Potential Names For Android's Next OS

The FBI has issued a warning to smartphone users, specifically Androids, about possible mobile malware threats. The Internet Crime Complaint Center alerted Android users to be wary of several malware attacks, like FinFisher and Loozfon, which target Android phones. The IC3 added those were just two of the many active viruses that are being used to compromise mobile devices.

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Best Buy Adding Used Game Kiosks In Select Locations

Best Buy has decided to take on the king of internet retailers, Amazon.com, by matching their prices. This holiday Best Buy hopes to win back customers who have turned to the internet for their purchases according to the Wall Street Journal.

To make sure shoppers stick with Best Buy, they'll even offer free home delivery for items that are sold out in stores. Both of these changes are attempts to make sure consumers don't use Best Buy as the place they look at gadgets before going online to find them cheaper. Best Buy vice president of consumer insights, Bill Hoffman, has said in the past that "showrooming" is blown out of proportion, and isn't a real issue for the retailer.

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Nerdsourcing finds you the best crowd sourcing projects from Kickstater, Indiegogo, and other such sites, and brings them straight to your wallet. Give, help spread the word, or just find out what’s going to be the hot new thing in the future; nerdsourcing is there to help support the dreamers out there looking to make the impossible a reality or those looking for the next big thing. Time is limited to fund these projects so don’t wait to long.


We all enjoyed those flipbooks that we had as kids; they were fun and extremely entertaining. They can also be more than a simple toy as you run through gorgeous animation that comes to life one flickering frame at a time. Premiered at the Maker Faire earlier this year, the FlipBooKit is a DIY version of the professional art created by kinetic artists Mark Rosen and Wendy Marvel.

The FlipBookit includes versions of their mechanical flipbook artworks. The originals are extremely expensive and were only made available in limited editions. They’ve even teamed up with a former Disney imagineer, Steven Goldstein, to make sure that the version of the Mechanical Flip Book Maker Kit that went out to backers was of the highest quality.

Reward: For $43, a FlipBooKit can be yours with everything that you need to get it up and running.

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In the video below, Alex Albrecht checks out the new Droid RAZR M smartphone that's all over town, and finds it to be an excellent mid-priced cell. For $100 you get a fast processor, a clear screen, cool styling, and as much RAM as you need. The problem: The camera that comes on the RAZR M is not spectacular.

Check out the in-depth review of the RAZR M below:

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Razer Tiamat 7.1 Headphone Review -- Tech Junkies

The Razer Tiamat 7.1 analog headphones were introduced into a wide field of headsets that offer surround sound for computer or console entertainment. Accurate directional sound usually isn’t well produced with less than 5 individual speakers. The Tiamat 7.1 has 5 in each ear cup bringing the number of discreet speakers to a total of 10. A stereo pair can produce good music but attempt to position some sound anywhere around the user’s head and you begin to see the limitations of just two speakers.

Those deficiencies become more evident when headphones use software that attempts to fill in the blanks with spatial distortion. So if we were talking about just the number of speakers used to represent space around the user then the Tiamat already succeeds where other surround sound sets have failed. There is more to these headphones though than the initial specs though.

It’s got a pretty face to go with its laundry list of features.

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ECOXBT Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Autumn may have begun, but the ECOXBT waterproof Bluetooth speaker is perfect for next summer. Made by Ecoxgear, this speaker is compatible with any bluetooth device, 100 percent waterproof, fully submersible and it always floats speaker-side-up, so you can turn on some music, toss this speaker into the pool or lake and let it play all day. Strap it to your surfboard or kayak for music on the go. The battery lasts up to 10 hours, and it even features a built in microphone, so you can use the ECOXBT as a floating speakerphone and take conference calls while white water rafting.

ECOXBT: $129  |   More Info: Ecoxgear

ViewSonic's TD2220 Touch Monitor Priced, Dated

The ViewSonic's TD2220 is a two-point touch LED display and it's set to launch in the US of A at the end of October, around the same time as Windows 8. This is the display of the future and it could be yours in a few short weeks. The touch-screen display is protected by some serious glass; it has a hardened 8H level scratch resistant screen, and a dust-proof surface. That's bound to protect it from your hands, the cat and whatever else threatens your desk on a daily basis.

If you want a touch based display for your desktop PC, you probably want to check the ViewSonic's TD2220 out.

For a complete list of specs, keep reading.

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Being healthy and being tech-savvy are not mutually exclusive. In fact, one can feed the other! Geek bible Wired has released a ton of tech-savvy ways to live a healthier lifestyle, but how does it all work? Rob Huebel talks to Caitlin Roper, editor of Living By Numbers: The Wired Guide To Health, about simple data-driven changes you can make for a better life.

