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Drop That BlackBerry, Addict!


Posted February 20, 2008 - By bleahy

If you're addicted to technology, you're going to get a stern talking to from Professor Nada Kakabadse of Northampton University. She feels that people are getting too attached to their BlackBerrys and PDAs.

"Some people are very anxious when they don't have their technological gadgets next to them," said Nada. "Those who are addicted will get up in the middle of the night and pick up messages on their PDAs two or three times a night."

She is suggesting that employers offer training on how to recognize and avoid tech addiction, but that's about it.

You should also eat better, get more exercise, and call your mother. She worries.

BBC: Warning given over techno addicts

Cloned Food Gets "OK" from FDA


Posted January 16, 2008 - By bleahy

Did you ever eat a steak that was just perfect? Have you been chasing that steak for years? If only you could clone the cow that that steak came from... why, you'd have a shot at repeating perfection!

The FDA wants to help you out and to do so, they have declared that cloned animals are A-OK to eat. This includes milk, eggs, and other products originating in cloned animals.

We see a world where you find that perfect cow and eat the same delicious steak every day for the rest of your short, artery clogged life.

Apparently, about 33% of Americans wouldn't eat cloned animals, 33% would, and 33% are undecided. Expect some awesomely crazy protests from PETA and similar groups.

Slashdot: US FDA Deems Cloned Animals Edible

Papa Smurf Lives!


Posted December 20, 2007 - By mbretz

Remember waaaayyy back in the day, after the 9/11 terrorist attacks when Wu Tang Clan leader the RZA started taking colloidal silver supplements to protect himself from anthrax and other biological attacks? Remember? For many of us, that was the first we’d heard of the supplement and it’s peculiar side effect – colloidal silver can eventually and irreversibly turn the skin an ashen gray or blue, a condition known as Argyria.

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Nokia Has a Self-Sensing Concept


Posted December 10, 2007 - By bleahy

Nokia has a wacky new concept phone that could just save your life, mister. The dual device would function as a cell phone (like most of Nokia's products) and a sensor that could monitor the user's health and environment.

The monitoring device would most likely be worn around the wrist or neck.

With this device, it will be possible to detect exactly how stressful it is to talk to certain people based on the changes in heart rate and perspiration.

Engadget: Nokia's Eco Sensor concept gets right with the greens

Game Checks Glucose Levels


Posted November 14, 2007 - By bleahy

Diabetics must test their glucose levels several times a day in order to treat themselves properly. For kids, this can be painful and annoying as the test involves pricking a finger with a needle.

A US inventor has created 5 portable games that interact with a testing unit that reward players with secret levels and unlocks after they test their blood.

The device is being launching in Australia on World Diabetes Day.

If you see a kid playing these games, don't ask for a turn. It will prick your finger.

Herald Sun: Video game turns skin pricks into fun


Everyone knows that smoking cigarettes is a really cool pastime that makes you look sophisticated, smooth and intelligent. So why anyone would want to stop the awesome habit is beyond us, but apparently, people do, and a new injection might help them do just that.

The treatment involves an injection that stops smokers from gaining gratification from inhaling burning, dried out plant matter.

According to Dr. Frank Vocci, director of medications development at the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the new treatment "clearly shows promise" and merits a definitive study.

The initial results indicate that more than twice as many people given five of the shots stopped smoking than those given fewer or phony shots - about 15 percent versus 6 percent after one year.

Keep in mind, in a study indicating a successful result, only 15 percent of smokers could keep smoke-free for a year. The other 85% just couldn't leave Flavor Country. If that's not evidence of how awesome cigarettes are, we don't know what is!

Wired: Study: Anti-Smoking Shot Holds Promise

First things first, this is not for illegal drugs. This product is intended for prescription drugs. Nevertheless, the technology inside this is pretty cool.

This patch is wearable and uses an expanding battery that grows as it drains. This powers the device and operates the pump that delivers the drug.

This would allow for an easy method of constant drug delivery for a patient. The company is working on a version that could see battery life of up to 7 days.

Engadget: The PatchPump wearable drug-delivery system

Back in August, when TheFeed reported on the Piss-Screen urine stream-powered racing videogame, we knew that, like many great inventions, scientific breakthroughs, and advancements in Mankind’s yet nascent knowledge of the universe, it would inevitably be met with derision and scorn by a world far too unwilling to evolve and face the strange changes.

