Hey, kids! Did we ever tell you about how TheFeed went to NAMM*?

Well, let me tell you something, sonny! It wasn't like they all talk about. We know. We were there. We were in the sh*t! Charlie was moving just beyond the tree line and we were pinned down with nothing but booth babes and badass rock keeping us alive.

We lost brothers that day, and none of us will forget it. Don't believe me? Check out the pics TheFeed's own Frank Meyer snapped on that fateful day and you'll see.

*FOR GENERAL REFERENCE: NAMM stands for National Association of Music Merchants. Now, enjoy the gallery!

Odin Heats It Up

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Posted January 2, 2008 - By Frank Meyer

Helly Hansen has launched what the company is calling a “technologically advanced apparel system.”

The name of said clothing system?

Helly Hansen 's Odin, of course!

Odin will include various garments for extreme climates, incorporating the Odin PCM Soft-shell. The clothes feature automatic temperature control via a fabric that is able to store heat and only release it when the external temperature falls drastically sounds like the answer to our clothes-based prayers.

The heat balancing is due to Schoeller PCM smart textiles, and the fabric is not only thermoregulating and waterproof, is also highly durable due to the non-binding nature of its construction. The Odin project textiles will initially be launched in a series of Helly Hansen jackets and pants.

Oh, Odin was also the name of a cheesy ‘80s metal band out of L.A. They are pictured above…

Gizmodo.com: Helly Hansen Apparel Keeps You Warm When the World Will Not

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Material Lights Up for 12 Years


Posted December 12, 2007 - By bleahy

MPK has developed a new material that glows for up to 12 years without a power source. The compound is radioactive, but not in a way that will kill you.

They call the tech Litrospheres, which can be added to paints.

We're betting that it will find some way to kill someone anyway.

Gizmodo: New Material Provides Constant Light For 12 Years Without a Power Source

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According to the Wake Forest University School of Medicine, college students that mix alcohol with caffeinated energy drinks are at higher risk for alcohol-related injuries than students who…er, don’t drink that crap.

Researchers found students who drank the energy drinks were twice as likely to be hurt or injured, twice as likely to require medical attention, and twice as likely to ride with an intoxicated driver. But they also found that students who drank alcohol mixed with energy drinks were more than twice as likely to take advantage of someone else sexually, and almost twice as likely to be taken advantage of.

Well, duh!

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We know what you¹re thinking. "How can I wear the things I love?"

Well, we¹re thinking, "We should tell people how they can wear the things they love."

It¹s all made possible by G8's Crash the System series of gamer's T-shirts. While the designs are mostly hits with a couple misses, we enjoy very much the Bill Gates as Tony Hawk "homage" design to the right.

For those of you who can splurge on the update your wardrobe badly needs, this just might be your key to entering that touted nouveau nerd-chic wave your sister has been praddlng on about lately..


G8 Official Site

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Think Geek will begin selling an exclusive bit of nerd apparel this month, the Wi-Fi Detector Shirt, a T-shirt that actually picks up Wi-Fi signals (from 802.11b and 802.11g networks).

Incidentally, the shirt also allows wearers to get the crap kicked out of them by angry pedestrians who don’t like nerds.

Of course, if wearers grow tired of the endless barrage of physical violence enacted against them or just need to wash the shirt, they can remove the AAA batteries and take off the animated decal (signal strength is shown on the shirt). The Wi-Fi Detector Shirt will retail for $29.99, but the ass whoopins will come free.

Gizmodo: Wi-Fi Detector Shirt, Self-Detects Geeks

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Wii-Mote Earrings = Sexy


Posted September 27, 2007 - By Stephen Johnson

Valentine's Day is coming (I mean, it's coming eventually, right?) and we've got just the gift for your girlfriend: These amazing Wiimote earings!

Sculpted by Artist Thiakosia, this one of kind jewelry is made of Sculpy clay and will be just the thing for the well dressed gamer-girl this season.

What do you mean you don't have a girlfriend?

Technabob: is that a wii-mote in your ear?

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HAL 9000 Xbox 360 RROD T-Shirt


Posted September 14, 2007 - By bleahy

In the greatest Red Ring of Death tie-in since Distended Warranty's hit music video, SplitReason has a great new t-shirt for you Xbox fans that are proud of your consoles glaring weakness.

Or you Sony fanboys that really want to drive the point home while you buy every Blu-Ray movie that's released to feel like you have something to do with your PS3.