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Speaking of health, PopCap games and the American Dental Association have teamed up to stop "zombie mouth." Read about it here!

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This week is Healthy Week, meaning we're all about finding ways to help you promote a healthier and happier lifestyle. To make things easier, Attack of the Show!'s Sara Underwood has found the following gadgets, apps, and accessories that will have you climbing walls in your living room, keeping better track of your workout, and getting more restful sleep. How are you going to stay healthy this week?

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KANZ power desk

Desks are rarely sexy, but the KANZ Field Power Desk is the exception. Built for the explorer in us all, the Field Power Desk weighs in at only 37 pound, but is equipped with lithium iron power cells and mono crystalline solar panels to keep all your equipment powered up and rolling while you're adventuring in off-the-power-grid environs. There's even an option for a light and built-in speakers as well as satellite internet, so you can maintain your connection from any swamp, forest or glacier on the planet.

The KANZ Field Power Desk is available at KANZ Outdoors. It sells for $2,495 for the 120Watt or $2,995 for the 240Watt version. There's another picture of the desk under the "Read More" tag.

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Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs 3D

Horrible scientists and dinosaur fossils from New Zealand are going to ruin your day; the (mad) scientists have discovered that DNA has a half-life of 521 years. This means Jurassic Park can never happen in real life, and that means enraged, cloned Velocipedes will never terrorize Jeff Goldblum in real life.

Palaeogeneticists led by Morten Allentoft at the University of Copenhagen and Michael Bunce at Murdoch University in Perth  Australia, discovered the terrible news after examining 158 DNA-containing leg bones of three species of extinct giant birds called moa, you know, like the kind in Guild Wars 2.

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Pinel & Pinel Arcade PS Trunk

The set-up you see above is the the Pinel & Pinel Arcade PS Trunk. It doesn't have the hottest name I've ever heard, but it is one impressive bundle for the ultra-wealthy video gamer.

It contains a 3D-ready 55" Sony TV, A PS3, two Formula 1 racing seats with Thrustmaster steering wheels, 24 PS 3 games, an 1,800-watt sound system, a Playstation Move camera, four Move controllers, two Move shooter guns, four PS3 wireless buzzers, four Dualshock 3 controllers, two arcade fighting sticks, two Singstar microphones and four pairs of 3D glasses, all of which is housed in a custom trunk that's covered in calfskin and measures just 51" x 55" x 36" when closed.

In other words: A lifetime's worth of gaming add-on crap in one box -- everything you need for a beyond-the-arcade level of video gaming immersion. If you're super-stylish, you can even get it in crocodile or peacock leather. All this can be yours for $90,000. Buy one at Pinel and Pinel's site.

Red Bull Sky Dive Live Stream Video

UPDATE: The mission has been aborted today due to high winds. They'll try again soon.

This is a reminder that your chance to watch a man leap into history (and out of a balloon on the edge of the stratosphere) is happening in about an hour. Adventurer Felix Baumgartner will attempt to jump from 23 miles above the earth and break multiple world records.

If the weather continues to cooperate, the mission will launch at around 10AM. You can watch it stream, live, in the video embedded below, or go to Red Bull Stratos site. For more details, check out this post.

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Kinect Inspires Wrist-Mounted Controller: The Future Of User Interface

The device you're looking at above may be a prototype for the future of how we interact with our machines. Inspired by the Kinect, Microsoft's Digits is an experimental input device that tracks minute finger and hand movements and uses them in lieu of mouse, keyboard of game controller. It's what you imagined the Nintendo PowerGlove was, except it's real.

The Digits rig puts an array of LED lights on on a bracelet, and bounce their light off a user's fingers. A laser shines across the hand, highlighting the position of the fingers. Then, a camera reads the reflections, sends it to a computer that builds a model of the hand that's accurate to within a hundredth of an inch. In other word: A miniature Kinect that only focuses on reading the data input from your fingers.

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High Dive

In 13 hours, Austrian skydiver and BASE jumper Felix Baumgartner will ascend 23 miles (120,000 feet) into the upper atmosphere above New Mexico in a specially designed balloon. He will then leap out of it, fall through the air at speeds up to 690 miles per hour before opening his chute and landing safely on the earth below. That's the idea anyway. You can watch the entire thing happen, tomorrow, live on the Internet, thanks to 30 cameras placed in various locations on the craft and on Baumgartner's body.

If everything goes according to plan, Baumgartner will have broken the world's records for highest skydive, longest free fall, highest manned balloon flight and first man to go supersonic -- Baumgartner will be falling so fast, he'll break the sound barrier. If everything doesn't go according to plan... well, let's just hope everything goes according to plan.

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