Five states got a big fat "F" on the first ever Prostate Health Report Card. I hope you're happy Alabama, Arkansas, Idaho, Mississippi and Wisconsin--you've earned a free trip to prostate summer school.

Turn and cough, everyone!

Forbes.com: 5 States Get Failing Grades on Prostate Cancer 'Report Card'

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Maybe it's just me, but I do not want my shoes to be more intelligent than I am. These new dealies from Adidas are just that?genius shoes.

The Adidas-1 features a microprocessor which takes over 1,000 different measurements every second. The chip then makes calculations based on the measurements and changes the padding in the shoe to match what your foot needs for the perfect run.

The shoe retails at $250, which, if you've ever bought a good pair of running shoes you know, is not too outrageous.

CNet.com: Can these running shoes outsmart you?

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Maxim Magazine has named Eva Longoria #1 on their 7th annual Hot 100 List.

Other big-brained, small busted feminist heroes on the list include Jessica "Here are those reports you ordered. I'm a scientist!" Alba, Lindsay "Please remember me from Mean Girls instead" Lohan, and Angelina "Refugee rescuing, Brad Pitt humping" Jolie.

Waleg.com: Longoria Tops Maxim's Hot 100

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Remember when your middle school track coach tried to get you to eat like 50 bananas telling you that it would stave off lactic acid build up and help prevent cramps? Turns out that was a big load of wrong.

Recent studies have shown that Lactic Acid is actually a really good thing. Turns out, it's the substance that your body is able to most efficiently process into energy and is not responsible for those terrible muscle aches and fatigue that often accompany a good workout.

How should this affect your routine? Well, if you were holding yourself below the so-called "lactic threshold" in order to try and avoid soreness, don't. Doing the exercises properly and within your weight capacity will help more. Also, do more cardio for longer and with short bursts of hard exertion. This will help train your muscles to absorb lactic acid more efficiently, allowing you to be even more of a stud.

As if that didn't make you jump up out of your office chair and run five miles, I have provided the following link to try and help motivate you. Click here to be inspired!!!!

The New York Times: Lactic Acid Is Not Muscles' Foe, It's Fuel

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Finger Force!

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Posted May 7, 2006 - By Dana Leahy

Hay, guess what? Turns out Nicole Richie was anorexic after all! AND WE HAD NO IDEA! Where was everyone on THAT one? How come no one even brought that up? She sure did hide it well. Jeez, pulled the wool over all of our eyes.

At least she's willing to talk openly about it and seek treatment. I think it's great, good job Nicole for having more balls in that 90 pound frame of yours than most of the muscle-bound men in this empty, soul-sucking town.

Monsters and Critics: Nicole Richie getting help for weight loss

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Man, where was this stuff when I was 12 and trolled AOL chat rooms? I would have totally rocked this stuff so that everyone would have known how cool I was. . .even offline.

Who am I kidding? I'll wear this today.?I'm totally investing in the bling bling LOL and, perhaps, I'll splurge on an A/S/L.

Girl Prop: Internet Slang Jewelry

On today's episode of Why Didn't I Think Of That. . .

Several web sites are offering exercise classes online, so you can work out in the comfort of your own home with the convenience of 24/7 access to instructors.?

Hey, this is actually. . .a good idea.

Now, you can test new forms of exercise which you may have been hesitant to try in the company of others, like Yoga or kick boxing or simply exercise in any form. Nothing like finding out that five minutes of Downward Facing Dog is a little too much for you in front of 15 hot girls. This time, only your roommates will laugh at you.

AP: Online Video Brings the Gym Home

What could possibly be better than video games? Awesome video game inspired art, that's what!


Check out our coverage of the opening of the I Am 8 Bit here in Los Angeles?Interviews with the artists, exclusive pictures and more!

Click here to get your childhood memories on:?The Feed?at I Am 8 Bit 2006

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What is that sweet, sweet sound? Oh yes, it's men coming one step closer to knowing the burden of family planning. Check this out: Scientists are developing the elusive male birth control pill.

This miracle pill would be the equivalent of female birth control. Men, you would take one pill a day and when you stopped taking it all your adorable little sperm would come back. No long term side effects!

Now, if only they could give you the 30 pounds of weight gain and raging hormones that cause you to cry every time you see a puppy on television?then things would really be close to equal.?

Sydney Morning Herald: Wake up, shave face, take the pill: it's a man's world

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Yea, you know what? For once, I totally agree. I do think Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and their two adorable adopted refugee children (plus fetus) are probably the world's most attractive family unit.

So whoopee! Yippy-doo! Let's bestow more beautiful people honors on known beautiful people!

I'm still waiting for Danny DeVito and Reah Perlman to win "couple with world's greatest personality."

Reuters: People names Pitt-Jolie most beautiful family

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Celebrity En-DORK-Ments

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Posted April 25, 2006 - By F M

From the "Ha Ha Ha, I Told Ya So" files, Anna Nicole Smith, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Kate Moss and Donald Trump are among the list of celebrities whose endorsement make it less likely consumers will buy the product they are associated with, according to a study by the NPD Group. The study, which scored 87 celebrities and sports figures that have appeared in recent advertisements, focused on overall awareness and whether a celebrity left a positive or negative impression in consumers' minds. Celebs that consumers seem to trust include Extreme Makeover: Home Edition's Ty Pennington, Olympic medalist Summer Sanders, actor James Earl Jones, chef Emeril Legasse, golfer Tiger Woods and Desperate Housewives hottie James Denton. See, I knew being a slob, slut, snob, slacker and SOB doesn't make people like you. Now all you have is your immense wealth and incredible fame to fall back on! You losers!

NYPost.com: Tiger Woods You Believe, But Trust Trump? Uh-Uh.


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Don't Treadmill on Me

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Posted April 17, 2006 - By Dana Leahy

One of the reasons I love America is because we never yield, even to an invisible force which is killing us one by one. If something (like an epidemic of obesity) is trying to push us around, trying and make us do the right thing. . . f*ck that. Not only are we not going to lose weight, but we are going to scoff in its general directions by bending our lives, not to get rid of the problem, but to accommodate it.

USA! USA! U. . .S. . .A!

The Mercury News: Obesity finds niche in American marketing
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Vet MC Jadakiss of Lox and D-Block fame announced he?is releasing a line of cigars called Bada Bing. Plus, he has a solo album called Kiss My Ass out later this year, and D-Block just finished shooting a DVD of performance footage and behind-the-scenes material. Not bad for a dude 50 Cent claims to have put outta business...

MTV.com: Mixtape Monday

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Breast Of Me

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Posted April 12, 2006 - By Frank Meyer

According to an adult industry website, Beverly Hills celebrity surgeon Frederic H. Corbin is being accused of smuggling illegal silicone breast implants into the United States and sticking them in his patients. If found guilty, he could face up to 10 years in prison. No word yet as to which celebrities were affixed with the bad boobies, but me thinks boobs-gone awry victim Tara Reid is in panic mode...

Leftlanenews.com has posted an exclusive image of the 2007 Scion Fuse. The car is expected to be revealed next week at the New York Auto Show. Industry insiders are predicting The Fuse will have a short nose, chopped roof, turn signals in the wheels, and will be "extremely awesome."

Leftlanenews.com: Scion Fuse Concept teaser

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