Dressed In Velvet

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Posted February 1, 2007 - By Frank Meyer

Clothing tycoon John Varvatos has chosen Velvet Revolver to be the face of the brand's spring 2007 ad campaign.

Created by New York agency Yard, with photography by music documentarian Danny Clinch, the campaign captures the members of the hard rock in various famous Los Angeles locations. The campaign will run for six months or so and include print, Internet and outdoor advertising.

You can check out some pictures at www.johnvarvatos.com.

Meanwhile, the band will team up with Aerosmith for some South American dates in April, including stops in Argentina, Brazil and Colombia. The band's next album, Libertad, should be out in May.

Blabbermouth.net: Velvet Revolver Is The Face of John Varvatos' Spring 2007 Campaign

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Tatses Like Burning


Posted January 25, 2007 - By Frank Meyer

Pete Burns, singer of '80 new wave band Dead or Alive, revealed this week he is suing plastic surgeon Harley Street for "wrecking his career and life".

Burns has had a slew of cosmetic procedures on his face and is suing the surgeon for a ?1million over a failed attempt to remove lip implants that left him with stitches and scars. He says he looked like he had been "mutilated with a Stanley knife" after surgery to correct the original problems left his top lip hanging off.? Burns claims to have had over 100 operations to try to correct the damage but it may be too late.

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Hey, Michael Vick: TheFeed knows that you're feeling down and all after your incident in Miami last week. So, to help you get over it and back to the very serious business of coach-killing, we're going to pass along this story of an even more bone-headed air travel stunt pulled by an Australian ass-clown at Melbourne's airport.

Reports say that Allen Jasson is shocked and chagrined and considering taking legal action against Qantas airlines because the airline would not allow him to board a flight from Melbourne to London while wearing his hip, stylish "George W. Bush # 1 Terrorist" T-shirt.

Even better: the likely descendant of criminals had already been denied the right to board a domestic flight days earlier for wearing the very same shirt.

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Dinosaur Jr's Slam Dunks

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Posted January 22, 2007 - By Frank Meyer

It's not just rappers who are doing sneaker lines these days!

Influential grungy alt-rockers Dinosaur Jr. are celebrating their reunion with a line of Nike SBs. The Dinosaur Jr Dunks will be released in February, 2007. Rumors has it that Skate Park of Tampa will get them earlier than other locations and will have them as soon as January.

Founding members J Mascis, Lou Barlow, and Murph rejoined in 2005 and have a new album out this year. Who on earth they think will buy their friggin' shoes is beyond me...

Nicekicks.com: Dinosaur Jr. Nike Dunks SB Detailed Photos

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Jay-Z Goes To The Dogs


Posted January 16, 2007 - By Frank Meyer

According to an investigation by The Humane Society of the United States, the Hunter jacket on Jay-Z's Rocawear.com clothing site allegedly has dog fur in its collar, even though it's advertised as having fake fur.


Yup, they say the $265 item contains real fur from a raccoon dog, a dog indigenous to Asia that The Humane Society claims are skinned alive for the coats. And they ain't happy about it.

Late last year, a similar investigation found that raccoon dog fur was being used in a coat in P. Diddy's Sean John collection.

Ironically, neither Snoop Dog nor DMX's clothing line have been accused of using real dog fur, despite both rapper's love for and allegiance to of canines.

TMZ.com: Jay-Z Accused of "Faux Fur" Fraud

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Mac Dre's Life After Death


Posted January 11, 2007 - By Frank Meyer

A Riverbank, California school has banned all clothing that features the image of slain Bay Area rapper Mac Dre because of his alleged "glorification of drug use."

Dre, who is considered the inventor of the Hyphy movement in hip hop, was gunned down in Kansas City, Mo., in 2004 while returning to his hotel after a concert performance.

Riverbank Unified School District board members voted unanimously on January 9 to ban clothing bearing the MC's image or brand name at the district's high school, Riverbank High.

Mac Dre's clothing was added to a long list of banned names and labels that the school district prohibits from the dress code.

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Paris Hilton: Not Guilty?


Posted January 11, 2007 - By Frank Meyer

It's Paris' world and we all just live in it...

The famed Hilton heiress, who just tied with Britney Spears for the No. 1 spot on Mr. Blackwell's 47th annual "Worst Dressed" list, pleaded innocent to drunk driving on Tuesday after she was arrested in September in Hollywood while getting a late-night hamburger.

Hilton did not attend the brief hearing in Los Angeles Superior Court at which her attorney, Shawn Chapman Holley, entered the not guilty plea. Of course not. She was busy dressing like a deaf, dumb, blind whore...

YahooNews.com: Paris Hilton pleads innocent to drunk driving

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Tattoo Ain't For Life...Finally


Posted December 27, 2006 - By JLawson

While most of you who have tattoos actually walked into a parlor for a piece of artwork you wanted to?stay with you for the rest of your life, there are probably a couple of you who didn't. Are you really trying to tell me that you meant to get that tattoo of a kitty cat emblazoned on your bicep for all to see? Uh yeah, I wasn't referring to that kind of cat...get your mind out of the gutter!

