Canabalt continues to be one of gaming's more influential titles, which means that you should definitely sit up and take note when its creator, Adam Saltsman, delivers something new, as he does today. Hundreds, available now for iOS devices, is the work of Saltsman and his fellow team members at Semi Secret Software.

The tutorial-free puzzle game tasks players with making all of the circled numbers in each stage add up to 100, a feat accomplished by tapping and/or holding each circle. A variety of obstacles spring up to complicate your number-crunching, including circles with negative numbers and spinning saw blades. Wrapping it all together is a sleek, minimalist look that immediately catches the eye.

You can hear more from Saltsman and some of his Semi Secret team members -- folks who worked on the likes of Solipskier and Wurdle -- in an interview on The Verge. In the meantime, check out the neat launch trailer.

2013 Games Preview: DmC: Devil May CryRelease Date: January 15, 2013

Developer: Ninja Theory

Publisher: Capcom

Platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Windows (on 1/25)

The son of Sparda is back! Capcom's veteran mercenary and demon hunter is setting out on an all-new adventure in just a few weeks from now, in DmC: Devil May Cry. Ninja Theory, a newcomer to the franchise, is set to deliver a rebooted take on Hideki Kamiya's creation. Early looks at the game have shown a lot of promise, with a combat system that appears to be just as deep and as complex as fans of the series would expect.

What We Know:

DmC: Devil May Cry isn't the sort of full-on reboot that aims to erase the past. Dante's earlier adventures still exist within the series canon while Ninja Theory's tale picks up in a parallel universe. Our younger, shorter-haired Dante kicks off his adventure in Limbo City, an urban landscape that seems normal at first... until the demon overseers that run the place start sending all manner of nasty critters off to kill Dante.

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Winnie The Pooh Flash Game Confounds Reddit

Winnie the Pooh's Home Run Derby. That's the title of the Flash game that has sent Reddit users into hysterics. The charming little time-waster sees plays attempting to smack dingers as Disney's lovable Pooh bear, but the extreme level of difficulty has produced some comical responses, such sa the one above posted on the bluegartr.com forums.

The Reddit headline sums up the situation pretty succinctly: "4chan discovered this kids game last night, called Winnie the Pooh Home Run Derby. No one has been able to beat the game completely. Give it a try if you want, but be prepared to rage quit." Do you dare try it for yourself? Check out Winnie the Pooh's Home Run Derby right here.

Pre-orders are now open for NECA's beautiful Skyhook replica from BioShock Infinite. The handheld device is the first weapon you receive in the game, also doubling as a tool used to zip between the floating islands of Columbia along an elaborate rail system. The replica won't allow you to do any of that, but it's still really sweet.

Customers in the United States can place their pre-orders now for the $79.99 item, according to the official Facebook page (via MTV Multiplayer). You can see the thing in action in the video above. NECA is the same company behind the Portal gun replica, as you probably know. Expect this item to disappear just as quickly.

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Minecraft v1.3 Arrives On August 1

4J Studios received an extra-special New Year's Eve treat last week when Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition surpassed the 5 million sales marker on December 31, 2012. The studio revealed the news on its Twitter feed, giving fans yet another reason to be immensely proud of the little indie PC game that could.

The work that the UK studio put in on its console refresh of Mojang's world-building game over the latter half of 2012 was nothing less than impressive. Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition was released on May 9, and 4J was able to push out a total of seven significant, content-enhancing title updates before the year turned.

The best is yet to come too, based on what we've heard from 4J chief Paddy Burns. Minecraft on Xbox 360 is not seen as a port, and you can expect 4J to start trying out some new ideas for the game in 2013. Just check out our interview from late-summer of last year for a few hints.


Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Arctic Strike DLC Details

Ubisoft Motion Pictures is turning its attention now to the Tom Clancy-branded Ghost Recon series for a possible big screen treatment. The news comes from UMP chief executive Jean-Julien Baronnet, the former head of Luc Besson's EuropaCorp, in an interview with the Los Angeles Times.

Ubi started establishing itself as a Hollywood player in 2012, with news that Michael Fassbender and Tom Hardy had been attached to big screen adaptations of Assassin's Creed and Splinter Cell, respectively. There's little to say at this point about Ghost Recon beyond the fact that it's in the pitch stage (which is very early in Hollywood terms); expect to hear much more first about those other two projects.

The LA Times interview is largely focused on profiling Baronnet and his work at Ubisoft. If you're at all curious to learn more about the company's efforts in the film world, this is well worth a read.

Tomb Raider

The rumors are true: Crystal Dynamics' upcoming Tomb Raider reboot will include a multiplayer mode for the first time in the life of the franchise. The news is confirmed by OXM US, with the next issue's cover story focusing entirely on how this new feature fits into the game.

The earlier rumor described a team-based setup that pits Lara Croft's fellow shipwreck survivors against "Yamatai's scavengers" in "a variety of modes." We now know that the multiplayer content is the work of Eidos Montreal, the studio behind Deus Ex: Human Revolution. The rest of the details will follow when the latest issue of OXM hits newsstands on January 8. Tomb Raider arrives two months later, on March 5, 2013.

