Lil Jon's New Record


Posted March 23, 2007 - By Frank Meyer

Atlanta's self-proclaimed King of Crunk Lil Jon just a bought a necklace so big, so bling, it breaks all records and is being included into the Guinness World Records as the largest diamond pendant on record.

The $500,000 pendant is 7.5 inches tall, six inches wide, and one inch thick, weighing 5.11 pounds with a total 73 carats of diamonds and the total stone count is 3,756 genuine round-cut white diamonds, set in 18-karat yellow and white gold. It read, “Crunk Ain’t Dead.” He bought it from jeweler Jason of Beverly Hills.

“I’m glad the Guinness World Records folks acknowledged me and my ‘Crunk Ain’t Dead’ piece,” Lil Jon said. “I grew up on reading and hearing about people and celebrities who break records in the Guinness World Records book and it always fascinated me. Now that I’m on the list, it feels great. Let’s just see how many rappers try to outdo my pendant and break my record. They don’t call me the King of Crunk for nothing!”

Flava Flav, you gonna put this fool in his place, homie?

Allhiphop.com: Lil Jon’s Bling Sets Guinness World Record

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The parents of a seven-month-old girl in Kungalv, Sweden named their child Metallica after the esteemed metal band of the same name (you know, the one that has sucked since the early ‘90s?).

Apparently there was some protest over the decision and it even went to Swedish court. One member of the jury actually objected to the ruling, claiming that the name will probably cause 'discomfort' to its bearer.

 The couple says they combined their first names to come up with Metallica. I think the kid is actually less likely to be embarrassed over the name, and more embarrassed over having parents named Met and Lica!

Shoutmouth.com: Swedish couple names daughter 'Metallica'

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Okay, get this…

Some opera chick named Dame Kiri Te Kanawa won a lawsuit seeking damages after she canceled concert appearances with an Australian pop singer after learning women threw their underwear at him on stage!


It seems the 63-year-old soprano watched a Farnham concert DVD and was disturbed by what she saw. But Te Kanawa was sued by concert promotion company Leading Edge for $1.5 million after the planned concerts in 2005 with singer John Farnham fell through. She has to pay some legal costs, but basically got away with it.

Man, it’s a good thing this chick wasn’t opening for David Lee Roth!

YahooNews.com: Soprano wins `thrown knickers' lawsuit 

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Move over Stephen Colbert and Jerry Garcia, there’s a new flavor of the month in town…

Ben & Jerry are turning Willie Nelson into an ice cream!!!

No, they aren’t murdering the country legend to suck the marrow out of his bones into a vat of delicious high octane ice cream weaponry, silly! They are just naming a god awful sounding flavor after him.

Yes, now you can buy Willie Nelson’s Country Peach Cobbler ice cream at your local store.

I wonder if it’s made from hemp and gets you high?

Rollingstone.com: Willie Nelson now has his own Ben & Jerry’s flavor

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Coffee overlords Starbucks just launched a record label based on its existing Hear Music brand.

For the venture, the java retailer is partnering with Concord Music Group, which controls several other labels and helped Starbucks sell the Grammy-winning "Genius Loves Company," an album of Ray Charles duets. Hear Music label will sign its own artists and sell records through Starbucks stores and other retailers.

"We're not setting this up so that Starbucks stores would have any advantage over other retailers," said Ken Lombard, president of Starbucks Entertainment.

No, of course not. Why would a major business conglomerate try to get an advantage over the competition? That would be just plain capitalist of them! And that, my friend, is not acceptable here in...oh wait...

Newsday.com: Starbucks launches record label

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Rocker Courtney Love is being accused of not paying a $181,000 rehab bill. California drug treatment facility Luxe claims that Love spent three months there in late-2005 and has since ignored demands to pay her outstanding tab.

In a Superior Court lawsuit, Beau Monde International, who owns Luxe, charges that Kurt Cobain's widow was treated at their Newport Beach facility, a "boutique" rehab center that allows no more than five patients at a time. Beau Monde says Love paid $10,000 after entering the facility in August 2005, but still owes the balance.

