The LG G2x Android smartphone for T-Mobile uses NVIDIA's dual core Tegra2 processor on a 4" touch screen with 4G connectivity and dual cameras. Kevin Pereira and Candace Bailey review the $250 smartphone for its Gadget Pr0n rating.

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The MSI GT683 gaming laptop packs NVIDIA GTX 560M graphics, up to 16 GB of RAM and Intel’s Quadcore i7 processor in a 2" thick case. Kevin Pereira and Candace Bailey review the ultimate portable gaming laptop that retails for $1,500.

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The Samsung RF711-S02 notebook packs an Intel Core i7 processor, NVIDIA GT540M graphics and a Samsung solid state drive in a slim 1.5" thick design. Kevin Pereira and Candace Bailey test out the $950 notebook for its official Gadget Pr0n rating.

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The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is more than just the thinnest and lightest large screen tablet out there. Powered by Android 3.1, the Tab offers dual cameras, 16 GB of storage and more for $500. Find out how many Seals of Approval we reward this device.

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Electronics enthusiast extraordinaire Ben Heckendorn has modded an Xbox 360 to run with a disc changer attachment for quick, easy access to all your games. You all remember disc changers, right? ...Right? Bah, you kids and your rap music on your iPods and Interwebs.

Anyway, if you're willing to put tons of work and research into a project, maybe you too can live the dream. Or you can be a lazy pile and go over to the element14 forum (which sponsores the Ben Heck show) and register to win the Xbox 360 disc changer prototype. Also, make sure to watch the video below to see the mechanical wizardry on display for yourselves! Be advised however:  The following contains scenes of graphic manufacturer warranty voiding. Viewer discretion is advised.

Yeah, that all seems totally safe and reasonable. Totally something I would try at home! (Side note: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME UNLESS YOU ARE A PROFESSIONAL. Seriously.)


Saints Row 3 Pre-Order And Platinum Edition Details -- Yes, That Is An Auto-Tune Headset

Saints Row 3 pre-order details have been catapulted into the spotlight, and not gonna lie: they're pretty swank. As part of the Professor Genki Hyper Ordinary Pre-Order Pack, players get access to the "Super Ballistic Man-a-pult" (which you saw near the end of the Saints Row 3 gameplay video) an "Octopuss" cannon, and a super stylin' stunt suit. Ultra tight!

And hey, if you want to shell out the big bucks, when you pre-order Saints Row The Third Platinum Edition, you'll also get a headset that auto-tunes your voice along with the Saints Row 3 soundtrack. Sadly, the headset is not compatible with Xbox LIVE or the PlayStation Network, a statement which is repeated, in all caps and bold, on the Saints Row The Third website.

That being said, how many people do you think will still go for the Platinum Edition on the basis of snagging that headset and subsequently complain it doesn't work like they thought? Anyhoo, if you want to see Professor Genki's share of the swag, check out the video below the "Read More" tag!

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3D TV Gaming

There's no definitive way to help you select the right display for gaming. That said, there are a bunch of small things to consider when purchasing one, and we're here to help break down the important features that will come in handy when it's time to pull the trigger at the checkout. That, and offer up what we think are the top five gaming displays.

What You're Looking For


Glossy or Matte: Matte, also called "anti-glare," is a non-reflective type of screen. Glossy, on the other hand, is the hyper shiny bane of all displays. Most players will choose matte simply because they plan to stare at their displays for long periods of time. Although unproven, most consumers say that glossy displays are harsher on the eyes, mainly because they're focusing harder in order to dodge reflections.

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Nyko Zoom For Kinect -- Everybody Come Together, Try To Love Smaller Play Space Right Now

The Nyko Zoom Kinect add-on peripheral may be just the solution to the sadly Kinect-less dorm rooms and tiny apartments across America. While a distance of 6 to 8 feet was previously required for Kinect play, the Zoom is promising a 40 percent reduction of needed space, creating a much more manageable distance of 3.6 to 4.8 feet.

