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2K Games is gearing up for the February launch of The Darkness 2 with some rad new character vignettes. Theses videos will help you become more acquainted with the four players featured in the game's four-player co-op mode, Vendettas. I suggested 2K call this mode Quad-Co-oping but they didn't go with my idea.  I'm not offended, really, I just feel like they missed out on a unique marketing opportunity.

In Vendetta gamers will get to assume the role of one of Jackie Estacado's allies homies. Each character has their own weapons, darkness abilities, and fashion sense. You can choose from Inugami, Shoshanna, Jimmy Wilson or J.P. DuMond. Co-op in a stand-alone gameplay mode and will not affect the story.

The Darkness 2 "Vendettas Characters - Inugami" Trailer »

The Darkness 2, in all its quad-wielding glory, will be released on February 7, 2012.

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Death to Spammers!

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Posted September 1, 2010 - By Webmaster

Hello friends.

Over the past few weeks, our lovable, huggable little site seems to have developed a bit of a comment spam problem. Please know that we are very aware of it and are working hard behind the scenes to make it more difficult for these worthless piles of human filth to peddle their knock-off handbags and other garbage.

Please use the "report" link under their stupid, spammy comments. It helps more than you can know. Thanks for the help, and please, have a nice day.



A Conversation About Discourse: Let's Have OneAfter reading the many heated comments on both the Metroid: The Other M Review and the Talkabout for the same game over the weekend, it seems clear that we should all have a quick conversation about appropriate discourse on G4tv.com.  We have a few simple rules, designed to make the site an awesome place to celebrate and discuss games, the people that make them and (most importantly) the people that play them (that's you and me).  As always, reviews are intended as guides for your video game purchases, and after reading one, you should be better informed as to whether or not you want to pick up the game. Sometimes you'll disagree with our reviewer. That's ok. Read several reviews. Talk to your friends. Make your own decisions and opinions and feel free to share them.
We knew the Metroid review would be a hot topic, and everyone is welcome to and strongly encouraged to have their own opinion (though how someone can complain about a review score for an unreleased game that very few of you could have possibly played is beyond us), but the amount of mean-spirited, hateful commentary offended me as a human being.  So here's the deal:

  1. Don't be an asshole. Seems simple, but behind the anonymity of the internet, folks just seem to forget how to be decent.
  2. Don't bash or flame the editors or each other.  There is zero tolerance for hate speech. Think before you speak or be banned.
  3. Understand and appreciate that different people have different opinions, and that's totally ok. If you're looking for a games site that you agree with 100% of the time, G4tv.com is probably not the place for you. We have many very talented editors and hosts that come from a variety of backgrounds. Their (and your) varied opinions are something we want to celebrate here.
  4. Don't be an asshole. It's worth saying again.

We're going to go through and clean up the comments on the Metroid: The Other M Review and Talkabouts post. I apologize to anyone offended or embarrassed by the user commentary on those pages. Sometimes people suck.

I look forward to discussing this further with you all in the comments below.  You can also email me directly at webmaster@g4tv.com.

It's finally here! You've waited long enough, now you may partake in the glory that is The MMO Report E3 2010 Special! This week we have part 1 of our two-part series highlighting the best MMOs that were on the show floor this year, and trust us when we say there were a lot. This week we feature the Korean hack and slash action MMO Vindictus, the constructable world of LEGO Universe, and everyone's number one pick Star Wars: The Old Republic. Enjoy!

Oh, and if you need your fix on up-to-date MMO news while we dig through our E3 coverage, why not say hello to our friends over at Massively.com

The MMO Report: E3 2010 Special Part 1 »

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I'm a little worried about G4's Webmaster. Ever since the divorce, he's become more and more withdrawn and moody. He's not doing his homework. He forgets to feed Gumdrop. He spends a lot of time muttering about helicopters. And today I find our he's been corresponding with someone named "Dr DisRespect"

I don't approve of their friendship, and I don't approve of Dr. DisRespect's hobby of posting humorous YouTube videos of Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer kills and helpful tips.



