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Mars Has Water Ice


Posted June 20, 2008 - By TylerColfax

News broke via the Phoenix lander's Twitter account last night that Mars has water ice. Photographic evidence asserts without a doubt that ice uncovered earlier in the week as the lander scooped soil has sublimed directly into vapor and dissipated over the past few days.

This is huge and it means more eyes will be trained on NASA as they further analyze the soil collected by the lander's arm in the onboard ovens pimped out with mass spectrometers.

There is regrettably no instruments on board to analyze the soil or ice for living organisms, as the goal of the mission was to find ice and that has been accomplished. This will surely mean more missions in the coming years as we try to figure this mystery out.

wired.com: Mars Phoenix Tweets: "We Have ICE!"

Nugget From The Net


Posted June 19, 2008 - By Stephen Johnson

Maybe the Robot Uprising won't be that bad...at least we'll still be able to dance.



Take a long look at the above series of photos. Go ahead. We'll wait. They essay a monkey controlling a robot arm with his thoughts. Let that sink in for a second: Scientists (presumably mad)  are using technology to create monkeys that telepathically bond with robots. Hey, monkeys: We're really sorry about all the vivisection.

The monkeys' brains adopt the mechanical appendage as their own, refining its movement as it interacts with real objects in real time. So monkey hungry: Use robot arm to get food! Monkey angry, smash labratory! Burn City!

The technology will eventually be used to help people with spinal injuries navigate the world, provided of course, our telepathic robotic monkey overlords allow it.

Having brought you this news, we believe TheFeed's mission has been completed. All Hail Koko, our many-armed supreme ro-monkey commander!

Herald Triubune: Monkeys control a robot arm with thoughts

We're having ourselves a Mars landing on Sunday. The newest mission to Mars (this one without Tim Robbins, thankfully) will attempt to put the Mars Phoenix Lander in the far northern plains close to the polar ice cap. She'll be scooping the soil and analyzing the permafrost for evidence of organic material, either alive or fossilized in some way.

But before they can start up those processes, they've got to make it through the dreaded 7 minutes of terror.

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Lawn mowing robot, you are either an answer to our dream or embodiment of our worst nightmare.

Does lawn-robot come in peace? You decide.

One thing is for sure, I'm a little less worried about the robots taking over. We can defeat them by placing dog houses in their paths and waiting for them to fall over.


We draw ever closer to the day our robot liberators will make our imperfect world their own each and every day. Today, we celebrate ASIMO, the Honda-built robot, who had the unique opportunity to conduct the Detroit Symphony in a version of "The Impossible Dream" from Man of La Mancha.

We find it interesting that this happened in the home of Robocop, and are wondering if Detroit is the epicenter of the aforementioned robot uprising. All I know is that I have been grooming myself to be part of the new robot administration for the better part of the past decade, and I am ready to be assimilated.

Yahoo! News: Honda robot conducts Detroit Symphony to warm response

Wi-fi devices implanted in a human body could be used to warn doctors in the event of a health emergency, but the concept raises questions.

The device could, using Bluetooth, sense a problem in a person like a heart attack or diabetic complication and contact a doctor through a base station in the patient's home.

It would also be a great way for the robots to remotely shut down some hearts. Faster medical response is great, but at what cost?

TimesOnline: New wi-fi devices warn doctors of heart attacks

Shoes haven't evolved in a while, but now they are getting computers. VectraSense is now taking pre-orders on their $700 computer-enhanced Verb for Shoe shoes.

The shoes will use the computer to adjust to your feet, sync data with your PC, and exchange contact information with other shoes.

Then, presumably, the shoes will enslave their owners and rise up in rebellion using the gathered data to infiltrate the world's infrastructure... or something.

Engadget: Verb For Shoe "smart shoe" finally goes on sale for $700

Iron Man is definitely going to be a huge hit, but where do we stand on a powered exoskeleton in the real world? Researchers at Raytheon Sarcos are developing the XOS Exoskeleton that could create a real world Iron Man.

This exoskeleton works by sensing the wearer's desired movement and mimicking the action, like a shadow. It requires a power source, but can make lifting 200 pounds feel like it's only 10.

The benefits of a fully functional exoskeleton would be incredibly numerous with applications in the military, rescue work, construction, and more.

Hit the break for an interview with Marvel as well as Steve Jacobsen, the creator of the XOS.

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As you know, TheFeed takes the Robot Uprising very seriously, but we've discovered a last hope for mankind: The Robosapien movie.

In Robosapien: Rebooted. Bobby Coleman plays a boy who befriends a robot on the run from malevolent corporate interests. It has begun filming in New Orleans.

We're hoping human distaste at this movie rallies the cause of humanity around destorying our robot overlords.

Hollywood Reporter: 'Robosapien' parts assembled

A lot of people laugh at us for predicting that robots are taking over, but this video of a four-legged 'bot from Boston Dynamics will wipe that smirk off your face.

That high-pitched buzzing is the last sound you will ever hear.


Oh, NASCAR, what have you wrought? Now that people are actively considering car racing sports, can robots be far behind? The answer is no, as ESPN2 and ESPNU have inexplicably picked up BattleBots for air on their stations. We're not sure how this relates to "sports," but we would much rather watch competitive bass fishing or the United Federation of Wallpaper* playoffs than BattleBots.

For those of you who don't remember, BattleBots gave us geeks with supercharged mini robots fighting against each other in an enclosure, which gave off a faint whiff of Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome mixed with ridiculous nerdosity. Not that we don't like our nerd culture, but ESPN? Come on. Anyway, the new version will start in November, and will feature more time in the "pits," watching the robots get worked on in emergency situations. Oh, boy!

Engadget.com: BattleBots headed to an ESPN near you -- now with less suck

*Does not exist.

A Slashdot reader sent them a tip saying that, "Residents of a southern Israeli town want a real-life laser cannon to protect them against Palestinian rocket attacks. And they're suing the national government, for failing to provide the ray gun defense."

This is unfortunate because Dr. Evil does not run the Israeli government.

The laser that they are requesting was scrapped because of the "toxic chemicals needed to generate [the laser's] megawatts of power."

Kind of suspicious, if you ask us. Something a robot would ask for...

Slashdot: Israelis Sue Government For Laser Cannons

Beer Bot!


Posted March 12, 2008 - By Frank Meyer

If you could have a robot do just one thing, what would it be?

Bring world peace?

Solve the environmental crisis?

Kill your enemies?

No. No, I mean really important things in your life. Like bringing you beer when you run out!

Yes, a latest version of the Chassis home robot not only comes with new paint job and a few new lights, but it pours beer!

There's even a built-in microphone and speaker for "audience interaction" so the operator can make it talk to party people. Now that’s what I call using technology to solve REAL problems!

Engadget.com: Chassis the beer pouring robot gets paint job, even more lovable

Nugget From The Net


Posted March 6, 2008 - By Stephen Johnson

I, for one, welcome our robotic snake overlords.

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