Epic Games Reveals Unreal Engine 3 Plans For GDC 2010According to Epic Games vice president Mark Rein, The Unreal Engine 4 will be revealed in 2012. We were speaking with Mark about Epic founder Tim Sweeney's contribution to the gaming world, the Unreal Engine, when Rein mentioned we could expect to see more Unreal 4 this year.

"People are going to be shocked later this year when they see Unreal Engine 4 and how much more profound an effect it will have," Rein said.

We expect Epic will be releasing more information on the game engine later today at DICE 2012, so stick around G4TV.com's DICE 2012 coverage.

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Today on Tech Junkies we've got Hyperkin's portable SNES system, the SupaBoy. The SupaBoy is a portable device that's shaped like a SNES controller and uses old school cartridges to give you the ultimate feeling of nostalgia.  Sure you've got phones and other devices that can emulate all of these games, but walking around with a huge SNES controller is fun.

We checked out the product below on this week's episde of Tech Junkies and found that if you have a bunch of old SNES gaming lying around, this could be one of the most awesome SNES portables out there.

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The SupaBoy retails for $79.99. It comes with an AV out and two controller ports so that you can play with your friends on a TV if you so desire. It doesn't come with any games though, so the product is definitely for those gamers who have a collection of games already, or those who don't mind finding some carts to use.

It'll play every old SNES game, but with a battery life of only 2.5 hours you won't want to use the SupaBoy for long car trips or plane rides. It's a fun product that we really liked here at the office and totally recommend to anyone with a backlog of SNES titles. For more information on the SupaBoy you can check out Hyperkin's website

What do you think of Hyperkin's SupaBoy?

The Tester Season 3 Begins Today

This is your reminder: Today marks the premeire episode of Season 3 of The Tester, the most video game-heavy reality program ever to be shown on the PlayStation Network. The Tester will be available for free download in both high-definition and standard definition  formats from PlayStation Store, and will also be showing in PlayStation Home – Theater 2, on Crackle and, for the first time, full episodes can be watched at The Tester's official site

In previous years, the show gave contestants the "prize" of a job in Sony's testing department. This year, the treasure is a little sweeter. According to Kevin Furuichi, the Executive Producer of Original Programming for PlayStation Network, the prize this year is the chance to be an associate producer on a AAA game.

"This year the prize is ramped up quite a bit, in that we're awarding a production associate role at Santa Monica studio," Furuichi said. "That's different because this winner will be in a development team and in a development team on an unannounced big IP."

In order to win that coveted position, the 13 contestants on The Tester will compete in physical challenges that run the gamut from gaming competitions to physical challenges like sticking their heads in glass boxes filled with giant hissing cockroaches.

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Motorola's Admiral Smartphone is a tough little Blackberry clone with a body made of Gorilla Glass and a 5MP camera. Is it worth the $99 contracted price? Kevin Pereira and Candace Bailey find out!

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Find the full review from Gadget Pron on Attack of the Show after the cut.

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Hauppauge HD DVR Gaming Edition
Manufacture: Hauppauge
Price: $199.00
Website: Official Site
Verdict: Recommend

Hauppauge HD DVR

Gamers looking for an inexpensive alternative to showing off their skills online now have a new choice with as Hauppauge introduces their latest machine, the HD PVR Gaming Edition capturing device. With this simple piece of equipment you have the option to record your Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 in HD. Easily share your gameplay footage online with your friends on YouTube or burn it onto DVD to show how good you really are. While it does have some small flaws, the overall product is a must buy for those who want to get into recording their gameplay sessions.

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Links Of TheFeed: One Month Down

Has the first month of 2012 not treated you well? Do you need a little laugh to get you going? It’s OK, we’re here for you with another collection of links courtesy of the internet.  We’ve got awesome alternate cover art, Abraham Lincoln as a vampire hunter, and a reimaging of the opening scene form Star Wars!

  • Arbraham Lincoln was a vampire hunter [FilmDrunk]
  • How Star Wars should have began [Blastr]
  • Would you buy this steampunk laptop? [Dvice]

The Pioneer Elite Music Tap sound dock allows you to hear and watch your music through Airplay, meaning you won’t have to connect your iPod or iPhone. Candace Bailey and Kevin Pereira take a look at the sound dock for its official Gadget Pr0n review.

Pioneer Music Tap Elite Review »

Find the full review from Gadget Pron on Attack of the Show after the cut.

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This is the most important news story of our times: Technology modder Ben Heck has created an Xbox 360 controller that extrudes Hot Pockets. This means your controller will dispense a hot pocket to you... and you won't have to use your hands at all to eat it.

As you can see in the video below, it's a low-tech solution, all-told, but still... it's a damn Hot Pocket extruder. This is the end of all civilization.

Inspired by Heck, I've begun working on a mod that is essentially a large bucket attached to a tube. The bucket is mounted onto the ceiling, above your easy chair, and The tube is placed down your throat and into your stomach. The bucket contains stainless steel blades that liquify Hot Pockets. While gaming, you pull a chain and delicious Hot Pocket slurry is delivered right into your stomach.  You don't even have to chew!