Black Ops 2 'Revolution' DLC May Have Been Outed

You might have missed this if you were caught up in New Year's Eve revelry: the first DLC pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, called Revolution, will reportedly arrive on January 29, 2013. Activision has yet to confirm anything officially, but a Reddit user shared what appears to be some real-deal promo art, as you can see above.

Assuming the posted image is accurate, it looks like Revolution will add four new multiplayer maps (Hydro, Downhill, Grind, Mirage), a new zombie map, and -- in a series first for DLC, a new weapon, the Peacekeeper SMG. The title of the zombie map -- Die Rise -- appears to be a play on the title of the World at War Zombies map, Der Reise.

It's not official until Activision confirms it of course, but late-January certainly seems like the right time for the latest Call of Duty game's first DLC.

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On just another day way back when, X-Play staffers started noticing that an odd fellow had shown up to their office that morning. It was an NPC from The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, and while some people were concerned, others saw only the possibilities.

The X-Play Scrolls 5: Skyrim »

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Welcome to G4's Knuckle Up, where we bring you a byte-sized view of our five favorite mobile games every week. The phone and tablet space is filled with incredible games that will keep you busy for minutes, hours, or even days -- we'll let you know what we're playing and why we're playing it.

This week, we're talking about our five favorite games this year! Here's who made our "Best of 2012" list: 


iOS (Episode 1 FREE - Limited Time)

Telltale Games has picked up a huge barrel of accolades for The Walking Dead, and we're adding one more to the bunch by naming it our 2012 Mobile Game of the Year. Participating in the gory, zombie-infested journey of Lee and his unplanned ward Clementine was both horrifying and heartbreaking. We can't count how many times we felt helpless as we made impossible choices affecting our entire party's feelings toward us, or how many times we weren't quite sure what to say to someone to quell their inner demons.

Attempting to shield Clementine from the perils of both zombie and human, and the gut wrenching sequences we experienced as each chapter played out was a perfect example of how mobile games don't need to mean simple, or childish; indeed, The Walking Dead served as a model for dramatic storytelling, beyond the platform. We could have watched this short story play out on our screens between seasons of the TV show (not unlike Battlestar Galactica's Razor), and it would have easily served as a parallel-timeline-slash-prequel.

There's no point in spoiling the story for you if you haven't played The Walking Dead, but there's no doubt in our minds it was the best of the best in both environment, character development, plot, and plain tugging at the ol' heartstrings. A well deserved accolade for Telltale Games, along with a hope that they'll continue to produce this type of polished, high-level content.

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PlayStation 2 Memories

We have quite literally reached the end of an era. After more than 12 years on the market, Sony is officially putting a stop to PlayStation 2 shipments in Japan, according to Famitsu (via Kotaku). The last-gen platform was first released in Japan on March 4, 2000, and in the 12+ years that followed it managed to rack up a startling 150 million units sold. 

There's no official word from Sony on what this development means for shipments in other parts of the world, though it's probably safe to say that you'd better act quickly if you were planning to purchase a new PS2. The console had a great run, but you had to figure this was coming as Sony prepares -- along with everyone else -- for the next generation of gaming hardware.

What was the first PS2 game that you played? What was the last? Did you have a favorite? The answers to those questions for me: Grand Theft Auto 3, Rogue Galaxy (so great, so underrated!), and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


Everywhere X-Play went, they'd get asked over and over what it was like spending working hours playing games, reviewing games, previewing games and beyond. It got so overwhelming, they decided to put out a video to answer the question once and for all. Find out what they had to say in this revisit of an X-Play Classic.

A Day in the Life of X-Play »

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Dune 2 RTS Is Free And Playable In Your Browser

Salty, old PC gamers remember Westwood Studios for many reasons, but it's mostly for Dune 2. Yes, this is also the same studio that created Command & Conquer, but its RTS predecessor that was responsible for establishing many of the genre's core conventions is the one based on Frank Herbert's fascinating sci-fi universe.

This '90s RTS is a topic of conversation today because it is now playable right in your browser. That's right: you can play Dune 2 in its entirety right now at play-dune.com (via Kotaku). The HTML5 app runs smoothly in your browser, though my iPad didn't want to make nice with it. It appears to be an imperfect port, with missing or slightly altered features and balance, but don't forget that it's entirely free.

Aliens: Colonial Marines Story Trailer »

You've surely heard by now that Gearbox Software's Aliens: Colonial Marines delivers a story that franchise rights-holder 20th Century Fox regards as official canon. The setup for that story is laid bare in a newly released trailer which is light on gameplay and heavy on exposition.

Colonial Marines is effectively a direct sequel to the events of Aliens, picking up not long after the events of Alien 3. A search and rescue force sent to investigate the U.S.S. Sulaco steps into the aftermath of a Xenomorph bloodbath, both aboard the ship and on the surface of LV-426. The new trailer features lots of nods for franchise fans, so give it a look.

The outstanding Kickstarter success of the Android-powered Ouya console is now a real thing, with dev consoles shipping out to backers this week. The finished product isn't supposed to be arriving until March 2013; this first wave is specifically for those who paid extra for the ability to start creating games in advance of the console's release.

An official unboxing video features a first look at the unfinished product. The dev-specific Ouya isn't the prettiest thing out there, with a clear plastic shell housing the hardware and a pair of non-finalized gamepads. It sure is teeny tiny though. 

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