For those that made that drunken mistake or are haunted by the initials of that one night stand, it may be too late for you, but don't worry, if it happens again you can get rid of it.

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If McDonald's has its way, soon many Americans won't be able to fit through the Golden Arches.

Around the country, state goverments are starting to ban trans-fats, the kind of fat found in fast food that is the most harmful to humans. This is a huge change considering that most of the industry's most beloved recipies rely on this type of fat for its pattented flavor. McDonald's is looking for any loophole that might let them get around the bans, while trying to test out trans-fat free recipies.

Why not just modify the recipe to make it safer for human consuption? McDonald's thinks Americans will demand a tasty french fry filled with harmful fat.

I'm waiting for the day when they have to make doorways bigger to accomodate the massive globs of uselessness people will become.?And the day when the term "trans-fat" refers to?airplane travel. ?

UPI: McDonald's May Bend Trans-Fat Bans

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Jack Bauer: Life Coach


Posted December 22, 2006 - By Dana Leahy

The writers of the hit television show '24' have written a little article for this month's issue of Esquire entitled "What I've Learned: Jack Bauer."

In the character of Jack, the writers dish out little wisdoms the?butt kicker has learned over the seasons such as "Sometimes it's necessary to create a believable diversion, even at the risk of others thinking you're an a*shole" and "If you see me running down the street, it's probably a good idea to take cover."

Unfortunately the following did not make the list:
*Don't carry a Chicago Cubs mug or else you'll risk getting shot in the neck.
*I'm sorry I say "DROP YOUR WEAPONS!!!" so much.
*Kim took mostly after my wife.
*Zombie George Mason is chained up in my basement.
*Black presidents love me.

Esquire: What I've Learned: Jack Bauer


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Ol' Dirty Clothing


Posted December 20, 2006 - By Frank Meyer

Ever wanted to strut around town with tiny Ol' Dirty Bastards all over your clothes? Well, now you can with the brand new ODB line of hoodies, jackets and other items.

From the people that brought you the Ghostface Killah dolls comes this incredible and incredibly strange fashion line that tributes the deceased Wu Tang Clansman.

Ch-ch-check it out...or shame on a ni**a for trying to run game on a ni**a.

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Britney Spears: Bad Mom?


Posted December 8, 2006 - By Frank Meyer

Hey, does your mom cavort around town without panties? Didn't think so...

But mother Britney Spears likes to do just that and California social services ain't too keen on it. Might not be a good example for the kids, they think.

Yes, Spears is being investigated by the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services regarding concerns that she is neglecting her children.

The press coverage of her party-hopping antics with the likes of Paris Hilton following her split with husband Kevin Federline irked the social service department and now they wanna to speak to the faded pop tart about her two kids Sean Preston, 1, and 3-month old Jayden James.

Oooooh, busted!!!!

YahooNews.com: Britney 'under investigation'
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Tommy Lee's Kid Fetish

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Posted December 8, 2006 - By Frank Meyer

Tommy Lee is introducing children's gear to his TL for PL limited edition clothing line.

"I love kids and that would be kind of fun," says Lee. "That's something that we'd have to sit down and play with. I'm a big fan of women's shoes as well, but that's a whole other story."


The collection is inspired by his tattoos and includes jeans, t-shirts, hats, and hoodies. The line helps raise money for one of Lee's favorite charities, People's Liberation.

"I lost count a long time ago of how many I have," Lee says of his tattoos. "They're all beautiful things. I love animals, and so there is everything from koi fish to leopards. There are cherry blossoms. I love flowers. There are dragons. There is fire and water. These are things that I will always love to look at, and hopefully people will love to wear."?

I love cherryblossoms and flowers too...for the record.?

Fashionwiredaily.com: Tommy Lee Joins the Clothing "Revolution"


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Gwen Stefani To Stink?


Posted December 6, 2006 - By Frank Meyer

Pop chartreuse Gwen Stefani announced today that she has signed a global licensing deal with Coty to develop and market a line of fragrances for her fashion and accessories brand, L.A.M.B. The first project, a to-be-named women's fragrance, is planned for fall 2007.

But she ain't just some snobby starlet looking to cash in on the celebrity scent craze! Before her group No Doubt became mega-stars, Gwen was a cosmetics salesgirl at an Orange County mall. So she's got smell-skills, baby!

WWD.com: Gwen Stefani to Headline Coty's Latest Fragrance Deal

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I am going to fly out to England, shoot heroin,?get in a few fist fights, and get busted for possession just to prove that those silly UK cops will indeed arrest my ass and sentence me to prison time, and that Pete Doherty is indeed getting special treatment for whatever bizarre reason.

I mean, do they love celebrities that much over there that you can literally do anything and get arrested a hundred times and still avoid going to the clink? ?Cause that's sure what it seems like when you hear that the Babyshambles frontman and boyfriend of Kate Moss just got off for possession of drugs including heroin and crack cocaine yet again.

The rocker was arrested in April for possession of less than 2 grams each of heroin, cannabis and cocaine, just three hours after he was sentenced to two years of community service for previous drug offenses.

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