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Ah Comic Con, the single greatest and most horrifying nerd event of the year. Never have I seen such marvelous nerd spectacle existing in harmony with uncomfortably cramped conditions and high level marketing exhaustion.

Moving on. This week Casey is back in the studio with tons of MMO news from The Con. Did you know that Sam Raimi is directing the World of Warcraft movie? Or that Free Realms is about to reach 5 million users in its first 3 months? Or that The Matrix Online is shutting down? Yeah, I didn't know that game was still going either. So put down your Marvel Max trades and press play, you've earned it.

Also, don't forget to enter The MMO Report's Invent Your Own Super Hero/Villain Contest! You could win a copy of City of Heroes! Just head on over to G4tv.com/MMOContest and get creative!

The MMO Report: Thursday, July 30th »

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Not too long ago Atari invited The MMO Report to come up to San Francisco to spend some time with their upcoming MMO, Champions Online. Not only is it the best looking game we've seen in a while, but the seeminly infinite options in the character customization and the anyone/anytime/anywhere PvP system they've developed seem to beg the hardcore MMOers to come in and test the waters. Are you up for to the challenge, heroes?

The MMO Report: Champions Online Preview Special »

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In this week's MMO Report, Casey tells you about Champions Online's PvP system, another EVE Online bank going under, and Star Wars: The Old Republic record breaking voice acting. But there are other reasons for you to watch this episode. In fact, this might be the greatest episode of The MMO Report so far. Enjoy. Recommend. Comment. Marvel.

The MMO Report: Thursday, July 16th »

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Oh man, what a week! How do you like the new Feed? Pretty snazzy, eh?

But we both know why you're here; you need a knowledge injection from the man himself, Casey Schreiner. This week Casey will discuss the new Star Wars: The Old Republic timeline trailer, how Twitter has finally come to World of Warcraft, and a new social experiment where a college professor used City of Heroes to study human interactions. Also there will be pie. But not really. Enjoy

The MMO Report: Thursday, July 9th »

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We're all patriots here, and before you start scarfing down tubes of meat that were heated on an outdoor fire pit, why not take a moment to check out this week's MMO Report. This week Casey tells you all about the upcoming Final Fantasy XI add-on scenario, the Bioware/Mythic merger, and all the troubles World of Warcraft has been having in China. Be thankful you live in the Western Hemisphere. So sit back, press play, and enjoy your 4th of July weekend!

The MMO Report: Thursday, July 2nd »

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The MMO Report's Casey Schreiner InterviewIf you’re tired of rummaging through trash cans and behaving in a generally stalker-ish way just to find out a little bit about the MMO Report’s own Casey Schreiner, then clean yourself up and take off the ski mask.

Casey was recently interviewed by the videogame blog Hardest Level, and in said interview, Casey divulges all sorts of telling details about himself, including what games meant the most to him growing up, what’s it like hosting the G4tv.com web series The MMO Report, and all things in between.

So be sure to check out the full interview to find out everything you ever wanted to know about Casey Schreiner (and perhaps a few things you never knew you wanted to know but are now glad you know).

Yes, we know you all enjoyed our special guest host Morgan Webb last week, but Casey never lets a nerd flu keep him down.

This week Casey has a wide collection of stories; from information about Aion's launch in September, to new Champions Online screenshots, to a Russian porn star getting a web address tattooed on her breasts. Yeah, it's a good week. Oh, and WTF Second Life is back, this time for the hearing impaired. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the triumphant return of the one and only Casey Schreiner.

The MMO Report: Thursday, June 25th »

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This week, we have something very, very special for you. Casey Schreiner was too ill to host this week so we got the one and only Morgan Webb to guest host. I know, I'm just as stoked as you are.

This week the beautiful Morgan Webb tells you all about how CCP plans to announce their follow-up to EVE Online, the new Smuggler class in Star Wars: The Old Republic, and Warhammer Online's latest live expansion the Land of the Dead. Yeah, it's a great week, so press play and enjoy.

The MMO Report: Thursday, June 18th »

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The MMO Report's Casey Schreiner Gives the ZAM Network Love AdviceOne of the best things about E3 is that everyone in the gaming industry comes together inside the LA Convention center; something that doesn't happen very often. While we were covering all the MMOs on the show floor, the man himself Casey was not only recognized, but interviewed by our friend Andrew Beegle from The ZAM Network. Andrew was hitting the show floor finding out what it takes to pick-up on a booth babe, so of course he wanted advice from the smoothest man on the planet, Casey Schreiner. Check out his sound advice on respec-ing for maximum Charisma.


And while you're at it, why not check out all the coverage Casey and The MMO Report got from the show floor at E3 2009! It's just as informative.

