Hey! Look! It's the Mohawk Guy from NASA! Flight Director Bobak Ferdowsi sits down with Cara Santa Maria from the Huffington Post and Matt Mira to discuss the latest findings from the Mars Curiosity rover mission, as well as how it's important for today's youth to study the sciences.

The Latest From The Mars Curiosity Mission »

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Around The Net is more than just entertainment. It's also education. Where else would you learn how to really fly like Superman, or listen to the weather forecast in Elvish or eat corn on the cob in the most efficient way possible?

Around The Net 11.28.12 »

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Angry Birds Star Wars Lands On Hoth

Posted November 29, 2012 - By Adam Rosenberg

Imperial troops are attacking Echo Base in the latest update for Rovio's Angry Birds Star Wars. The free-to-download content pack adds a series of levels set on the ice planet of Hoth, seen throughout the first third of Star Wars - Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back.

The new trailer highlights ice skating, pig-commandeered AT-ATs, though there's no gameplay featured. I can tell you what it looks like: Angry Birds in a snowy sci-fi setting. SPOILER!

Brink developer Splash Damage has been teasing an "11.29" reveal -- that's today, folks -- and now the lid is lifted: meet Dirty Bomb, an upcoming free-to-play shooter. There isn't any release date yet, nor have any other details been revealed, but the above trailer offers a few hints.

For example, it seems that some portion of the game is set in modern-day (or near-future) London. Dirty Bomb also appears to offer players the option of setting off into the battlefield as either a male soldier or a female soldier. Splash Damage always brings big ideas to the table in its game, even if the final picture doesn't entirely deliver. Here's hoping Dirty Bomb breaks away from that.

Sometimes watching a movie just isn't enough. That's where the mobile games come in. Attack of the Show checks out three of their favorite apps based on their favorite movies, like Wreck-It Ralph, Army of Darkness and The Hobbit.

The Best Movie-Themed Game Apps Review »


Still trying to catch up on all the summer movies? Don't worry, because film expert Chris Gore is back for another round of DVDuesday. He and Candace Bailey run down this week's DVD and Blu-ray picks, like Men In Black III, The Expendables 2, ParaNorman and more.

Men In Black 3, ParaNorman, Lawless, Expendables 2 DVD Review »

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Karen Gillan, formerly of Doctor Who, has a confession to make. Matt Mira sits down with the British actress about what it was like leaving her role as the Companion, what she got to take from the set and her ultimate guilty pleasure that involve Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber. Seriously.

Doctor Who's Karen Gillan On Series 7 Part 1 »

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Brett Gelman from Go On returns to Attack of the Show to clear up some things with Matt Mira, like why he's actually wearing that hat and what's up with male pattern balding and what's up with his beard and how The Hangover influenced everyone's lives. It's true.

Go On's Brett Gelman In Studio »

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 There's only one way to make your day better, and that's with three hilarious viral videos from Around The Net. Matt Mira and Candace Bailey check out some bad lip reading for Twilight, a spider and the best way to freak people out in the elevator.

Around The Net 11.27.12 »

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Matt Mira and Candace Bailey are proud to present today's top viral videos, like a lovely dance, base jumping at the mall, a BMX bike fail, a wonderful miracle for the holidays and the best cooking tutorial you've ever seen.

Around The Net 11.26.12 »

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Far Cry 3 "Map Editor" Gameplay Trailer »

Ubisoft brings a built-in map editor back for Far Cry 3 from its predecessor, and a newly released trailer offers a look at how the feature works. It seems that those who have past experience with Far Cry 2's robust map editor will have a leg up here, though the new version (unsurprisingly) seems to offer a wider range of content that is more suited to the game's Rook Islands setting. Caves and waterfalls!

In a neat twist, your map creations in Far Cry 3's editor can be used in both multiplayer match-ups and in solo play. Lone wolf players can fill out their custom environments with AI-controlled characters, enemies and allies alike. Sounds like good times. Far Cry 3 arrives in stores on December 4, 2012 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Windows platforms.


PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale "The Break Room" Trailer »

This probably should have been obvious sooner, but the ensemble roster in Sony's PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is a perfect fit for Robot Chicken's playful brand of humor. The minds behind the TV show stepped in to devise a TV ad for the newly released PlayStation 3/PlayStation Vita game, and you can check out the results up top.

The ad made its on-air debut during last night's 10pm block on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim, which... you know... makes sense. The ad's big surprise? Kratos is a fan of bagels, apparently.

Halo 4 "Spartan Ops: Episode 4" Cinematic Trailer »

Things are getting pretty crazy in Halo 4's Spartan Ops campaign, amirite? Covenant jerks. Dr. Halsey. War criminals touching things?! Get a taste for what's about to go down in the latest, fourth episode -- available today -- in the launch trailer up top.

For those who aren't up on their Halo 4, Spartan Ops is a free bonus campaign of sorts that comes with every copy of the game. 343 Industries is rolling out the story's ten episodes, broken into five playable missions and one cutscene each week, over a period of 10 weeks.

Join John Barrowman and Candace Bailey for another trip Around The Net with a weird lady on the news, death metal pugs, malfunctioning technology, a high kick gone wrong and 7th Heaven.

Around The Net 11.20.12 »

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It's finally here! The launch trailer for Borderlands 2 Mr. Torgue's Campaign Of Carnage is now ready for your viewing pleasure. The latest, and potentially greatest, piece of Borderlands 2 DLC is available today. Before you download this arena DLC, check out this trailer!

Borderlands 2 Mr. Torgue's Campaign Of Carnage Launch Trailer »


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