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Resident Evil Vs. is a smartphone game that puts gamers in to the shoes of Resident Evil characters and has them face off against waves of human enemies. Nikole Zivalich got to test the game out at Tokyo Game Show 2012 and brought back a preview. Here's a snippet:

"When I wasn't running into the wall, I was chasing down baddies. Men in riot gear, a blond Wekser-esque man (it may have been) made up most of the enemies chasing me. Using the bullet icon to take out my foes proved to be a bit of a challenge at first but I eventually got that hang of it. Getting the hang of it happened at around the time I discovered the RPG, so I think that helped."

For more, read our full Resident Evil Vs. preview from Tokyo Game Show 2012.

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This Okami HD trailer promises that first impressions aren't everything. Even though many of us played the original Okami way back in the day, Okami HD still promises to bring the beautiful story back in to our living rooms and hearts in vibrant ways. Personally, I can't wait to run around as Amaterasu once again. 

Okami HD Tokyo Game Show 2012 Trailer »


The DmC Devil May Cry Tokyo Game Show 2012 trailer not only shows off the younger, more crazed Dante, but other characters that will be joining him on his trip in to hell. The DmC video is full of gameplay showing off tons of Dante's weapons as well as a slew of enemies that he'll be facing off against. It's action packed from beginning to end, so strap in for a wild ride.

DmC Devil May Cry Tokyo Game Show 2012 Trailer »

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Kingdom Hearts HD Collection Announced For PlayStation 3

A Kingdom Hearts HD collection called Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX has been announced for the PlayStation 3. There have been rumors swirling of the collection for a while now, and as of Tokyo Game Show, Square Enix has confirmed that it's real.

The collection will include the original PS2 Kingdom Hearts, as well as the Game Boy Advance title Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, and the DS game Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days in HD. The orignal version of the game and Chain of Memories will both have trophy support.

SE only mentioned a Japanese 2013 release for the ReMIX so far, but considering how much Westerners love Kingdom Hearts I'm guessing it will be here soon.

Final Fantasy 14 Online's latest trailer from Tokyo Game Show 2012 shows off a mix of bright, fast-paced gameplay and beautiful cinematics. The FF14 video also displays gameplay elements and features some of the stronger enemies, and the elemental magicks and others attacks that you'll be using against them. It's also got Chocobos. Lots of Chocobos.

Final Fantasy 14 Online: A Realm Reborn Tokyo Game Show 2012 Trailer »


Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Wii U Edition will feature your favorite Tekken fighters as you've never seen them before--Nintendoized. In this awesome TTT2 Wii U Edition launch trailer, you'll get to see Tekken characters dressed up as Mario, Link, Zelda, and Browser and duke it out in Nintendo themed stages. If you love Nintendo and Tekken, you're going to dig it.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Wii U Edition Launch Trailer »

New PS3

The PlayStation 3 "Super Slim" has been leaked ahead of its expected reveal at Sony's Tokyo Game Show press conference. Polish site Polygamia.pl (via TheSixthAxis) reported on a promotional poster they saw for Polish electronics store Media Expert that teased a new Playstation 3 model and a September 28,2012 date.

Sony filed a new PS3 SKU with the FCC back in July, when we first learned of the new PS3 models. Supposedly, there will be two new PS3 models offered: a 12GB and a 500GB, but we don't know their price points yet. We're expecting to learn more about the PS3 super slims during Sony's TGS press conference, but for now Sony hasn't confirmed (or denied) the existence of the consoles.

Be sure to head back to TheFeed for Sony's Tokyo Game Show press conference to maybe learn more about this alleged slim PS3, and to find out what else the company is working on. The event starts at 9PM PT on September 18, 2012 and you can head to our Tokyo Game Show site then for all the updates you need.

Source: Eurogamer

Tokyo Game Show Show Floor Photo Gallery

Did you make it to this year's Tokyo Game Show? Me neither. Many people thought this year's Tokyo Game Show would be scaled back because of natural disasters taking place in Japan. Much to my surprise, the event turned out to be quite the spectacle and most crowded TGS since 2006. Luckily, we had a photographer on the scene to capture every moment and more importantly, every boothbabe. Check out our TGS show floor photo gallery.