Pre-Order the shirt riiiiiiiiight... HERE!

If you don't get the joke, you're too young! Also, turn down that music.

Destructoid.com: HAL 9000, meet Xbox 360

Savant, a company that makes many touchscreen products for the home, is going to release a coffee table 40" touchscreen that is integrated with iTunes.

The table runs Rosie, their touchscreen software, and is powered by a Mac hidden within the table. It will access a user's music, photos, movies, and provide home automation functions.

Oh, and it totally stole its name from Microsoft's Surface.

Engadget: Savant marries a touchscreen with iTunes; calls it "Apple Surface"

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Advertising watchdog groups in England have condemned 'Clairns' for claiming its face spray could protect you from potentially harmful electromagnetic rays emitted by cell phones.

The advertisments in question:

"If electromagnetic waves can penetrate walls, imagine what they can do to your skin. 

Today, electromagnetic waves generated by a host of modern day electronic devices join a list of well-known pollutants which can damage skin.

"For the first time, Clarins Research reveals the link between exposure to artificial electromagnetic waves and accelerated skin aging."

TheFeed wears tin-foil hats to keep Major League Baseball from controlling our fragile minds, we can only hope that our sexy headgear also helps keep those electromagnetic rays at bay.

Thisislondon: Watchdog condemns claims over phone ray protection spray

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The art of mixing drinks just got blasted into the future with the new Digital Beverages MyFountain contraption.

What in God’s name is THAT, you ask?

The DBM (as I like to call it ‘cause I’m cool like that and need to abbreviate things to understand them) is a computerized, mechanical bartender of sorts features a touchscreen LCD, an internet-linked Windows XP computer, and the ability to be "100-percent customizable." It interfaces with a small refrigerator stocked with a dozen types of liquor and mixers along with a water line and carbon-dioxide cartridge. It can even be password protected so the kids can’t get into it. Hey, for $2,575, it better be!

The question is, will it listen when I pour my heart out about my personal problems or just clam up and stare coldly at me like everyone else I try to talk to?

Engadget.com: Automatic Bartender uses LCD touchscreen


Feed readers, prepare yourself for pure, unadulterated awesomeness.... Stephen Colbert rendered beautifully out of 768 Rubik's Cubes!  Click the picture to go straight to the Flickr gallery. 


Click here for the backstory on how artist David Litwin accomplished this.

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TheFeed first learned about the Chumby while drunkenly perusing a copy of Popular Science on the way to Japan last year for Tokyo Game Show (yes, we're that level of geek).  Its marketed as an "always-on, completely hackable internet device" that uses pre-made and/ or user created widgets to feed the proud owner all sorts of information and entertainment in a cute, padded package. 

We've had a couple of alpha units here in the office for awhile now (working on Feed and other G4tv.com widgets for YOU, friend); and have been anxiously awaiting the final retail units to hit shelves.  Chumby is not necessarily a mass-market device... its video functionality is limited (just a selection of YouTube to start), and while making your own widgets is fun and awesome, its not for everyone. 

That said, its pretty damn cool as a quick-fix information device... and it'll impress all the other fools in your cubicle farm at work.  The video below highlights the unboxing of one of only 50 retail units shipped to some lucky insiders... the video's not going to win any oscars, but if you're at all interested in the Chumby, you should check it out.

Look forward to more on this wacky little padded internet thingie on TheFeed soon. Hit the jump for both the "unboxing" video and a recent look at the Chumby and other magical electronics from a recent installment of Attack This!

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Wonder Twin Power Activate!


Form of a necktie!


Shape of a USB-powered fan!

Now click on the link below...seriously, a USB-powered necktie fan...


Engadget.com: USB necktie with built-in fan keeps you cool, single

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What's cooler than a jet pack?

That's right, nothing.

Well now you can own your own personal jet pack from Tecnologia Aeroespacial Mexicana for the low low price of just $250,000!  Cheap!  Granted, it'll only keep you aloft for 30 seconds at a time... but it'll be the best 30 seconds you have all day.

Another company, the aptly named Jetpack International, will sell you a cheaper version ($155,000) that net you three more seconds of glorious jet-driven lift.  You can see a video of this here.

The really interesting part is that both companies are working on more advanced models to be released within the year driven by propane or actual jet fuel that may provide up to 19 minutes of lift.  TheFeed could take one to work!

Gadling.com: Private Jet Packs now for Sale


And if you're into Jet Packs (and we know you are) check out this site.

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