The MMO Report E3 2009 Special Part 1

The MMO Report E3 2009 Special Part 2

We're back with Part 2 of The MMO Repport: E3 2009 Special! In case you missed it, check out Part 1.

In this episode, Casey checks out Atlus Online's Neosteam, the incredibly awesome Jumpgate: Evolution, Fallen Earth, and Star Wars: The Old Republic. For frame of reference, you might want to make sure you've already watched the Star Wars: The Old Republic cinematic trailer. Or just watch it again, because it's that awesome. And now, the exciting conclusion of The MMO Report's E3 coverage. Enjoy.

The MMO Report: E3 2009 Special Part 2 »

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Ah E3, the biggest gaming event of the year. E3 2009 was full of amazing games, and this year more MMOs than we could count! Check out Part 1 of The MMO Report's E3 2009 Special featuring DC Universe Online, Heroes of Telara, The Agency, Soul of the Ultimate Nation, Huxley, and APB. Then come back here tomorrow to check out Part 2. Yes, there really were that many MMOs on the show floor. And yes, I'm exhausted. Enjoy.

The MMO Report: E3 2009 Special Part 1 »

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What's the best way to prepare for a week of long hours on your feet, minimal sleep, and high levels of stress? Yoga? A healthy diet? Killing a few brain cells?

Enough about my problems. This week's show covers a lot of the MMOs we're expecting to see at E3, like Global Agenda and Fallen Earth, as well as games we won't see on the show floor like Katamari Damacy Online. Also Blizzard is updating the character models for the Druid animal forms in World of Warcraft. Everyone freak out. So settle in, press play, and enjoy our pre-E3 show! We'll have coverage of all the MMOs from the show floor starting on Thursday, June 11th. See you in two weeks!

The MMO Report: THursday, May 27th »

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While many of you are excited for the new Terminator movie that comes out tomorrow, we here in California are a bit ho-hum on the subject. I mean come on, the Terminator is our Governor, we live that reality on a daily basis. Have you ever tried to legislate with a mechanical humanoid automaton?

Anyways, moving on. This week Casey drops some knowledge on you about the new Star Wars: The Old Republic story trailer, how CrimeCraft and APB are progressing, and why Champions Online has been delayed another two months. Whatever the reason, it's not good enough. So settle in a comfy chair, and enjoy this week's episode. Oh, and someone get to work on making that funny little dance Casey does on YTMND.

The MMO Report: Thursday, May 21st »

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The story so far; I grew up in the only nice part of New Jersey (Bergen County) before attending Emerson College in Boston for 4 years, majoring in Film. After moving to Los Angeles I held a series of jobs, most notable of which was working with Actual Reality Pictures on shows like 30 Days and Black/White.

Then, after a few odd jobs around town, a friend of a friend mentioned they were looking for producers at G4 to work on Cheat!, and since I was a fan of the network and gaming in general, I said hell yes. Interesting side note; I went to my job interview at G4 with a big, waxed-up, curly moustache like the guy who runs the circus. I was also quized about what consoles I had owned over the years, and if I was more excited for the Wii or the PS3. I promptly called my parents to tell them that all that time I "wasted" playing video games in my youth just got me a job.

After about a year working for the network, I moved over to the Feed team to create The MMO Report, and eventually took over producing Sessler's Soapbox as well. For the record, yes, this is the most fun job I've ever had. Be jealous.

Meet The Feed: Patrick Roche-Sowa--Producer, The MMO Report and Sessler's Soapbox

Interview: Patrick Roche-Sowa--Producer, The MMO Report and Sessler's Soapbox.
By Ty Colfax

Ty: What's your problem?

Patrick: I have a cabbage for a head

Ty: What's your favorite MMO, guy who produces the MMO Report?

Patrick: Our graphics guy, Ernie (his nickname is MoMo)

Ty: Describe your first memory of playing a video game.

Patrick: Playing Super Mario Bros at the rich kid in town's house, and then whining and crying until my parents agreed to spend 100 dollars on a Nintendo Entertainment System. I think I was 6.

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We have a very special treat for all of you today. Remember those endlessly entertaining gentlemen Jeff Hickman and Paul Barnett from Mythic Entertainment? You know, they work on Warhammer Online and you saw them in The MMO Report launch special that went online back in September. Well we let them take over Casey's hosting responsibilities for a day, and all of you get to enjoy the hilarious, informative, and mildly confusing outcome.

Not only do you get some insider information about the new Land of the Dead expansion that's coming next month, but you'll also hear some new secrets about the future of Warhammer Online, the design philosophy at Games Workshop, and how they plan on helping you get back at those overpowered a-holes that won't stop PKing you when you're farming for resources. They really know their demographic. So prepare yourself for a very special, very funny, very unique episode of...

The MMO Report

The MMO Report: Jeff and Paul from 'Warhammer Online' »

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