Do you see what I mean? Why does he have to be so mean about everything?? Why can't it be like the old days when Webmaster and I could go to Chuck E. Cheese, get a pepperoni pie and just, you know, talk to each other without discussing re-spawns and sniper rifles?

(I will admit, I like the Dr.'s facial hair, but I'm not ready to take medical advice from him yet.)


Reply to All: The G4tv.com Community Mailbag

It's called "coverage fatigue," and it happens every year. Big Publisher announces Big Game at E3, spends the next few months making sure that Big Game gets news stories, previews, videos, interviews, TV spots, celebrity endorsements, pre-order campaigns, cross-promotional tie-ins, ridiculous collector's editions, and midnight launches. By the time Big Game finally comes out, it feels like you've already played it…but wait, Big Game: Downloadable Content is coming in a week, and Bigger Game: New Location just got announced in shareholder's conference call, and maybe we'll see something at E3…?

This year, Big Game is Modern Warfare 2. On TheFeed we use a Google spreadsheet to catalog our posts, and when I tried to count how many MW2 stories we put up this week, I got one of those formula errors. We've been reading your comments about the Call of Duty carpet bombing -- all I can say is that don't worry, we're definitely working on many other things for the rest of the year (for instance, I can't wait to get my hands on New Super Mario Bros. this weekend), and we have been posting other stories…it's just that Modern Warfare 2 is indeed a huge deal, and even though we might be sick of talking about it, there's plenty about the game to talk about. "No Russian," for instance. Last week I said that we'd have to wait and see how that airport scene played out before we could accurately judge. Well, now we can…let's start it with your thoughts. I've taken these comments from this week's Feedback/Sessler's Soapbox threads:

*   *   *

Arrow RightDid anybody complain about The Departed? (I think it won an Oscar even.) I haven't played the game but it sound very similar to what DiCaprio's character had to go through to garner the trust of Costello's gang i.e. horrible terrible things he wasn't willing to do all in an effort to bring a mad man down. -- ltmebob

The scenario was tastelessly designed and begs the question why the player couldn't murder the terrorist leader standing right next to him in the airport. After all isn't that pretty much the goal with regards to infiltration? This isn't IW pushing the medium as an art form, this is pure shock value designed to generate controversy and more dollars. The fact that it is skippable and does not include children in the airport are perfect arguments that IW is doing this simply to push the almighty dollar. -- Nhojuhc

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Reply to All: The G4tv.com Community Mailbag

I stopped playing Madden after I left the confines of college housing, as I was no longer forced to provide human competition to my addicted roommates. And even then, using the term "competition" was a stretch. Even though I love watching the sport and I know how the game works, the deeper strategy of football play-calling has always eluded me, which is why I was one of those guys who always called a fake punt on 4th and 12. It usually didn't take longer than halftime for me to be excused back to my room and Unreal Tournament. I bring this up because I had to endure last Sunday's Packers/Vikings rematch, and watching Aaron Rodgers (whom I still kind of believe in, kind of) go down sack-after-sack reminded me of my own struggles on the gridiron. Slamming my fists repeatedly on the table wasn't a show of frustration, no…it was me frantically pressing the A button to get him to throw the damn ball already. I mean, how could he not see that Driver was wide open? What camera angle is he playing with?! And shame on Mike McCarthy for not attempting a 73-yard field goal. You can't win if you don't score.

In that spirit, let's get started with this week's Reply to All, which has absolutely nothing to do with the story I just told.

*   *   *

Arrow RightSex in video games has become much more prevalent (especially in BioWare games). I've been reading reviews for Dragon Age: Origins and most of them mention awkward sex scenes, which I felt was awkward in Mass Effect. My question, I guess, would be do you feel sex in video games really contributes to the story telling aspect of the game or is it just there to bring about some notoriety or attention to the game? -- usemeup

Right ArrowHow much or to what effect a sex scene contributes to a story, regardless of the medium, is entirely dependent on the skill of the writers, directors, and actors involved. If done properly, it can contribute quite a lot...the ultimate expression of human love is indeed a powerful thing, but its meaning and impact is heavily dependent on the relationship of the participants. That's why it's much more challenging to get right in video games, where action frequently trumps meaningful character development, and it can easily come across as awkward or done simply for the shock value.

