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As if you could ever have enough, the MMO Report is coming at you once again, and this time with a studio audience. Casey demanded more minions to bow at his feet and shower him with gifts. We thought it might be a good idea to distribute his aggro across multiple targets. You do not want to see that man when his latte is luke.

This weeks show lays out a few more adorable MMOs joining the market, the pre-order date for 'Pirates of the Burning Sea', and some of the more hilarious, and disturbing screenshots sent in by you, our loyal viewers. So brush the orange cheeto dust off your pants and crack open that jolt cola, this is...

The MMO Report

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And the hits keep coming. The MMO Report is back once again, and this time with a sweet paisley tie.

The knowledge that we are about to drop on you includes new technology that could make an MMO-FPS possible in the near future, Eve Online expanding it's platform accessability, and one of the most disturbing WTF Second Life stories we've ever seen...in the month that we've been on the air.

We're also giving away 5 OTTO digital gaming headsets, which are reviewed here. Watch today's episode for details.

So sit down, strap in, and prepare to have your mind blown. Again. This is...

The MMO Report


The MMO Report Episode 4 »


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The MMO Report Returns with a vengeance.

Fully rezzed and ready to roll, Casey Schreiner will once again pass on his knowledge of all things massive, multiplayer, and well...online. This week we'll tell you about the exciting update for both Everquest games, what's been going on with the Warhammer Online beta, and why Tabula Rasa is deserving of your attention again. One thing we can't tell you is why Casey wasn't invited to Lord British's private party. He just made the list.

This week we've even included a list of links that correspond with out stories, so hit the jump if you feel like surfing the information super-highway on a series of tubes.

So fasten your seatbelts boys and girls, you're about to take a ride through flavor country. This is...

The MMO Report


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We proudly present The MMO Report Episode 2: The Phantom Freeze-Frame. In this week's installment ,we tell you where to get your yiff on, how could you win a million dollars by spending even more time playing video games, and why Richard Garriot will never die. Ever.

For you first timers, do not be shocked by what you see on screen. The breadth of epic lulz may be too much for some viewers to handle, so if you are pregnant, have a weak heart, or rolled a priest you may want to look away. So without further adieu, please enjoy our second attempt to inform and entertain with our continuing weekly coverage.

This is...The MMO Report.


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There are a lot of places on the internet where you can find news about MMOs, but nowhere else is it delivered with such style, such intellect, such facial hair. The MMO Report is here to spoon-feed you all the information you could possibly want, and probably some you don't – but you’ll take it, because it’s good for you.

Our crack team of journalists is working hard to bring all the important stories to you so that you never have to leave the comfort of your newbie starting zone. You'll LOL, you'll ROFL, and if you're not too careful, you might learn something. So prepare to scroll over and right click until your eyes explode, this is the world premiere of The MMO Report.


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