Attack Of The Show Will Give Away Four Starcraft II Beta Keys Today!No less than four Starcraft II Beta Keys will be hidden throughout today's Attack of the Show, which airs at 7PM ET! They could be hidden anywhere and it'll take a quick and attentive eye to find them.

Keep your eyes peeled and your fingers poised for your chance to get an early crack at the long awaited, real time strategy epic from Blizzard!

Lethal Defense Driving on AOTS

Imagine the situation: you're driving your car and someone is threatening you with deadly force. Also, you're not Weston Scott. What do you do!?

Fortunately, Weston Scott is Weston Scott and on today's Attack of the Show, he'll be showing the necessary skills to protect yourselves against deadly threats while inside a moving vehicle! Tune in at 7:00pm to get your learning on from this edition of Lethal Defense. 

EDIT: Due to the nature of live programming, this segment is scheduled to air on Wednesday, February 10th.

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Venom Ninja Killer Fan Day Tomorrow!

Tomorrow, in Santa Monica, Venom Energy Drink presents Ninja Fan Day, which will be a celebration of Ninjafest for the masses. There will be a replica of the first stage of the course, and some of your G4TV.com friends will be running it, which means if you're a fan of The Feed or Attack of the Blog, you can come and meet us! Ask around and find us...we're looking forward to seeing you in person! You can sign up to run the course, as well, if you feel brave enough!

If you're one of the first 75 spectators, you will get yourself a Ninja Warrior t-shirt just for showing up! Come out and meet some of our G4 personalities, watch the shoot, and sign up for a chance to run the first stage of the course! The shoot is happening tomorrow, April 4th and the address is 2030 Ocean Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90405. Everything starts at 10AM.

Find out more about Ninjafest, and watch submission videos here!

Again, there are some things that our legal team wants you to know:

"This shoot is open to the public. By attending, all spectators agree to have their likeness appear in G4 programming and promotional materials. Complimentary “Ninja Warrior” t-shirts available on a first come, first served basis. Limit of one t-shirt per attending spectator. On-site registration required to run the “American Ninja Challenge” obstacle course. Registration is limited to course capacity and is open to spectators age 14 (with parental consent) and up."

Also, check out some pictures of the course under construction after the jump!

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You think you know all there is about AOTS host Kevin Pereira, but until you've seen him hitting the skins with a pair of sticks in his hands, you don't know Jack, kid. Seriously, Kevin is a man of many talents, but among them is the fact that he's a damn fine drummer. It's evidenced by this video of him playing along with Kanye West's "Amazing."

You really should check it out.

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Olivia Munn Declares Pie Week! »

UPDATE: Response to Olivia's National Pie Week Petition is through the roof.  Get the latest info and videos regarding this very important and American issue at G4tv.com/pie.

It's no secret that Olivia Munn loves pie, which is why she's outraged that the dessert confection only gets one day of celebration, the aptly named National Pie Day. Well, Olivia's going to Congress, and she's taking a petition with her...one that declares a whole National Pie Week, and you can be one of the people who sign off on it. Oh, and if she gets 10,000 signatures, she's going to dive into a gigantic pie, just for you. Check out the text of the petition below:

To:  U.S. Congress
From Olivia Munn, co-host of G4TV's Attack of the Show!:

"Hello everybody, I'm Cable TV's Olivia Munn and it's no secret that I love pie. Last Friday, we were besieged by viewer emails saying it was National Pie Day -- and it got me thinking. Why are we celebrating god's gift to man for only 24 hours? Why not make it for a week? So today I'm calling it -- it's officially National Pie Week!

Sign below if you agree with my message. We will forward your name to our nation's lawmakers in order to have THE LAST FULL WEEK OF JANUARY officially named 'NATIONAL PIE WEEK.'

If we get 10,000 signatures by this Friday (Jan 30th, 2009), I vow to jump into a gigantic pie for your viewing pleasure. Pie!!!" - Olivia Munn, 1/26/09

Click here to sign Olivia's Petition!

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AOTS's own Kevin Pereira was recently spanked and taunted into submission on air by a strong-willed, red-haired dominatrix (while a horrified and slightly amused Olivia Munn looked on helplessly). We should, for Kevin's sake, try to pretend the incident never happened, but it was totally hot and we know how you folks on the web love sexy fem-doms. We happen to have a couple of smokin' pictures of said dominatrix (and her slaves) and thought you might appreciate a long look.

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