Our Tokyo Game Show Cosplay Photo Gallery is legit too. 

Tokyo Game Show Cosplay Photo Gallery

Tokyo Game Show isn't just Japan's E3, it's also a great opportunity for attendees to show off their favorite cosplay costumes. Hundreds of lovely ladies, and a few gentlemen, go to TGS just to display their elaborate costumes. Feast your eyes on the finest latex, feathers and side-boob Tokyo Game Show 2011 had to offer in our TGS cosplay photo gallery.

Square Enix has localized the two Final Fantasy 13-2 Tokyo Game Show trailers in to English. The first video reveals how Serah meets Noel, as well as introduces the game's antagonists. The end of the video is pretty surprising, and I can't wait to figure out what's going on in the game. The second trailer, which you'll find after the break, gives us a bit more insight in to what's going to be happening in FF 13-2 as well as how a few familiar faces will look in the new game. Both trailers also feature the game's new international theme song "New World" by Charice in the background.

Final Fantasy 13-2 "Promise" TGS 2011 Trailer »

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Street Fighter X Tekken

As we learn more about Street Fighter X Tekken we get more and more intrigued with the title. Our latest preview, from Tokyo Game Show, gave us the opportunity to check out the newly introduced fighter Rolento, as well as the game's new Pandora mechanic.

"The Pandora system is a feature that can be activated by double-tapping down and pressing MP+MK when one of your characters has under 25% health. It effectively allows you to sacrifice the ability to call in your partner, but gives you unlimited super meter. There are serious drawbacks beyond losing your partner’s assistance, however: Pandora only lasts for a limited time, and if you’re not able to knock out the opponent’s team within this time period, you lose the round automatically."

Check out our full Street Fighter X Tekken preview from TGS 2011 to learn more.

Some custom PlayStation Vita colors were revealed at the Tokyo Game Show; apparently black is not the only color that will be available for Sony's new handheld. No announcement has been made as to whether or not these custom colors will be available at release or at a later date, but one can hope. I was just telling a co-worker that I'd love a white PSV, so I'm happy to see one on display in this quick video from CVG.

The PlayStation 3 consoles on display are only coming out in Japan as of now, so hopefully that won't be the case with these rainbow Vitas. Which was your favorite color?

Source: CVG

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Tekken 3D

We got the chance to go hands-on with a brief demo of Tekken 3D Prime at the Tokyo Game Show. Trying to follow suit with the successful Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition, Tekken 3D Prime is faithful translation of the beloved Tekken brand in to handheld form.

"Perhaps more important than graphical flourishes is the core fighting gameplay, and Tekken 3D Prime Edition delivers an authentic Iron Fist experience. Movement and directional input can be accomplished with either the analog slider or the d-pad, and the button layout will feel instantly familiar to Tekken pad-players. An exclusive addition tailored for the 3DS are pre-programmed command sequences that can be activated by touching one of four panels on the bottom screen. It was hinted that players by be able to program these combos themselves, making access to a damaging string as easy as a finger swipe."

Be sure to read our full Tekken 3D Prime preview from the Tokyo Game Show.

Chrono Trigger Receives An ESRB Rating For The Wii

Square Enix announced the Square Enix Market at the Tokyo Game Show which the company will use to offer their games and apps for Android devices. As an Android owner I've been quite jealous of iOS users who got access to Square games, so this is just awesome for me. However, before we get too excited I should note that the market is currently scheduled to launch later this year and only in Japan.

Games that are coming to the Android and the iOS market include the famous Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy Legends, Itadaki Street, and Dragon Quest Monsters. Final Fantasy 1, Final Fantasy 2, Chaos Rings, Chaos Rings Omega, and Crystal Defenders were all shown for the Android marketplace as well.

Hopefully the SE Market will come over to the United States early next year, as I'd love to play some of these games on my phone when I'm on the go. Would you be interested in some classic Square Enix games on your Android device, or are you set with Game Dev Story and Angry Birds? 

Source: IGN

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