So how does it work? I'm glad you asked, intrepid observer! It uh... well, it's... how to put this... It's a piece of plastic with wide-angle lenses that cover the Kinect's own cameras. And that's pretty much it. It looks nice enough, blending with the Kinect's design, and it also reduces the horizontal space required for two players to play simultaneously.

All in all, it seems legit. Heaven knows how many times I've destroyed a coffee table by cranking that to Soulja Boy on Dance Central, so maybe I'll even pick one up myself. The Nyko Zoom for Kinect comes out August 23, and has a pricetag of $29.99.

Sound like something you want to clip onto your $150 investment from Microsoft? Or is this still not enough to get you waving your hands at a television? Let us know!

The Samsung Chromebook Series 5 is just another step in Google's plan to take over the Internet! With Chrome OS, a 16 GB solid state drive and weighing only 3.3 lbs, the Chromebook is portable and fast. Kevin Pereira and Candace Bailey check out the $430 netbook for its official rating.

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The Toshiba NB505 Netbook comes with more than just an Intel Atom processor and a 250 GB hard drive. Morgan Webb and Kevin Pereira check out the lightweight gadget with a built-in webcam and memory card reader, all for $270.

Toshiba NB505 Netbook Review »

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Walmart Partners With Gaikai Digital Distribution To Stream Games Online

A Walmart video game digital distribution model has been launched, thanks to a recent partnership with streaming service Gaikai. The world's largest retailer will pay Gaikai for the number of minutes a user streams a game, which will no doubt boost the startup company as it pits its servers against OnLive, another streaming service.

David Perry, chief executive of Gaikai was quite excited about the deal, saying that, "Over the next 12 months, when people see a video game on TV and want to try it out, they can be sure the fastest way will be on Walmart’s website. It’s an exciting time and you’ll see more sites around the world doing these stealth launches with us."

What do you guys think? Enough of a deal to make you switch from wherever you choose to shop to Walmart?


Samsung Infuse 4G smartphone boasts a 4.5" super AMOLED touch screen, Flash enabled web browsing and everything for the best Android experience. Kevin Pereira and Candace Bailey review its 1.2 GHz processor, dual cameras and sleek style, all available for $200 with a contract.

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The Droid Incredible 2 by HTC offers a 4" multi-touch screen, Android 2.2 and dual cameras powered by a 1 GHz processor. Kevin Pereira and Candace Bailey take a look at the Incredible 2's new features, all of which come free with a contract.

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T-Mobile At E3 2011

The upstanding tech-citizens over at T-Mobile attended their first-ever E3 this year, and I thought I'd help welcome them into the gaming-fold with a little write-up of their impressive technology and photo-tour of their equally impressive E3 booth.

Because gamers like food, T-Mobile set up an entire diner to serve snacks and provide an comfortable setting to test out their gaming-centered phones and tablet. You know how you make a good impression at E3? Free chicken fingers.

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Power A Announces Batarang Controllers: Holy Peripherals, Batman!

Power A has announced exclusive Batman "Batarang" controllers to be released in conjunction with Batman: Arkham City this fall. Looking to put some real power behind your excursions? You'll want to stick these in your utility belt.

"Batman fans will revel in the authenticity of the design of the Batarang, while gamers will appreciate the comfort and performance that POWER A brings to these one-of-a-kind controllers. The Batarang controller for PlayStation 3 is wireless with reverse analog sticks and a Batman-themed USB RF receiver. The Batarang controller for Xbox 360 is a wired controller with a 10-foot / 3m inline release cable."

Sony always trumps Microsoft when it comes to sharing their wireless technology. Bluetooth for the win! Head on after the break to check out a photo of both controllers, which we'll be checking out at E3. Let us know if you think they're Batsy enough for you. Those start/select/etc. buttons sure to look sexy enough to dance the Batusi.

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