So what sort of treatments do you get at this particular rehab spot? How about spa and salon treatments, gourmet meals, and poolside massages, all enjoyed in luxurious fluffy robes and slippers! So how's that stuff supposed to get you off drugs???

Thesmokinggun.com: Courtney Love Sued Over Rehab Bill

How would you sentence supermodel Naomi Campbell for hitting her maid with a mobile phone?

Attend anger management classes?

Have her pay to cover the housekeeper's medical expenses?

Make her spend a week mopping floors at a New York City warehouse?

C'mon that last one seems a big far-fatched, doesn't it?

Nope. The super-bitch got slapped with all three punishments after pleading guilty to reckless assault, and starts scrubbing the Lower East Side Sanitation Department warehouse on March 19.

Note to all guys in New York: GET YOUR ASSES DOWN TO THE LOWER EAST SIDE SANITATION DEPARTMENT WAREHOUSE ON MARCH 19...and bring some tissue paper.

YahooNews.com: Naomi Campbell to scrub New York floors over phone rage incident

The family of deceased guitar god Jimi Hendrix has filed a federal lawsuit Tuesday over the use of his name to market a brand of vodka. Hendrix Electric Vodka is packaged in purple-tinted bottles and has Jimi Hendrix's face and signature above the label.

They claim that companies owned by Seattle businessman Craig Dieffenbach used trademarked material to market Hendrix Electric Vodka and other products, calling nthe promotional campaign was a "sick joke" because Hendrix's death in 1970 was tied to alcohol consumption.

"We are greatly concerned that there may be a perception that Experience Hendrix has, in some way, authorized this sale of vodka," said Janie Hendrix, Hendrix's adopted sister and chief executive of Experience Hendrix, in a statement. "As a matter of strict policy, we have never promoted an alcoholic beverage."

Dieffenbach said the lawsuit has zero legal basis because a 2005 federal court ruled that Experience Hendrix does not own the rights to Jimi's name and image, only his music.

Oh, snap!

YahooNews.com: Hendrix family sues over vodka marketing

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Rap mogul Jay-Z will soon be selling off his clothing company Rocawear for $204 million in cash to the Iconix Brand Group, a company that licenses and markets such popular brands as Candies, Joe Boxer, Mudd, London Fog, and Ocean Pacific.


Ala Howard Stern's deal with Sirius, Hova's deal could also net the rapper $35 million in Iconix stock, if the Rocawear brand meets certain performance requirements over the next three-five years.

"Iconix is pioneering a new brand management model and by combining Rocawear with their platform, my team and I can focus on our strengths in design and lifestyle marketing." Jay-Z said in a statement. "I'm also looking forward to working with Neil Cole and the Iconix organization on other brand development opportunities."

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A recent amendment to legislation changing the height requirement for rear splash guards on trucks in Arizona that would have resulted in the ban of mudflap images deemed obscene or hateful has been defeated in the state legislature.

Thank God! Because if?we can't put obscene or hateful messages on my big rig's mudflaps here in America, then what the hell have our boys been fighting for over in that godforsaken desert?

Introduced by Tempe State Representative Ed Ableser, the amendment's aims to help promote family values and help curb pornography and sexual predators.

Apparently Ableser saw a vehicle sporting mudflaps that used a derogatory term for black children on them and was so incensed he came up with the proposed ban. But the amendment proved too far-reaching and seemed to be more about taste than values.

But the mudflap controversy doth not stop there. Over on the east coast, in Washington County, Sheriff deputy Matthew Bragunier complains he sees fake bull genitals flopping from the hitches of pickup trucks at least once a day and wants to put a stop to it! So he teamed up with Del. LeRoy E. Myers Jr., R-Washington/Allegany, and filed a bill for Maryland to ban the toys and others like them. The bill prohibits any "model, sign, sticker or other item" that displays uncovered human or animal genitals, as well as human buttocks or female breasts, from motor vehicles.


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High Times & Big Joints


Posted February 15, 2007 - By Frank Meyer

In the March issue of stoner bible High Times they announced the winners of Amsterdam's 19th annual Cannabis Cup and the winner of a new record for the World's Biggest Joint.