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Reply to All: The G4tv.com Community Mailbag

Welcome to Reply to All, G4tv.com's new community mailbag. I'm Andrew Pfister, Senior Games Editor of G4tv.com and the captain of this particular dinghy of the site. If you've got something on your mind (not just related to games), transcribe it to electronic mail and send it to webmaster@g4tv.com. Who's Webmaster, you ask? Webmaster is the guy who hates you. If you have a question for a particular member of the G4 crew, we'll try to make that happen. I'll also be cruising the weekly call for Feedback questions, much like I cruised down Highway 100 in high school looking for girls. Note that this is not the only reference to high school girls in this edition.

*   *   *

Arrow RightHow do you feel about new PC games (most notably Infinity Ward's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, but also Codemaster's Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising) that are being released without dedicated server support and which instead rely on peer-to-peer matchmaking? Personally, I think that the peer-to-peer system is inferior for technical reasons that date back to the inception of dedicated servers for the PC. -- 1234

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MailboxFor 77 entries and counting, we've been asking you questions in our Morning Hangovers. Now it's your turn to ask us, your humble and impossibly attractive G4tv.com Staff. Starting very soon, we'll be rolling out a weekly mailbag that will feature your letters, questions, observations, musings and other related synonyms. Obviously, we expect a lot of the correspondence to be gaming-related, but feel free to inquire about anything that comes to mind. And if you've got a question for a particular member of the staff, we'll make that happen.

But in choosing your topic, be warned: Webmaster, aka He Who Hates You, will be reading.

Send your amusing, thought-provoking, and spell-checked letters to webmaster@g4tv.com


I get a lot of email.  And as any of you that have ever emailed me know, I personally respond to almost all of it.  Most of the email is spam and crap.  Some of it is mildly amusing. And I still occasionally get angry emails about how we ate Leo Laporte (he was delicious, BTW).

Every once in awhile I receive something brilliant, like the email below. I'm challenging YOU Feed readers to help prove/ disprove his hologram concept.  Either way I'm sending him all the swag I can find.  You have to respect anything that involves a diagram made in MS Paint.

Dear Webmaster,

I think I have an idea for a hologram!! My science teacher isn't actually into science, so she won't really work with me. :(

I thought that the webmaster  would know a thing or two, or at least enough to tell me it wouldn't work, or that it is a waste of time and effort, or maybe make it so ridiculously funny it can't be seriously considered.

It goes like this:

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Dear Internet Website Visitor,

If you're visiting this website using Internet Explorer 6, this message is for you. If not, please move along.

G4tv.com and all of the awesome future iterations we have planned for it/ you are best experienced using a modern web browser.  IE6 is not a modern web browser, and we're no longer going to support it.  

Don't panic though, as updating your browser is free, easy and mostly painless. And you'll have the added benefit of making your Internet browsing more secure. And you'll contribute to peace on earth.

Ok Mr. Webmaster Guy, now what do I do?

Well, you can simply upgrade from IE6 to IE8. If that's how you choose to roll, click here to download IE8.  Microsoft will guide you through the rest from that page.

If you don't want IE8, can't upgrade or just want to try a new experience then you should try either Firefox 3 or Google Chrome.

If you have any questions, require and additional assistance or just need a hug, you can email me or post in this forum thread.

UPDATE:  Just to be totally clear for those of you who visit the site from work/ computers you cannot update - G4tv.com will still work in IE6 - you'll still be able to read the blogs, rant on the forums, watch videos, etc.  It just might not look as pretty or function exactly as intended.

Thanks for your continued support of G4tv.com - we have some really cool stuff coming up on the site that I hope/ think you'll love... 


The Webmaster Hates You, Loves His Job

As you probably already know, G4's Webmaster hates you. But he doesn't hate his job. He loves his job. Not only does his job get him chicks, a slow Friday workday will often result in a company-wide, nerd-riffic email chain of ultimate win.

