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Jack Thompson, who will soon be disbarred in Florida, prohibiting him from practicing law, is getting his own web site where he can post all of his crackpot theories on violence in games and how it translates to violence in the real world. Entitled copycatviolence.com, it is sure to be hacked mercilessly by righteous gaming crusaders.

A recent Thompson press release said the site will have: "...a host of resources available to help others prove, in civil and criminal courtrooms as well as in legislatures, the fact that violent entertainment, particularly adult-rated entertainment marketed and sold to children, leads to violent criminal acts."

The press release strangely made no mention of the fact that he is full of crap.

gamepolitics.com: JT Has New URL

Nugget From The Net


Posted July 10, 2008 - By Stephen Johnson

These somewhat disturbing pictures are from a site called oioo.de. We're not sure what these are for, but we have an idea.

The web site is blank, except for pictures of the, uh, Wii-devices, and text reading "Start 9/09/08" and "We search man and woman for a commercial." We don't know what it means either, but it can't be good.

The above-pictured bovine is not only fashion-forward, he is helping to save the world. The pink plastic bag strapped on its back is attached to a hose that catches flatulence. It's part of a study to determine the effect of cow-produced methane on greenhouse gasses, but we just think it's awesome.

And yes, I've designed a human fart-collection apparatus and I'm wearing it right now.


It seems men lose some of the fertility after the age of 35. Researchers in France have studied 1200 couples of varying ages and hygiene who were looking for baby help from a fertility clinic. Turns out, the DNA in sperm has a higher likelihood of having damage that can't be repaired in utero by the natural fertilization processes leading to a higher rate of miscarriage.

It's been old news for a while that women have a ticking clock, typically incurring baby issues in their mid-30s, but this news is sure to get some of our aging videogame masters off their sacks and getting to work on fatherhood. After all, someone has to show these new kids where the warp is in Mario Bros.

discovermagazine.com: Men Have a Biological Clock, Too

The recent announcement of a Nerd Tournament at local comic book store Meltdown occasioned a geek-fight of epic proportions on G4 TV's email list. Because it's a lazy summer day, we wanted to share it with you.

Here's how the nerd tourney works: Interested parties apply to select one of the following pop culture characters and debate who would win in a fight:

Lara Croft / Batman / Gandolf / Enid (Ghostworld) / Aquaman / Captain America / Pikachu / Wolverine / Iron Man / Alan Quartermine / Superman / Alien Queen (Aliens) / Terminator / Voltron / Wonder Woman / Darth Vader / Hulk / Spiderman / Thing / Star Buck (Battle Star G) / The Father from the Movie Happiness / The Borg / Thor / Jason Vorhees / Bionic Woman / Cloverfield Monster / Predator / Chewbaca / Snake Eyes (GI Joe) / Mr. Myagi / Freddy Krueger / Forrest Whitaker as Idi Amin

The email argument this event spawned is under the cut.

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NASCAR is getting ready to do some weird stuff to your butt. This weekend, they will  coordinate the ButtKicker, a vibrating device your sit on, and driver Jeg Coughlin Jr.

Jeg will have a sensor installed in his car that will allow home viewers to experience the same buttockular vibrations he'll enjoy during NASCAR races. Why anyone would want to do something like that remains a mystery, but someone thinks it will make some money--while they're just testing the rump-shaking out now, the plan is to sell subscriptions to the ButtKicker feed as an add-on to NHRA and NASCAR races. So eventually, you'll pay for this service. With money. That you earn by working.

Help me to understand, readers.

Engadget: NHRA to test ButtKicker remote-butt-shaking device this weekend

Ok, so it wasn't extreme prejudice, but U.S. District Court Judge Joan Lenard dismissed Jack Thompson's federal lawsuit against the Florida Supreme Court "with prejudice."

Jackie sued the Florida Supreme Court in March for unlawfully preventing him from representing himself before them. Apparently, a dismissal with prejudice means he can no longer continue acting on the matter in any federal court.

