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Call of Duty: Black Ops Multiplayer Reveal Hands-On

If you are a game music aficionado, then this Tuesday is a huge day for you with four big new releases inbound. We've got the intel on these new tunes, including music from Call of Duty: Black Ops, along with some free game tunage for you to download as we run down the news of the week from the video game music world.

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Richard Jacques

This week, James Bond fans found out they have to wait until 2012 for the next big screen Bond adventure.  But the good news for gamers is they can step into the shoes of England's legendary gentleman spy right now, in the just released 007 Blood Stone.  Since this is the first Bond game in a number of years to feature an original story, Activision and Bizarre Creations went all out by assigning Richard Jacques the mission to create a soundtrack worthy of a Bond adventure.  The Feed's spies managed to secure some top secret music samples from Blood Stone, for your ears only.

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Steve Ouimette EPIC

Steve Ouimette, the six-string samurai behind nearly 100 cover songs from the Guitar Hero franchise and Rock Revolution, released his debut solo album this week, appropriately entitled EPIC.  Since more than a couple of you have rocked alongside Steve in spirit whilst living out your living room rock star fantasies, why not step inside and take a listen to what this talented musician put together when unbound from the constraints of recreating someone else’s music.

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Steve Ouimette EPIC

If you have picked up a plastic guitar and raised the roof with your button tapping skills in the Guitar Hero series, chances are you have played along to the notes of famous songs, recreated by Steve Ouimette.  This talented musician released his debut solo album this week and The Feed got a chance to talk with him about it.  Set your pretend instruments down for a minute, click below and find out about Steve’s album, EPIC, what it’s like to record music for Guitar Hero and how his fans influenced the music on this album

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Silo 64

While Fallout fans are adventuring through New Vegas this weekend, some of them might be wondering why Bethesda didn’t release a soundtrack album for Inon Zur’s fantastic music from the game.  Perhaps we’ve thrown back too many bottles of Nuka-Cola Quantum, but it seems like it would have been a no-brainer to include an OST in the collector’s edition that many of us purchased (this writer included).  However, Tunnel Snakes and vault dwellers looking to satisfy their cravings for even more adventure through a post-apocalyptic wasteland can not only play a free homebrew game inspired by Fallout and created by chiptunes artist, 8 Bit Weapon, but enjoy its music as well.  The Feed has some sample sounds and a link to Silo 64, available by clicking below.  No secret vault access codes required!

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Inon Zur

The Feed got to talk with composer Inon Zur about his music for the newly released Fallout: New Vegas.  The veteran video game soundtrack creator delves into the creative process for composing the music of New Vegas, talks about video game soundtrack releases and takes questions from The Feed’s readers.  Mr. Zur was also kind enough to provide us with some pieces from his New Vegas soundtrack, so you can enjoy some post-apocalyptic listening as you check out our interview with him.

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Halo Reach Soundtrack

Bungie announced as of its first week spinning in Xbox 360’s, over 70 million games of Halo: Reach have been played.  A number which undoubtedly has grown exponentially since then.  So it’s safe to say there are at least a few of you out there enjoying the adventures of Noble Team.  Many of you are also listening to the music composed for Reach and have bought the game’s soundtrack.  As of press time, it holds the #1 spot on Amazon’s MP3 Soundtracks chart and the #3 position on iTunes.  Since you have set your controllers down long enough to read this far, we’ve got some sounds for you to sample as part of The Feed’s review of the Halo: Reach soundtrack.  Hit the jump, Spartan!

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Marty O'Donnell

The Feed got to chat with Bungie’s Audio Director, Marty O’Donnell via subspace relay (the telephone) recently, and we asked him about everything from what went into creating the music for Halo: Reach, putting together the game’s soundtrack album and what he is working on next with Bungie.  We even let a few of our readers ask some questions. Hit the plasma-blue link below for the full interview.

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resident evil afterlife

The Feed diverts, just ever so slightly, from our usual weekend video game soundtrack reviews, to take a listen to a bit of movie music.  Resident Evil: Afterlife hit theaters this weekend and features an original soundtrack by veteran composing team, tomandandy.  Described as a “hybrid genre” score, this tightly produced set of music works on multiple levels, beyond the 3D zombie apocalypse movie it was created for.  Join The Feed inside for a listen.  We promise you will not get infected by the T-virus.

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This Week's New Releases -- Monster Hunter Tri

To say the Monster Hunter series is pretty big in Japan would be like saying you get wet when you jump in the ocean. The latest release, Monster Hunter 3(Tri), sold exceedingly well in Japan and garnered great reviews here. Fans of the Nintendo Wii title and of video game music in general should be celebrating the fact that Capcom saw fit to release the game’s soundtrack album in North America. Grab your provisions and join the Feed as we go hunting for some Monster Hunter 3(Tri) sounds for your ears to feast on.

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Chiptunes musician ComputeHer has just released her new album, entitled “Modemoiselle”. Now the cleverness of the name alone is worth high praise, but The Feed would rather have you join us for a listen and decide for yourselves, since this is more than just music inspired by and played on videogame systems. Hit the link below for some samples and even a free download.

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Alan Wake Soundtrack Album

Much like Alan Wake is very different from most everything else currently spinning in game consoles, the same holds true for Petri Alanko’s score for the game. The soundtrack album for the critically acclaimed Xbox 360 title is now available and The Feed invites you to join us for a listen.

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Alan Wake

The Feed recently caught up with composer Petri Alanko to talk about his soundtrack for Alan Wake.  This being Alanko’s first foray into the videogame music realm, we wanted to find out what his music background is and what inspired him in the creation of the aural atmosphere of Alan Wake.  While The Feed wasn’t suffering from writer’s block like Alan Wake, we didn’t want to spend time alone around Cauldron Lake either, so The Feed abducted a few readers to help with interviewing Alanko.  Click and come inside to see if your question made the cut.

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Jonathan Coulton’s “Still Alive” may likely go down in history as the “Smoke on the Water” of the video game music world. Why? Because it is iconic, catchy as hell, relatively simple to play and inspires musicians, YouTube fame seekers and those with only a moderate amount of programming ability to perform the theme song to Portal  in seemingly immeasurable ways (It is also one of the only acceptable uses of Auto-Tune, but that's another article). Seeing as how there now over 1.5 million more people playing Portal since it hit Steam this week, The Feed has jumped through hoops to bring you a 7-layer cake made from some of the better and more interesting cover versions of this nice little song about science and death. Step through the portal we opened for you below.

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The Music of Tron, Derezzed

Tron was one of those epochal moments in geek culture. Released in 1982, it was a perfect confluence of an action movie, about video games, which spawned toys and featured an incredible soundtrack. Even those not old enough to have seen in it in theaters and then fork countless quarters into its arcade game counterpart have been pulled in by the movie’s premise and mythology of a living world inside computers.

Now what happens if a pair of leading musicians from today’s Chiptunes scene took Wendy Carlos’ orchestra-meets-synthesizer soundtrack from Tron and derezzed it into something which would have sounded completely at home in the early 80’s? Grab your Lightcycle handlebar and come inside for a listen and a source for you to download your own copy for free!

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