Capcom's Limited Edition 'Street Fighter IV' Clothing Is Brilliant

During the national finals of Capcom's Street Fighter IV tournament, the company unveiled a bunch of limited-edition clothing. Among the goodies show were cool Dhalsim and M. Bison shirts, as well as an awesome SFIV hat by Estate LA.

I need to get one of those hats ASAP! Be sure to hit the jump for more pictures and let me know which article of clothing you like best.

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Does your Xbox Live dolly avatar need a spring wardrobe refresh? Looking for the newest, coolest, and most Razorfunfish threads for your dolly avatar? Well Larry the Marketing Guy Major Nelson has some big news for you. Microsoft has released a set of hip-hop clothing for gamers that are totally over Western wear and winter gear. Included in the latest update are:

Men's Clothes and Accessories
Denim Shorts
Faded Jeans with Print
Striped Visor Beanie
Diamond Stud Earrings
Square Stones Ring

Women's Clothes and Accessories
Oversized Jacket with Chains
Short Shorts
Sports Vest
Diamond Stud Earrings

And yes, that's Brian Leahy's avatar on the right. You're welcome.

What's your Xbox Live avatar wearing these days? Anyone interested in any of these new threads? Give me a shout and let me know.


The gaming web has been clamoring for more after seeing "What's in the Box?, a stunning 9 minute fan-made video homage on YouTube to Valve's Half-Life series. Featuring some impressive motion-tracking and plenty of nods to the franchise, fans have been crying --and/or hoping-- viral marketing! What are your thoughts? A well-executed fan film or perhaps something more?


PS Ones

Check out the sweet kicks above. Those are custom Nike Air Force Ones to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the PlayStation 2 in Japan.

The 10th Anniversary version of one of the most collectible Air Force Ones features gradient color bleeds on patent leather(!) uppers and standard AF1 liners. Although less than 50 pairs were created, these babies are not numbered. Sony made 'em to give out to company executives, media people, and other important members of society.  So no, you probably won't be given a pair...but that doesn't mean you can't get your sneaker-pimp hands on 'em!

The first pair of these unique sneaks is on the eBay auction block right now, being sold off for charity. Current bid: US $2,135.00.


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GDCThis year's GDC is presenting a unique and sexy Game Design Challenge: Entitled "My First Time," the exercise in creativity and gaming asks three game design greats to come up with a game around the theme of "My First Time." These games are to explore two areas game designers generally avoid: Sex and Autobiography. So no mutant aliens. No shotguns. No exploding barrels...unless the creators have some really weird sex lives!

At the session, each panelist presents a unique solution to this game design enigma, and the GDC audience determines their favorite concept. Given the "My First Time," theme, virginal developers are at a distinct disadvantage, and I've heard there are some out there! Although, presumably, not on this panel... Here's who is participating:

  • Eric Zimmerman (Chief Design Officer, Gamelab)
  • Steve Meretzky (VP of Game Design, YouPlus)
  • Kim Swift (Level Designer, Valve)
  • Sulka Haro (Lead Designer, Sulake)

Date/Time: Wednesday (March 25, 2009)   2:30pm — 3:30pm

Do you agree with the panel's assessment that "It's time for games to tackle heavier subject matter that artists in other media have been wrestling with for centuries," or are you content with post-Apocalypse stories, alien invasions and spell-casting elves? How would you tackle an autobiographical game called "My First Time?"


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Today's news of the 2D fighting arcade gem BlazeBlue coming to home consoles has 2D fighting fans everywhere on notice. BlazBlue offers a tremendous step up for the 2D fighting genre into the HD era, making its way from the arcade to the PS3 and Xbox 360. These editions will feature new modes: the latest arcade character roster, the awesome epic moves (anime cut scene finishers = win), and the fighting complexity as its arcade brethren.

Aksys Games' assistant marketing manager Harry Chang, gives us a front-seat look at the console version for all the intimate details (demoed on the high-powered PlayStation 3). Also, be sure to check out the gameplay clip of pure other-wordly fighting after the cut (Don't miss the anime cut scene finisher!) and X-Play's Hands On for all things BlazBlue.

You can expect BlazBlue for the PS3 and Xbox 360 this summer.

BlazBlue Direct-Feed Walkthrough 

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Massive Entertainment presents its upcoming RTS expansion World in Conflict: Soviet Assault in a jazzy light in the following video. For those familiar, remember the critically-acclaimed strategy fare having an ample amount of bombing options now presented in a rather elegant piece. Those unfamiliar to the falling ordinance party, you can sit back and lounge all the way up to the mushroom cloud finale.

World in Conflict: Soviet Assault Destruction Blues II

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Pontiac Stinger

The sweet baby you see above is the Pontiac Stinger, a concept car designed and built in the 80s. If you're interested in the Past's vision of The Future, check out this video from College Humor. Imagine a world where the "wild and wacky pretensions" of your neon green dune buggy Future Car include a garden hose, sleeping bags and a "funky CD player." Totally radical to the max!

Microsoft To Release Red Elite Xbox 360 

Check out that sweet console above. That's a red Xbox Elite branded for Resident Evil 5. Pretty slick, eh?