World's Largest NES Controller Shatters G4's Record

Late last week, engineering students from the Netherlands unveiled the world's largest NES controller. You can see it above! It's very, very large!

While G4 is proud of the Nintendo controller's creators (Benjamin Allen, Stephen van’t Hof, and Michel Verhulst) for creating the monstrosity, we can't help but be a little sad. You see, the Guiness record they broke may have belonged to G4's own Attack of the Show!

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The HTC Amaze 4G from T-Mobile offers the most advanced camera on a smartphone with its 1080p HD video recording, SmartShot to create the perfect photo and more. Candace Bailey and Kevin Pereira review the Amaze to see how well these camera features work out.

HTC Amaze 4G Smartphone Review »

Find the full review from Gadget Pron on Attack of the Show after the cut.

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As nerds, we are constantly beset by an insatiable technolust; one that can be fed but never satisfied. There’s always a cooler TV, a better console, a crisper speaker; and then the next best thing hits a month later. Nowhere is this lust harder to subdue than on the floor of CES, where I was surrounded on all sides by an unimaginable collection of the coolest new technologies imaginable. So like any good nerd, I began fantasizing about which electronics I would put in my game room at home and before long I had built the perfect gaming room. You know, for a month or two.

Samsung UNES8000 – The Big Picture

Samsung UNES8000 – The Big Picture

I’ve long been a fan of Samsung TVs, and am grateful to see they are committed to constantly improving their design. Their newest TV revealed at CES 2012, the UNES8000 is as sleek and sexy as many of their current lineup but with some major changes. The TV comes with a standard LED screen that will support 3D viewing. The screen is gorgeous and comes almost all the way to the end—with only a paper thin border around the outside.

But by far the most promising feature is the Kinect-esque camera subtly placed on the top of the TV. I was told the camera reads faces and hand motions in order to carry out functions. Essentially it will be a Kinect for every moment you don’t have your Xbox on—and it will allow for one less controller cluttering up your coffee table. As the centerpiece of the perfect living room, the TV is obviously the one thing you can’t screw up. And Samsung apparently knows it.

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CES 2012: Swanky iPhone And iPad Cases From T-Tech From Tumi

Some guys fetishize cars, reading Road and Track and dreaming of a Maserati, where others are into their computers, lovingly replacing graphics cards and processors to squeeze a bit more power out of them. But there's a certain breed of dude out there who is very, very into luggage.

Bag-heads (as I call them) tend to feel very strongly about the products that come from a company called Tumi. A Tumi representative at CES 2012 described it to me like this: "Tumi is like Coach for the discerning traveler."

Or how about this example:  A certain G4 executive, who I won't name for fear of losing my job, told me that he's been known to take aimless trips to high-end retailers in order to just gaze at Tumi bags. No intention of buying a valise or anything, mind you. He just wanted to look. Whatever turns your crank, I guess.

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AR Drone

I don’t get toys for Christmas anymore. And that’s fine. I got a really nice Swiss Army watch this year and was probably more excited than the one time I got the green Power Ranger. But if anything could possibly reanimate my desire for toys, it’s the AR Drone 2.0 from Parrot.

We all saw the original AR Drone in ads or every dammed Brookstone from here to Manila, and we all had the same question: “did you guys not see Terminator?” Apparently not, as the team at Parrot seems destined to improving this machine to the point of its eventual use as a deadly hunter of human resistance fighters.

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There’s no denying that Mad Catz has "second run" reputation to many seasoned gamers. The Mad Catz controller was the one your mom mistakenly bought for you for Christmas and the one you always made you friends use when they came over to play N64. Recently, however, the company has been working hard to turn around their  reputation of making second-class controllers. And with this year’s lineup, they’re on the right path.

CES 2012: Mad Catz's 2012 CES Controller Lineup

The first peripherals I saw were Mad Catz’ latest line of fight sticks for both Street Fighter X Tekken and SoulCalibur V. The fight sticks are both designed to the specifications of Capcom and Namco’s button/stick layouts, and even the buttons are placed at just the right angle to resemble the original arcade machines. Designed for comfort and stability, the sticks offer a nice wrist rest and feature sturdy (and for some smaller gamers, a bit too heavy) construction.

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CES 2012: Visitouch And The Future Of Rumble

A lot of the gaming products at CES seem designed to smash your face in with awesomeness, whether it’s garish 3D OEM televisions or never-seen before tablet-devices, but Haptic tech company ViviTouch’s impressive technology is more subtle, but portends huge changes in the way we will play games.

The company behind ViviTouch (Artificial Muscle, a subsidiary of Bayer MaterialScience) is doing something really cool with an aspect of gaming you most likely take for granted: The rumble pack. If you’re a cutting edge gamer, you probably play games on a 1080p television, with sound provided by a 7.1 Dolby stereo system, but the rumble technology on your controller is essentially the same as it was 15 years ago on the PlayStation One – just an on-off switch that shakes your palm. ViviTouch, on the other hand, aims to translate thousands of sensations into a “versatile language of feedback.”

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