In case you don't get high, the Cannabis Cup gives pot connoisseurs a chance to sample and vote on the best pot in the world.

This years winners are Arjan's Ultra Haze #1 (The Green House of Amsterdam), G13-Haze ? (Barney's of Amsterdam), and Martian Mean Green (Grey Area of Amsterdam).

Plus, the world's largest joint was smoked onstage, with those in attendance helping to consume the ? lb. beast.?


Watch the video of the world's largest joint here.

Hightimes.com: High Times Magazine Announces the Cannabis Cup Winners and a New Record for the World's Biggest Joint in the March 2007 Issue

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Nas' Feet Disciples


Posted February 14, 2007 - By Frank Meyer

Esteemed New York rapper Nas is teaming up with 310 Global Brands, the marketing and merchandising arm of 310 Motoring, to release a signature line of footwear called the Disciple Footwear Collection.

The MC will have a hand in designing the line, which is expected to hit stores by June 2007. The shoes take its name from the Nas album Street's Disciple.

"310 is not based on a one-size-fits-all approach," Nas said. "It's about customization, expressing your own personal style and Disciple Footwear Collection by 310 is born out of this same spirit. I'm excited to design styles that respect that we are not all the same?that we're here to celebrate our diversity, our roots, our history."

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DMX Gets Dressed Up


Posted February 5, 2007 - By Frank Meyer

Rapper DMX is launching his DMX Authentic and Earl Simmons Signature Collection clothing lines this Friday, February 9, in an effort to promote "real clothing for real people."

DMX Authentic will offer basic, classic pieces, while the Earl Simmons Signature Collection will have higher-end specialty stuff.?X describes it as "no frills, utilitarian clothing that combines quality, style and comfort worn by people who understand that clothing is part of a lifestyle."

Oh, and just in case you thought a week had gone by without the X-man getting popped by the cops,?the rapper was arrested Friday, Feb. 2 after authorities pulled the rapper over for running a red light.

Allhiphop.com: DMX Launching DMX Authentic and Earl Simmons Clothing Lines

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Joe Brings Sexy Back


Posted February 5, 2007 - By Frank Meyer

In your head, create the best coffeehouse experience ever? Would it involve a waitress in a bikini or tight-fitting t-shirt? How about a choice of drinks with names such as Wet Dream, Sexual Mix or Erotic Pleasure? Or how about if the baristas at wear sheer negligees with visible pink panties or Playboy-style sex fantasy costumes?

It's called "sexpresso," kiddies, and at Seattle area hotspots such as the Sweet Spot Caf?, Cowgirls Espresso, the Natte Latte, the Best Friend Espresso and Moka Girls this new trend in very much in full force.

Well, since there's a coffee stops every 20 feet in Seattle it makes sense that they'd they are on the cutting edge of coffee technology (commonly known as "Coffology"). Is this a new fad or the next level of java consumption? Who cares, just get me up to Seattle for a cup of joe NOW!!!

Independent.co.uk: Sexpresso coffee shops take Seattle by storm

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Gene Simmons Wears It Well


Posted February 4, 2007 - By Frank Meyer

As if he doesn't have a big enough empire, KISS mastermind Gene Simmons is starting a new clothing line called Moneybag. The clothes will make their debut at Las Vegas' annual Magic Show convention later this month.

Gene describes it as a "joint venture partner is an interesting and creative Canadian guy by the name of Jason Dussault. Jason grew up a KISS fan, among other things, and has quickly made a name for himself in the Great White North with his line of Deuce Custom Ink clothing (since changed to Dussault)."

"Our intention is to put out cutting edge hoodies, leather goods, belts and other items featuring the Moneybag logo, which I have owned for over 25 years. I have used the logo in my Gene Simmons Tongue magazine, Simmons Books/Audio, Simmons Records, and for a short time, I tried the clothing line with another entity, but couldn't find a happy working relationship. This one feels right."

What next? KISS condoms? LOL! Oh wait...

Blabbermouth.net: GENE SIMMONS To Launch 'Moneybag' Clothing Line

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