Mariah Carey Smells

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Posted April 7, 2006 - By F M

Pop diva Mariah Carey just announced that she is developing her own line of fragrance products with Elizabeth Arden to debut in department stores next spring. Luckily she has made a major comeback since her flop movie Glitter and accompanying soundtrack album, so the perfumes won't smell like failure.

MTV.com: Mariah Wants All Fans To See Her ? And Even Smell Like Her

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Super Secret Sports Car Fun


Posted April 6, 2006 - By F M

Hey car fanatics, wanna see photos of the top secret Infiniti G35 Coupe? Or how about the Nissan Skyline GT-R? Well, no one is quite sure yet what these shots are of, but it's likely one of those two cars, and both are highly anticipated. So click here and decide for yourself...unless you're chicken...

Worldcarfans.com:More Nissan Skyline GT-R Spy Photos

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Saints & Sinners

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Posted April 5, 2006 - By F M

An Indian movie director is trying to talk socialite Paris Hilton to portray Catholic Saint Mother Teresa in his upcoming film. Ironically, in a related story, gay porn director?Chi Chi LaRue?is trying to persuade?The Pope?to star in his next project, Dirty Whores of Babylon Take It From Behind, Part 36.

YahooNews.com: Indian director hopes to cast Paris Hilton as Mother Teresa

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All I have to say about this new, gold plated, diamond encrusted Mp3 player is 1 Gig.

1 f*#$ing Gig and the thing is worth more than you.

Aren't we due for a plague or a fire or something?

T3: World's most expensive MP3 player
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When police were called to Lenox Hill Hospital to investigate the beating of a 42-year-old Hispanic female that had been taken in for treatment, I betcha they didn't expect to find out that supermodel Naomi Campbell was culprit. Yes, Campbell was arrested and taken into custody from her home in midtown Manhattan for allegedly assaulting her personal assistant, who suffered a laceration to her head. "She was clearly hit with some sort of object," a police spokeswoman said. Oh man, that is soooo hot...

Breitbart.com: Supermodel Naomi Campbell arrested for alleged assault



K-Fed: Playing With Vomit

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Posted March 29, 2006 - By F M

Britney's hubby Kevin Federline announced that he will be embarking on a promo club tour to gauge fans reaction to his debut album Playing With Fire. "I'm excited about ... seeing the firsthand reaction of my fans listening to my songs for the first time," said the enthused idiot.

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You're dying.? The doctor has given you a timetable, and you're dying.? And, you're a kid.? It's the ultimate sadness.? So, in an effort to do something, anything to try and alleviate the crushing void approaching you like the ticking of a giant clock...a giant death clock, ready to toll the clanging bells of doom just for you, you receive a wish.? Just one, but anything you want, as long as it's not dirty or illegal.? What do you do?? What do you do?? Well, if you're Amber, the 16-year-old in question, you wish for...wait for it...a visit to Paris Hilton's closet!? Are you kidding me?? You could be on the Space Shuttle, or at an African safari, or even just recording as a featured artist with Memphis Bleek, but you choose an heiress's closet for your last wish.? Far be it from me to say that you deserve what's coming...but...

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Former pop diva and current crackhead Whitney Houston is reportedly spinning out of control...and we ain't talkin' about dance moves! According to her sister-in-law Tina Brown, Houston's crack problem has her spiraling into an abyss of abuse, squalor, hallucination, self-abuse and degradation.

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In an attempt to get more men to buy wine, some vineyards are creating labels geared towards a young male audience and looking for advertising opportunities in things like NASCAR. Wine makers are also making bottles easier to open to try prevent you from looking like a total asshat in front of that special lady. It's improvements like that which ultimately benefit all humankind; however. . .

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Metal Rules!


Posted January 17, 2006 - By Frank Meyer

What hell hath the popularity of The Darkness (pictured left) wrought? I really thought for sure that the early-?90s rise of grunge had killed the spandex-clad, long-haired heavy metal of the ?80s forever. But in 2003 a lil' band outta England with tight pants, one-piece jump suits, Queen-like falsetto vocals and big Def Leppardian guitar riffs brought it all back. Though they remain a cult band sales-wise here in the ol' US of A, they are massively popular everywhere else, especially in Europe, and have spawned a flurry of equally goofy second-tier followers.


Now, don't get me wrong. I love metal as much as the next guy. I've seen ?em all, baby, from Judas Priest to Slayer, from Sabbath to Poison, and on down the line. But here in 2006, the face of metal is...well...quite lame, for the most part. You either got crappy post-Korn nu-metal jock rock bands, or you get these poofy hair bands that look like a parody--ala Metal Skool--but seem deadly serious about their intentions to rock.


Case in point: Towers of London. These UK doods seem hellbent on blending some Ramones-y punk street cred with their goofball hard rock, but come off more like Faster Pussycat than Motorhead and look like Atomic Punks on a bad day. I'm sorry, but you can say the F-word and sing about drinkin' whiskey as many times as you want, but you ain't gonna convince me you're the second coming of David Lee Roth. Heck, you ain't even the second coming of David Coverdale!


A better bet for your ears would be the Aussie heshers, The Shine (pictured below), who look equally ridiculous, but have penned a handful of genuinely catchy tunes on their debut EP, including the hilarious fast food anthem, "Heavy Gretal." And if you're looking for the real deal cornball metal, go check out the recently released rarities album by early-?80s cult favorites Steeler, which featured both Ron Keel and Yngwie J. Malmsteen in its ranks. This sh*t is friggin' HILARIOUS, and unintentionally so, which is the best kind of hilarious. But it's good headbangin' stuff and the Yngwie guitar solo is actually called "Yngwie Is God." And you know what? At that time, evident by this, he most certainly was.


Of course, if you really wanna hear how it's done right, go get the new Alice Cooper album, Dirty Diamonds, where the master of shock rock returns to his sleazy glitter rock roots and cranks out his best album in about 20 years. Alice puts all these young bucks to shame, has penned some truly terrific songs, and is still the best live performer on the planet. Think Marilyn Manson will be going this strong in a few more decades? Me thinks not...




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Taiko: Drum Master HATS!! Pa-rum-pum-pum-pimp!

If you hurry, I mean if you drop everything right now and go to National Console Support to order one of these babies...okay I don't actually know if you will get it by Halloween but honestly, this is the type of item that you can integrate fully into your everyday wardrobe, no problem.

Imagine the respect and admiration you'll get waiting for the bus. Think of all the phone numbers thrust into your pockets from eager singles hoping to bang the drum slowly. Your mom will love you again. Baby birds will land on your outstreched finger as you sing a merry tune. Those restraining orders? Like they never happened.


I have to admit, I'm not the biggest fan of anime gear. Sure, you've got cosplayers and those girls (and boys) who take on different and strange voices after donning caps with cat ears, but there's a fine line between "geek hobby" and "Super Saiyan Sad," and these pants have crossed it. Okay, so you've got the ubiquitous fan T-shirt and possibly even a pair of boxers, but other forms of outerwear shouldn't be emblazoned with anime character designs. That's just wrong.

Even the most flamboyant of geeks wouldn't be caught sporting this pair of drawstring jeans emblazoned with images from DragonBall Z found by the Kotaku.com folks on a recent trip to Tokyo:

Oh, and by the way, don't even think about wearing that silk, button-front Super Saiyan Vegeta shirt to dinner to meet your girlfriend's parents... unless you like messy breakups.

Special thanks to Kotaku.com for finding this absolute gem that would make Gianni Versace roll in his grave.

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