  • “Captain Jack”
  • “It’s Still Rock and Roll To Me”
  • “Movin’ Out (Anthony’s Song)” X
  • “Only the Good Die Young” X
  • “Piano Man”
  • “Pressure”
  • “Say Goodbye to Hollywood”
  • “The Entertainer"
  • “The Stranger”
  • “We Didn’t Start the Fire”
  • “You May Be Right”

Tracks marked with “X” will include Pro Guitar and Pro Bass expansions for $0.99 per song.

Critics might say Billy Joel's music hasn't been relevant in 20 or so years, and that he was always a bit poncy and overly-sincere, but tell them to shut it! These are some perfect tracks geared right toward the keyboard player in your fake band, and they will challenge him. That solo in "The Entertainer" will break his heart.

What do you guys think? What do you think about Billy Joel?

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Howard Stern Re-Ups ContractWe're big fans of "shock jock" Howard Stern here at G4, and have been very worried that our morning commutes would be sucky for the foreseeable future if Stern truly left the airwaves at the end of his current contract. Good news: Stern has resigned with Sirius/XM for another five years, so our daily dose of comedy/outrageousness/deep interviews with celebrities is safe and secure.

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Disney's movies and cartoons have always had amazing soundtracks so it's no surprise that Disney's latest video game, Disney Epic Mickey, has a memorable soundtrack too. X-Play went behind-the-scenes with the game's composer, Jim Dooley, to find out what made Epic Mickey's soundtrack unique. In order to properly channel the characters and emotions depicted in the game Dooley was granted access to the Disney archives. One of the most intimidating aspects of composing for Disney Epic Mickey was taking on the challenge of creating an original Mickey Mouse tune. He also managed to make an incredibly creepy rendition of "It's A Small World" which is no small feat.

Face Time: Disney Epic Mickey Composer Jim Dooley »

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In honor of World of Warcraft expansion Cataclysm hitting shelves and desktops all over the world today, the folks of Dark Endeavor of Durotan put together the world's first WoW lip dub, or in this case bubble-dub. The video took weeks of planning, hours of practice and a little help from Billy Joel who supplied the vocals for the video's song "We Didn't Start The Fire." This is one of the best WoW creations I've seen, it definitely gets me in the Cataclysm mood. 


Source: warcraftmovies.com


Pixel Force: DJ Hero, the game we posted last week, has been taken down after the creator, Eric Ruth, received a Cease and Desist letter from Universal Publishing Group. Ruth and Universal shared a few words on the matter, all of which is currently posted on PikiGeek. The game was downloaded and mirrored on various other sites and I dare say is still out there if you look for it. Eric told Joystiq that while he is bummed that Universal pulled the plug on Pixel Force: DJ Hero he is working on his next game, Pixel Force: Halo, tentatively for next month.

Video Games At The Grammys -- Two Video Game Songs Get Nominated

A song from Sid Meier's Civilization IV and a song from Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock have been nominated for Grammys. This is the first time songs from a video game's soundtrack have been nominated. 

The "hit" song "Baba Yetu" from Civ 4 is nominated for 'Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocalist.' Composer Christopher Tin, who was nominated for two Grammys this year, credits "Boba Yetu's" success and life outside of the game to Video Games Live. It has been featured in many Video Games Live performances and was included in the PBS special.

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Sumthing Else Music Works

Are you searching for that perfect holiday gift for the gamer in your life or perhaps yourself? Then look no further, because The Feed has the info on a half-off discount code to the top video game soundtrack retail site, along with a link to some free game tunes and a look at some new releases announced this week from the video game music world.

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Music DLC Roundup -- Week Of October 18

No new releases

Click through to see new tracks for Rock Band, DJ Hero 2, Dance Central, and Def Jam Rapstar.

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