Available the same day Resident Evil 5 ships to store shelves Friday, March 13, Xbox 360 fans will be able to pick up the bundle featuring an exclusive red Xbox 360 from select retailers. Here's what the bundle contains:

  • Xbox 360 Elite Console with Red Finish
  • Matching red wireless controller
  • 120GB hard drive
  • Resident Evil 5
  • Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix
  • Exclusive Resident Evil Premium Theme
  • Xbox 360 black wired headset
  • HDTV-ready component HD AV, HDMI and Ethernet cables

It will cost you $399.

Sony does North America a huge favor (particularly depression-prone gamers) and announced the retail launch of their quirky, musical, puzzle-action sequel LocoRoco 2. Available for a economically-sound price of $19, Sony's Japan Studio has definitely made this a Tuesday to dance with your PSP.

Take a break from bullet-time and fraggin your buddy in the head for a second and get your squishy blob gaming groove on.

The ending of this trailer though -- not gonna lie -- kinda creepy.

LocoRoco 2 Launch Trailer


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Artist Shepard Fairey has a bone to pick with The Associated Press. AP has threatened to sue Fairey over royalties earned by his iconic Barack Obama "Hope" image, but Fairey has fired the first legal shot.

Shepard Fairey's ubiquitous image is based on a photo owned by AP, but Fairey feels his artistic interpretation of the photo "creates powerful new meaning and conveys a radically different message" than the original photograph. So Fairey has sued AP, asking a judge to find that his use of of the shot did not violate copyright law.

If you look to your right, you'll see my bold appropriation and re-imagining of the Obama Hope image. I call it "Hope, with an 1800s Guy Mustache I Made in MS Paint." As you can see, it creates a powerful new meaning and adds extra value to Fairey's image. Please give me a lot of money now. 



Brand new, toy versions of Halo War's soldiers will be yours to play with and/or admire by the end of the month. 

McFarlane Toys' newest line of Halo figures, the Halo Wars 'Heroic' Collection, will be released to Toys 'R' Us, GameStop, and a third retailer to be announced before the Halo Wars game ships on March 3. They feature all new sculpts and each Halo Wars Heroic Collection 3-pack features 2 1/2-inch figures with different poses and colors, as well as Halo weapons.

Here's the rundown of what's in each package and where you can pick it up:

  • UNSC TROOPS (Blue) --  1 Spartan (with assault rifle) 1 Marine Infantry (with assault rifle) 1 Spartan (with dual magnums) "First Look" retailer to be announced.
  • UNSC TROOPS (Red) -- 1 Spartan (with dual magnums) 1 Spartan (with assault rifle) 1 Marine Infantry (with assault rifle) "First Look" Available at Toys 'R' Us.
  • COVENANT TROOPS (Purple) -- 2 Elites (with Plasma rifles) 1 Grunt (with Needler) "First Look" available at GameStop.


Check out the above Mario kicks. Not only are they awesome, they're one-of-kind! Sceene Shoes on Etsy has set up shop selling custom video game sneakers. Send an email letting Sceene know what game you'd like to wear on your feet, give up the credit card numbers to the tune of $50, and blam, you're walking around with games on your feet! The rest of the shoes in your closet will be terribly jealous of the love you show your new sneakers.

If you're curious, the art is Sharpy markers on white canvas slip-ons. Yeah, you could make them yourself, but let's face it, you're probably not talented enough.


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So I have a good friend  that puts on themed burlesque shows here in Los Angeles.  Past shows have included comic book and circus freak themes, next up is Alice in Wonderland. Each that I've seen has been entirely epic and totally awesome.  To answer the question rattling around in your head(s) - its not full nude (they wear pasties) and the show always straddles the perfect line between classy, hot and super cool.

Last week I put a bug in her ear about doing a video game themed show - frankly its something I'd want to see, and figured I could exploit it for this here fancy internet website.

She's all about it, and wanted suggestions as to who'd be the best characters for something like this.  You can probably see where I'm going with this.  I want to know which video game characters you'd want to see in an epic, classy burlesque show.  Leave your suggestions in the comments... I'll pool them all together and we'll go from there.

I will let you all know when this is going down, and if you can't make it to Los Angeles that weekend, you can count on TheFeed to be there, shoot it in glorious high-def and bring you all sorts of photos. We're good like that.

You can find some inspiration in our old Video Game Vixens photo gallery, or pretty much anywhere on the internet.

Ready? GO!

The official Palm blog proudly listed a batch of hit games for its numerous Palm OS mobile phones. The announcement is mildly amusing considering that nobody cares about Palm OS and anyone interested in the company is hot for the Palm Pre.

As many of you know, Brian and Raymond were pretty impressed with the Pre after its unveiling at CES 2009. It might even be as rad as an iPhone, without the annoying "Lookit me! I'm cool because I'm an Apple person!" vibe. The Pre has a touch screen, a slideout keyboard, and WiFi support, as well as running WebOS and making phone calls... which is all well and good, but can it play games?

The answer to that would be "not very well". Despite the Pre's impressive innards, applications for the device are made with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You'll be able to experience web-quality games, but not the 3D titles you'll see on the Apple iPhone or T-Mobile G1.

It's just funny that Palm is tooting its own horn for yesterday's games as it prepares for a dull future in gaming with the Pre.


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