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Since we didn't get a chance to give any of you gifts this holiday season, we decided to put together something you will all enjoy. Our WTF Second Life segment has taken on a life of it's own, and before it becomes an outright internet sensation, we thought it would be a good idea to compile a collection of our favorite moments of WTF. So enjoy the holiday hilarity, chock full of unicorn rape. This is...

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The MMO Report: Friday, December 28th »

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Happy Holidays From Casey


Posted December 24, 2007 - By juster

The MMO Report would like to wish you and yours the happiest of holidays.  Please enjoy this BRILLIANT piece of fanart from Zach E.  We think it captures Casey perfectly.  Check out all his Majesty.

Christmas is quickly approaching, and you can see it around the G4 offices. Mistletoe has been hung over every cubicle, lightsabers are being hung on christmas trees, and a nameless cable television show host has been running around in a diaper and santa hat screaming "The Elves are rioting! It's all over!"

But us here at the MMO Report are a little more cautious during the holidays. Santa Garriot has shafted us before, so we're not expecting any christmas miracles. Although we're still holding out on that iPhone. So warm up your apple cider, pour in some brandy, and feel the warmth of the holidays flow through you. This is...

The MMO Report



The MMO Report: Friday, December 21st »


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The MMO Report had a good week. Or a bad one, depending on how you look at it.

Basically, there was a lot of news dropping this week, so there was no shortage of material for us to ridicule. And when we're happy, you're happy, so we're all happy. Except the people who play those MMOs we bring up in this week's episode that are doomed to an impending death. 

So as we mourn the loss of more than a few games, as well as the late and great Ike Turner, use us as a shoulder to cry on. We understand your pain. But that doesn't mean we won't make fun of you for crying like a little girl. Man up young traveler. This is...

The MMO Report


The MMO Report: Friday, December 14th »


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Last weekend the news dropped about Vivendi Universal and Activision merging into Activision Blizzard. While we won't be seeing any direct effects from this deal anytime soon, this could be one of the most important moments in recent video game history. So of course, because you expect it, the MMO Report was instantly hard at work trying to find a way to make it funny.

On a different note, we're giving away some gifts on the MMO Report this week, so all of your submissions should be sent to TheMMOReport@g4tv.com. We're expecting greatness people, so don't disappoint.

So because you need your weekly fix, and because we love giving it to you, wrapped up in bows of funny, please enjoy this week's edition of...

The MMO Report


The MMO Report: Friday, December 7th »


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Just like that rash of yours, the MMO Report is back once again to bring you endless joy and mild itching.

It's raining in Los Angeles today, which is rare, as it only happens two or three times a year. So in an attempt to take full advantage of this opportunity, we spent about 20 minutes trying to convince a few people around the office to run outside in bikinis and splash each other in the rain so we can shoot it as a spec tampon commercial. No one took us up on that offer.

This week , we cover a new MMO coming out of France where you can pretend to train for a virtual sport, the new "casual gaming" direction for the Star Trek MMO, and WTF Second Life goes International when the president of the Philippines creates her own avatar. Now, we're not suggesting anything, but it would be horrible if anyone grieved her with a barrage of flopping penises. We don't condone such actions. We just laugh at them and put them on our show.

So enjoy this week's installment. We had fun making it, which means if you don't have fun watching it, it's your own damn fault. This is...

The MMO Report

The MMO Report: Friday, November 30th »

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As The MMO Report rolls in after a large turkey dinner, our sluggish demeanor does not affect our hunger for ridicule. Just because most of you have these days off work doesn't mean we're taking any time off from bringing you the MMO news that you're looking for. And that doesn't stop us from making fun of it either.

This week Blizzard gets a decent amount of coverage, we'll explain how you can join Lord British on the International Space Station, and we return to your favorite WTF Second Life with a twist. We like twists. But we hate M. Night Shyamalan.

So unbuckle that belt, grab the last leg, and hand us the wishbone. Because we deserve it more than you. This is...

The MMO Report


The MMO Report: Friday, November 23 »


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The MMO Report is proud to be back into our regular weekly schedule. And just to show how much we missed you all, we present you with a brand new episode for your eyeballs and eardrums.

But before we begin, a lot of you have been asking for/commenting about WTF Second Life. To be clear, it's not a regular weekly segement. Yes, there are things happening in Second Life every day that makes us go "WTF?!?!", but we save our method of genius ridicule for the oh-so-special incidents that tickle us pink until we're running for the aloe lotion.