Today's subject:

Courtney K: Do light-sabers work underwater? Inquiring (nerd) minds want to know.

Matt K: Nerd thrusters are go.

Generally, no. If water gets into a non-waterproof saber and it isn’t allowed to dry out, it will short out when activated. This originally was supposed to happen to Obi-Wan in Episode 1, which is why Liam Neeson has to save his ass when he comes running into the scene being chased by the droid on the STAP. But the scene where Neeson lectures him about it was cut. After this incident, Obi-Wan waterproofed his saber, which is why he doesn’t have a problem with it fighting Jango Fett in the rain in Episode 2.

Some stories indicate that sabers will short out if the blade even touches liquid, but this is generally ignored because it implies that the best weapon against a Jedi is a bucket of water. It is possible to make a saber that can be used fully underwater. Kitt Fisto is of an amphibious alien race and uses a specially designed saber that could be used for underwater combat.

Courtney K: Therefore, Wonder Twin Zan > Jedi.

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Webmaster Hates You

Hello, gentle readers, welcome to another edition of The Webmaster Hates You, in which G4's Webmaster answers your questions... with a vengeance!

Today's entry comes via TheFeed's tip line, an easy-to-use avenue to provide us with exciting news tips. The thing is, we'd like your tips to be true, and if your tip isn't true, at least make it plausible.

Check out this email exchange between yours truly and "greg" a Feed reader: (we retained all grammatical errors and misspellings to retain the authenticiy of our valued readers)

Greg: ok, my name is greg and i have an uncle who works at sony. so a couple days ago was my birthday. imagine my surpise when he said "be careful with this, this is the new psp." the new psp has a sliding touchscreen, 4 shoulder buttons and 2 analog sticks. now this makes for grreat gaming.

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You guys got a little out of control in the comments for X-Play's Best of 2008 winners and we think it's time to reinforce the rules of commenting on this website. We're going to be dropping the banhammer more often and here are some ground rules on how to avoid being banned:

  1. No personal attacks. If you have an issue with someone's opinion, cool. That's what opinions are all about. This doesn't mean, however, that it's time to call them names or attack them. We encourage you to discuss your differences, but do so in a mature and respectful way. Stick to the issues.
  2. No hate speech including racism and homophobia. Any racist or homophobic comments will be deleted and will result in an immediate ban. This includes calling things "gay" as a negative. And no, it doesn't matter if you say, "I'm not trying to be racist, but..." and then say something racist.

You can have your flame wars, but keep it about the products.

How You Can Help

When you see a comment that breaks these two simple-to-follow rules, use the "Flag this comment for review" button. This doesn't mean you should "Flag" comments that you don't agree with.

Someone saying, "The Wii is better than the Xbox 360", should not be flagged.

Someone saying, "You're an idiot for thinking the Wii is better than the Xbox 360", should be flagged. That's probably not volatile enough for a ban, but we'll take notice of comments like this and keep a record.

If you abuse the flag system, you will be warned. Don't abuse the system.

Please use this thread to ask questions about these rules and one of the writers will answer you.

You're awesome.  Well, most of you are awesome.  Well, lets just say that some of you have expressed your awesomeness in more awesome ways than others... specifically as blog comments.

So without any warning, pre-planning or official contest nonsense, we'd like to randomly reward a few of you with some bitchin' figurines from our friends at Spawn.com.  The comments below amused us in some way, so the users will get either a Guitar Hero, Call of Duty or Halo 3 Multiplayer figure of our choosing.  Think of it as a 'Webmaster Loves You'. 

Last Friday we posted a 'LittleBigPlanet Developer's Favorite Levels' story and kangy3 told the world "screw lists that start with 1".  Indeed.

This week's edition of Sessler's Soapbox was a hotbed of fanboy debate, as Adam took on the Gears 2 vs Resistance 2 nonsense going on over at Metacritic.  Amongst the nearly 300 comments, RTR's shone brightly saying "I wish all the fanboys in the world had one ass so I could put my foot in it. Sigh.  Wish I had a voice like Rorshach". 

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