The Hobbit is finally in studios! So are you ready to watch this epic movie? Jeff Cannata and Devin Faraci join Alex Albrecht on Attack of the Show to discuss how this film will hold up to the original Lord of the Rings trilogy, the 48 fps controversy and more.

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Splash Damage revealed its upcoming multiplayer shooter Dirty Bomb just a couple of weeks ago, but now you can have a clearer look at the game thanks to a newly released gameplay trailer. All we know from the initial announcement is that the game is planned as a PC exclusive and that it'll use free-to-play pricing.

The new gameplay trailer confirms that Dirty Bomb is DEFINITELY a multiplayer shooter. It seems that there are different classes filling different roles on the battlefield, but there's not much of a sense in this first look of how it all fits together. Splash Damage has a knack for doing interesting things with its multiplayer games (see also: Brink, Quake Wars: Enemy Territory), but any gameplay hooks that make Dirty Bomb stand out don't seem to be on display here.

Melissa Rauch from The Big& Bang Theory visited Attack of the Show last night, where co-host Alex Albrecht congratulated her on the show's Golden Globe nomination, how she got her start as an actress in New York and why her family doesn't have inside voices. Check it out!

Melissa Rauch On The Big Bang Theory, Golden Globes & More »

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Nintendo's Wii U comes with 1080p graphics, a slew of new games and a tablet controller with a 6.4-inch LCD touch screen that changes the way you play. Matt Mira and Alex Albrecht check out the new console for Gadget Pr0n.

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Alex Albrecht and Candace Bailey are back with another Around The Net trip, with a handstand gone wrong, an awesome holiday video, a singing fishmonger, the funniest shark attack ever and the best Christmas music video.

Around The Net 12.13.12 »

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Dead Space 3's latest trailer "Two Ways To Play" showcases the game's flexibility to tackle Necromorphs all alone or teamed up with a friend (via drop in/ drop out co-op). Is it just me or does this trailer make a co-op play through seem just as scary as a solo one? The trailer also makes it seem like Dead Space 3's story is a lot more robust when playing co-op.

Check it out for yourself (feel free to watch this trailer solo or with a friend):

How to do you plan on playing Dead Space 3? Me? I think I'm going to play it solo because most of my online friends are loot stealing, mood breaking bozos.

Albert Hughes, the Hollywood filmmaker behind modern classics like Menace II Society and Dead Presidents, is teaming with Electronic Arts and Crytek for the upcoming The 7 Wonders of Crysis 3 web series. The collaboration is teased in a series trailer that seems to suggest each episode will be focusing on a different environment inside of New York City's Liberty Dome.

This is, as far as I can tell, Hughes' first foray into the world of video games. He and his brother Allen are something of a filmmaking powerhouse, with Albert generally focusing on the technical elements of their projects while his brother handles the actors. It will be interesting to see how the Crytek-collaborating Hughes brother brings his talents to The 7 Wonders of Crysis 3 web series.

God of War: Ascension hits stores on March 12, 2013, but PlayStation Plus members will only have to wait until January 8 to sample the game's series-first multiplayer mode. A new trailer offers a brief look at the gory action, concluding with word that the PS Plus beta launches in early January.

What's not clear at this point is what Sony's plans are for a wider beta rollout. The smart money is on the PS Plus-exclusive beta access being on a timer, with the general public being offered the chance to step up at some point after January 8. GodofWar.com even hints at the possibility, though the promised beta FAQ is currently listed as "coming soon." January 8 is right around the corner though, so expect more details to emerge soon.

Tonight On AOTS: The Big Bang Theory's Melissa Rauch & The Hobbit Roundtable

On tonight's Attack of the Show, Alex Albrecht and Candace Bailey welcome Melissa Rauch from The Big Bang Theory to the studio, and we host a Hobbit roundtable discussion with Devin Faraci and Jeff Cannata. Matt Mira reviews the Nintendo Wii U while Weston Scott visits the Jack Daniels headquarters. Tune in tonight 7/6c.

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When Guillermo del Toro makes a movie about giants robots duking it out with giant monsters, you get interested real quick. If that sentence wasn't somehow enough to sell you, then you should really take a look at Pacific Rim's debut trailer right now.

Giant robots with rocket-propelled elbows? Check. Fearsome, skyscraping monsters with rows of redwood-sized teeth? Check. Ellen McLain's digitized voice filling geeks with warm and fuzzy memories of GLaDOS? A big 'ol check right there too. Del Toro gets geeks, because he is one. See him prove it (not that he needed to!) next year in Pacific Rim.

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Nick Kroll tries to sit comfortably with Paul Scheer on Attack of the Show to discuss the latest from The League, his new sketch comedy series, The Kroll Show and all the crazy projects they have coming up. For reals. Did you know Paul Scheer is working on his first rap album with Chris Brown inspired by the Easter bunny?

Nick Kroll Talks About The Kroll Show, The League & More »

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'Tis the season for Christmas specials! That's why G4 alum Joe Lynch and his fellow filmmaker Adam Green talk to Paul Scheer on Attack of the Show about the holiday episode of their FEARnet series, Holliston. They discuss the premise of their horror sitcom (two words you never thought would be paired together, right?), as well as a special announcement for their fans.

Joe Lynch & Adam Green On Holliston Christmas Special »


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It's that time again. Film expert Chris Gore joins Candace Bailey on Attack of the Show to discuss this week's hits and misses in DVD and Blu-ray releases for DVDuesday, like Ted, the first season of HBO's Girls and The Bourne Legacy.

Ted, The Bourne Legacy, Girls Season One DVD Review »

Which one would you buy, rent or pass?

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Mario Warfare is a new web series from the makers of Modern War Gear Solid. Mario Warfare is a live action reimagining of the Mario universe through the gritty lens of Call Of Duty. In the first episode, Toad escorts the Princess out of the Mushroom Kingdom after it’s come under siege by Bowser and his army of Shy Guys. Blood, bullets, and drama abound! There’s also a close quarters handgun fight between Toad and Bullet Bill that will have fans of the movie Equilibrium stand up and cheer.

Check it out!

What'd you think? We think it's pretty cool. If you agree (and want to see more) the people behind the web series, Beat Down Boogie, have a Kickstarter page where you can pledge to help them make more episodes (currently there are only 2 eps).

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It's Around The Net with Paul Scheer and Candace Bailey! Join the pair as they traverse the Internet in search of the top five viral videos for the day, like a poor man's fight with gravity, the art of headbutting, a new interview style for the red carpet, the infamous IKEA monkey and what happens when a girl meets a wall.

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