So sit down, dim the lights, slip into something comfortable, and press play. Enjoy the show, enjoy the weekend, and enjoy your Friday night drunken slap fights. This is...

The MMO Report.


The MMO Report: Friday, November 16th »



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This week we have a very special episode of The MMO Report for you all. Very special because I'm actually in Hawaii, so you all get to watch a clip show! Yay clip show!

We like to have a lot of fun at The MMO Report, sometimes too much fun, and it eats into production. So since we couldn't give you a fresh batch of MMO news, we decided to share our juvenile sense of humors. It's a special behind-the-scenes look at how many laughs we have while making this nerdy little show. So crack open a cold one, smoke em if you got em, and laugh until milk comes out of your nose. This is...

The MMO Report.

The MMO Report: Friday, November 9th »

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Some of you might have noticed how many network TV shows are using MMOs as a jumping off point for new story lines. We at The MMO Report think they're stealing our thunder, but that hasn't kept us from giving you our opinion on it.

Also this week, we'll tell you about a new Korean MMO coming to the states, an unorthodox seasonal celebration in Everquest Online, and back by popular demand, WTF Second Life. And for the record, we don't do those every week, just when Liden gives us something so F-ed up we can't ignore it.

So sit back, relax, loosen your wrist guard, pop open a can of Mountain Dew, and click play. This is...

The MMO Report.


The MMO Report: Friday, November 2nd »


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This week's MMO Report contains some required viewing. Let me explain...

See, we did a story about an episode of Judge Judy, not even thinking that you have to get signed permission to use footage from the show. And truthfully, after filming this week's episode, we realized that Miss Judy would never give us permission to use the footage after all the awful things we said about her. I won't ruin the surprise, but I do suggest you watch this video before you watch the episode below.

Sorry about the homework, but we enjoy challenging the part of your brain that helps you multi-task and retain memory. So prepare your mind for a new episode of...

The MMO Report


The MMO Report: Friday, October 26th »


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This week, we bring you a slightly muted episode of the MMO Report. Literally.

See, when we were shooting this episode, the pure awesomeness of Casey's voice made his microphone explode. Unfortunately, right after the shoot Casey had a bit of a sugar rush and bolted from our studios posthaste. The next morning, right as we realized we had an audio issue, we got a message from the Swaying Pines Resort telling us that Casey was recovering from an extreme case of "exhaustion", so we couldn't  re shoot.

Lesson learned. Next time we use a titanium plated microphone, and keep all refined sugar products away from Mister Schreiner. So our apologies for the sub-standard sound in this episode, but truthfully, Casey's gravitas spans all technical difficulties. So listen closely to...

The MMO Report.


The MMO Report: Friday, October 19th »


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G4 made a big announcement this week. We're very pleased. But in even bigger news, Casey has a new tie.

This week's MMO Report is chock full of actual news, so much so that we might give Reuters a run for their money. Next step: Casey Schreiner in the White House Press Corp, asking good ol' GW if he thinks Shaman are overpowered. The country needs to know.

We also have brand-spankin-new footage from the I AM LEGEND Second Life game that began today. And we were on actual TV. For about 30 seconds. Hi Mom!

First the internet, then television, then the White House. This is...

The MMO Report.


The MMO Report, Friday, October 12th »


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Just when you thought it was safe to open your browser, The MMO Report returns to shatter all your preconcieved notions of what an information webshow can be. That's right, I went there.

This week Casey shows you some exclusive footage we got from Flying Lab Software, the developers of Pirates of the Burning Sea. Not to be confused with Kevin Pereira's autobiography, "It Burns When I Pee". We also throw you some tidbits about the upcoming Death Knight class contained in next year's World of Warcraft expansion. And back by popular demand, we offer you another edition of WTF Second Life. But it's not what you expect.

This weekend I'm commandeering a vessel and playing pirate for a few hours. With an open bar. Expect local headlines. This is...

The MMO Report


The MMO Report, Friday, October 5th »


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This week's MMO Report is the best episode ever. Why? Just look at those shiny new graphics! We all know that the graphics make the show. Look at that logo!

This week we'll tell you about how MMOs might be going meta, how Ultima Online turned 10 (and is quickly approaching those awkward puberty years), and about the newest patch for World of Warcraft that will allow you to hear the high-pitches screams of all those 12 year olds you pwn in pvp.

Put on some sunglasses, that shiny new open might blind you with its awesomeness. This is...

The MMO Report


The MMO Report, Friday, September 28 »


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