Thompson still has other lawsuits in the pot on various issues that keep him up at night including one against his Florida Bar trial Judge, Dava Tunis, where he claims she has no authority due to an alleged forgery of her signature by a clerk.

gamepolitics.com: Jack Thompson's Suit vs. Florida Supreme Court Dismissed by Federal Judge

Well, Ole Jackie T. walked out of his disbarment hearing today before the proceedings were even finished. Subsequently, the presiding Judge Tunis recommended an "enhanced disbarment." We're not exactly sure what the "enhanced" part adds to the punishment, but we're thinking it involves him turning in his pants AND sock garters.

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Airlines may start weighing passengers like freight to determine ticket costs. The culprit, as you've probably guessed, high fuel prices. The price of jet fuel has tripled since 2000, so airline executives are starting to get creative in order to save their flagging industry. While passenger weigh-ins are unlikely in the near future, it could happen.

Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd., managing director Tony Tyler said, "We operate in a very competitive market and can't afford to let the competition get a march on us."

We asked attractive frequent flyer Frank Meyer about the idea, and he replied, "Bring it on! I look good."

Bloomberg: Airlines May Start Treating Passengers `Like Freight' (Update1)

North Oaks, Minnesota has requested of Google to be removed from their street view online. Apparently, the entire town is on privately owned land and they consider it a violation of privacy.

Apparently, they only want these two photographs and The Polka Padre, a North Oaks reverend who liked to polka and allegedly molest his parishioners, to be the outside world's view of North Oaks.

Also, my girlfriend lives in this town.

techdirt.com: Entire Minnesota Town Removed From Google Street View

The FCC wants to hold another one of their fancy auctions where they sell something they don't own that shouldn't be for sale. This time the winning bid will allow a company the dubious honor of giving away free wireless internet service to everyone.

Oh, also, the free internet that is provided will have content restrictions. No porn or obscene material will be allowed on the FCC's free airwaves. Since when is porn and being obscene illegal?

Prediction: This isn't going to work.

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Mission: Metallica
is the band's newest artistic project. It includes DRM-free downloads and free access to unreleased material. In researching their new project, Lars Ulrich and Metallica followed closely the steps of Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails who have had wildly successful internet release models pan out in good fortune and good fan mojo.

But fans and unfans do not forget so quickly. It was Metallica after all, that squashed Napster and got all this DRM nonsense started back in the day, the day being less than 10 years ago.

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Apparently Uwe Boll's Postal, the film version of the shooter game, in fact came out in 13 theatres last week, which is slightly better than the reported and confirmed by Boll number of 4.

The trouble is the actual amount that it grossed is most likely going to remain a mystery. Boll's self-distribution model hasn't released any numbers and it's not because they're record setting on the plus side.

Our official TheFeed guesstimation for Postal's opening weekend is somewhere between $5 and $24, although Boll, in  a moment of PR bravado, said he would best Indy 4's opening numbers back in April. Indy got $311,000,000 on 9,500 screens. So... yeah.

variety.com: Postal's Box Office mystery

Allen Reiss, a Stanford professor, has published a paper in the Journal of Psychiatric Research on males and gaming. Basically, it states that certain parts of the brain are more active in males than females while playing games; the mesocorticolimbic centre to be exact. This is the part of the brain typically associated with reward and addiction.

It's not a matter of comprehension as females understand the rules and how to win. They just don't care as much about gaining territory and conquering challenges as their male counterparts.

So, guys like games more than girls like games. Thanks. Glad he makes a zillion dollars to work on such groundbreaking phenomena.

gamepolitics.com: Games Are a Guy Thing, Say Researchers

Dava Tunis, the Judge who presided over the Florida Bar Trial for Jack Thompson has recommended that he be found guilty on 27 of 31 misconduct charges and now the Florida Supreme Court will have to decide his ultimate fate.

Judge Tunis wrote:
After considering the arguments presented by the Florida Bar and the Respondent (Thompson), observing the Respondent's demeanor during the nine-day trial proceedings, and carefully reviewing the record consisting of four volumes of exhibits totaling 1700 pages and approximately 2400 pages of transcribed testimony, the Court finds that the facts, circumstances and evidence presented regarding the Respondent's conduct, supports a finding of guilt as to certain Florida Bar rules...

Most of these misconduct charges come from his crusade against mature videogames, some from other bonehead moves. Hit the jump for a detailed list of the Bar offenses perpetrated by Thompson.

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