Well, it took a few months, but Belgian police have cracked down on this Galileo of the gaming age, banning a version of the game entitled Place To Pee from the GamePower Expo in Gent, Belgium. It seems the Flemish flatfoots consider the game, which allows players to control the direction of their on-screen cars by aiming their streams of liquid waste at a censor placed in a urinal, an “indecency offense.”

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Arizona State physics professor Kong-Thon Tsen and his son Shaw-Wei Tsen, a pathology student at Johns Hopkins, have developed a super-awesome laser.

This laser is so awesome that it can destroy viral cells without damaging healthy cells around them.

This is super hopeful as this could potentially be used to cure ANY virus or at least reduce the amount of viral cells with regular treatment.

They are currently testing the laser on HIV and Hepatitis cells.

Let's hope this works!

Gizmodo: High Speed Laser Kills Virus Without Damaging Healthy Cells

Those devious robots are at it again. Using scientists under their influence at Chonnam National University, our future robotic overlords have commissioned the development of a heart-cleaning robot.

The microscopic bot crab walks through the heart and releases medicine directly onto blockages. It is powered by the sugars in the patient's own blood and will begin testing soon.

So, the plan is to heal the hearts of the masses and then take them over from the inside. Nice try, robots. We'll be eating big, juicy burgers all the way to the grave!

Gizmodo: Scientists Develop Artery Scurrying Micro Robot

According to internet tracking site Alexa.com, dating hub match.com continues to draw more traffic than its main next-gen dating competitors eharmony.com and matchmaker.com.

The ultimate win of match.com is attributed to an aggressive marketing campaign and a host of flashy Web 2.0 features. Although some dating-industry analysts say Match's web-dominance is based on their targeting casual dating site users as opposed to "hardcore" romance fans.

"Dr. Phil's partnership with Match.com is a perfect example of the kind of shallow dating experience the site offers," says Ernie Byrne-Burns, a broadcaster and frequent user of the internets. "What does that TV guy know about completing an online profile quickly and in an attention-getting manner? Nothing, that's what. Real daters prefer eharmony.com. Sure, it's a little more expensive but it's been around forever and offers much more immersive romantic relationship enviroment."

Rumors of a membership price cut from eharmony.com have not been confirmed, but we'll keep you posted!


Not content to own your game console and your computer's desktop, Microsoft also wants in on your personal health. 

Microsoft's new service, HealthVault, is totally free, and functions as a library, filing cabinet and fax machine for an individual or family's medical records and notes.

Consumers can then dole out info to doctors and hospitals through the electronic mail. That way if you're having a heart attack or your lip hurts, you can prove to the doctor that you need a risky, experimental colonoscopy.

Also, cases of dum-dum fever, brain-tooth and internal para-goats can be documented and verified electronically.

Yahoo.com: Microsoft Launches HealthVault Site for Managing Medical Records, Faces Concerns Over Privacy

Coming just a few days after researchers claim that RFID implants pose a serious risk of cancer, VeriChip is going on record saying that their implants are completely safe.

If you were rushing out to get an evil implant that identifies you by radio frequency, you might want to hold off. VeriChip, however, wants to reaffirm that their implant is "cleared by the FDA as a Class II Medical Device."

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Vegans. Haughty, snobby vegans. Now, a sect of the pasty-dieted ones are refusing to sleep or exchange fluids with people who eat meat. That's just stupid. These so-called vegansexuals don't want to have sex with meat-eaters "because their bodies were made up of animal carcasses."

We at TheFeed would like to offer some advice and a public service. First, the advice. If you're going to be a vegan, keep quiet about it. We don't know anyone who likes you. You don't even like you. That's why you can't stop talking about how healthy you are and how great it is to be a vegan. Because you're afraid if you stop talking about how great it is, you'll realise how great it isn't. Snap!

Also, the public service. Anyone who has the unfortunate desire to want to sleep with a vegan and is denied because you are a meat eater, worry not. TheFeed will take care of you, if you know what we mean. Aiiiight?

The Press: Carnivore sex off the menu

Hey, wanna buy a used car on eBay? How about a Ferrari? Or a Lamborghini? Or how about that paparazzi dude’s SUV that Britney Spears attacked with her umbrella a few months back?

Well, that very '02 Explorer Sport (and the umbrella it was beat with) can be yours for at least $25,000, which was the opening bid when it appeared on said 'Bay earlier this week. 

But one must wonder, "Is it really the actual SUV Brit went ballistic on or just a fake?" 

I dunno. Got 25 Gs to find out?

Autoblog.com: Britney Spears "Umbrella Attack" Ford Explorer for sale

And since we have a reasonable excuse to repost it,  please enjoy the greatest videogame in history:


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