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8 Bit Weapon

It has been nearly two years since we've heard new music from 8 Bit Weapon. The good news is, these West Coast champions of chiptunes are back with a new set of songs which will appeal to fans of classic video gaming as well as electronic music aficionados. The Feed has taken Bits With Byte for a spin, has some sounds from it for you to hear and a link for a free download from the album.

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Mass Effect 3

We are only a few short days from the launch of one of the most anticipated games of 2012 with Mass Effect 3. The Feed spoke with three of the five composers behind the music of ME3, Sam Hulick, Sascha Dikiciyan and Cris Velasco, and the creation of the music for the game. We and the composers have kept this as spoiler-free as possible for you, so don’t be afraid to come inside for a look and a listen, as have samples of some of the incredible sounds they’ve created for the closing of the Mass Effect trilogy.

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Deus Ex Human Revolution Soundtrack Review

When The Feed ran a recent article about video game soundtrack albums that were worthy of a Grammy Award nomination, one thing was made very clear in the comments. The majority of people who chose to post their thoughts said Deus Ex: Human Revolution, composed and performed by Michael McCann, would have been their choice for a game soundtrack Grammy nom. And we agree with you. If you haven’t experienced the music from this game yet, we’ve been given several tracks from the Deus Ex: Human Revolution soundtrack album for your ears to feast upon. Come on in and press play.

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Top Game Music Composers Join Forces for Benefit Album

A group of some of today’s leading videogame music composers have teamed up to create a charity album of all-original music. Novum Initium features an unreal level of talent among its 18 tracks, including composers who’ve crafted sounds for games including Modern Warfare 3, Mass Effect, Star Wars: The Old Republic and more. The Feed has a preview of the music and info on how you can further support the charity.

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Space Marine's Cris Velasco and Sascha Dikiciyan

THQ and Relic Entertainment’s Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine features a fantastic soundtrack composed by game music veterans Cris Velasco and Sascha Dikiciyan. The Feed got to talk with Cris and Sascha about what went into composing the epic themes for the game and what it takes to craft an enjoyable listening experience for Space Marine’s soundtrack album.

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Frozen Synapse Logo

TheFeed would like to introduce you to nervous_testpilot, an up-and-coming player in the indie game scene. Not only is he the composer of the music for the newly released Frozen Synapse, but he’s also co-owner of its developer, Mode 7 Games. On top of that, this game audio pro has an established background in the electronic music scene and a newly launched chiptune alter-ego. Come inside and meet nervous_testpilot and hear some sounds from Frozen Synapse!

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Super Meat Boy Soundtrack

TheFeed got the chance to speak with game music creator Danny Baranowsky recently. Danny is the man behind the music of Super Meat Boy. We talk to him about the success of his indie released soundtrack for the game, where his musical inspirations come from and what he is working on now. We’ve also got some meaty sounds for your ears, so why don’t you come in and take a listen!

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Interview with COD: Black Ops Composer Sean Murray

Sean Murray is the man behind the music of Call of Duty: Black Ops. The Feed recently got a chance to talk with Sean about what went into the creation of the music for the game, its soundtrack album, and some of the other projects he has composed for, including a previous entry in the COD franchise and a TV show about a teenage vampire slayer. We also got the details on a live orchestra performance of Murray's Black Ops music, along with other game themes, happening next week. And while there are no music-based perks in Black Ops multiplayer (really, there should be!) The Feed has deployed some sounds from the game in the interview for your listening enjoyment.

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Video Game Grammy: Civilization 4 Song Wins Grammy

Seeing as how “Awards Season” comes to a close tonight with the Academy Awards, it seems an appropriate time as any to bring this up for consideration for next year. Because history was made at one of  this year’s other big trophy-fests, the Grammy Awards, when a piece of music originally composed for a video game won an award; the first time music created for a game has received such an honor. The award bestowed upon Christopher Tin was a milestone moment and a beginning, a beginning from which other artists who bring game audio to life deserve to be honored, a beginning which couldn’t have happened if not for a push for recognition for game music that began over a decade ago.

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Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Pre-Order Bonus Character Revealed

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood has been a big hit for Ubisoft.  Just this week, the NPD Group announced that the game placed second amongst the top 10 games sold in the US in November (right behind COD: Black Ops).  One of the da Vinci’s behind Brotherhood is Jesper Kyd, who has composed the music for all three of the core Assassin’s Creed games. The Feed got to talk with Jesper Kyd about his music for AC: Brotherhood and he was gracious enough to answer some of our readers’ questions as well.

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Sumthing Else Music Works

Are you searching for that perfect holiday gift for the gamer in your life or perhaps yourself? Then look no further, because The Feed has the info on a half-off discount code to the top video game soundtrack retail site, along with a link to some free game tunes and a look at some new releases announced this week from the video game music world.

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Richard Jacques

You would not believe the dangers The Feed faced to bring you this interview.  Jumping over pools of alligators, battling henchmen ill-trained in hand-to-hand combat, and eyes-only clearance by MI6.  Well, not really, but, The Feed did get to talk with James Bond 007: Blood Stone composer Richard Jacques about the sounds he created to fuel Bond’s latest game adventure.  We've also got some music that's shaken, not stirred, just inside our secret lair.

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Assassin's Creed Brotherhood

Has it already been a year since we stepped into the Animus-powered genetic memories of Ezio Auditore da Firenze, and by extension, had our ears filled with the amazing sounds created by Jesper Kyd for Assassin’s Creed II? Indeed it has, but, both Ezio and his resident melodist Jesper Kyd are back in Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood.  Following in the footsteps of the previous AC games, Ubisoft has released a soundtrack album for Brotherhood and The Feed has some sounds for your ears to feast upon, just inside.

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Red Dead Redemption Soundtrack

This was a huge week for news from the game music sector.  Six new game soundtrack releases were revealed, a high-profile composer announcement was made and a grass roots effort to bring a game music DVD series to the public has begun.  Get the details in this week’s video game music news roundup!

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Peter Molyneux Worried About Fable III Opening Section

The Fable series has a tradition of releasing companion soundtrack albums, and Fable III is no exception.  Composer Russell Shaw returns for his third installment of music from the world of Albion.  The Feed has some sounds for your royal ears to feast upon.

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