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Links Of TheFeed: Fat Cats Doubled Down

Who doesn't like a pictures of fat cats? Anyone? No? Good, because we're serving up a gallery of portly felines, the inner monologue of someone eating the KFC Double Down sandwich, and some crazy foosball tables. If I had actual photoshop skills, I would have combined all three above, but alas, you're just going to have to live with clicking on these epic links.

  • I loved playing foosball in college. However, these 10 crazy foosball tables on Uncoached proved that for some people it was an obsession.
  • Family Guy creator Seth Macfarlane is set to direct an R-Rated movie about a perverted teddy bear. FilmDrunk has more info, plus a video of Seth address Harvard graduates as Peter Griffen.
  • CollegeHumor takes a gritty look at real life achievements. Even though X-Play did it first, we'll forgive them.

GDC 10: PlayStation Move and Sub-Controller Photo Gallery

During their press conference today at GDC, Sony unveiled their motion controller for the first time and revealed that the contraption would henceforth be know as...PlayStation Move.

Here, we humbly present to you the first promotional pictures of the PlayStation Move in one of our fabulous photo galleries. Check them out.

The Move seems eerily reminiscent of the WiiMote. The Sub-Controller only furthers that comparison, because it looks like a Wii nunchuck, sans wires. What do you think? 

Even if you don't concur with my official analysis, I think we can agree that all anyone wishes for in life are some color changing balls and a game controller that doubles as a giant Everlasting Gobstopper.

Worst Game Ever Available For iPhone

We receive a lot of press material for iPhone games. And I mean a lot. Every day, upstart development companies send us info about their "fantastic" new iPhone zombie-bikini shoot-em-up game or something. We check 'em out if we can, but, honestly, unless there's something super-notable about it, like it's an iPhone port of a well-known franchise, or a particulary awesome game, we don't usually cover them -- it would be our entire blog, every day, if we noted every single, mediocre iPhone game announcement. But today, I'm making an exception for  Polish iPhone title Crap of Defense, because the company who made the game describe it as "The Worst Game Ever."

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Links Of TheFeed: iPads, Commercials & Nut Shots

Every guy I know has at one point or another suffered a painful experience with being hit in the groin, and we all know it's a pain we wouldn't wish upon our worst enemies. That's why I'm always baffled by the devolved members of the human gene pool who do things to injure their junk intentionally. Still, that doesn't stop me from watching. For these hellacious nut shots, the newest trailer for Kick-Ass, some great Japanese video game commercials and a little fun with the iPad, check out these links.

  • Heavy has the top 5 most awesome blows to the crotch (although unfortunately one appears to be blocked to USA viewers).
  • Kick-Ass might be the movie I'm most looking forward to in the next few months. Go check out the newest trailer on FilmDrunk and let me know if you agree.
  • CollegeHumor is having so much fun with Apple's new iPad, the jokes practically write themselves!
  • Check out 15 morally questionable children's toys over at SuperTremendous.
  • Sometimes, life doles out a little punishment. Whether it's a nasty case of food poisoning or the day you peed your pants, Holy Taco is there to help you relive the days you'd most rather forget.

Having trouble commanding your own army? R.U.S.E. is here to teach you the variety ways of conquering your enemies. Remember that strategy is the key to win in any war.

Get all the information you need to pull off the "Death From Above" strategy. It might just save your life. 

R.U.S.E. "Death From Above" Trailer »


ColonscopeResearchers in Australia have developed 2010's Game of the Year, an as-yet-untitled Colonoscopy simulator. 

The Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Research Organization has developed a computer-based simulator that uses an actual colonoscope to guide would-be doctors through the inner workings of a virtual fundament in order to train them to really perform the procedure.

"In a similar way that a software development company produces a computer game, we have generated realistic environments that enable trainees to search for polyps and abnormalities inside virtual patients,"  project leader Josh Passenger said. 

"We are currently developing a system that can produce realistic, randomized colons so that surgeons can be prepared for a wide variety of colonic anatomies," Passenger added.

Look for a full, hands-on preview of this exciting new simulation title in the near future. Also: I love being able to use our "Prostate Health" tag.

Today's episode of X-Play featured a commercial for the hottest new music game, Star Trek: Rock Band. Yeah, that's right, Star Trek : Rock Band is on a five year mission to explore strange new worlds and boldly rock where no one has rocked before! Watch as they mind meld your f*&king face off! It's better than Star Trek III: The Search for ROCK!

Star Trek: Rock Band is so awesome, it'll make you want to throw your Vulcan hands up and say T'PAU! Not convinced? Watch this video and be assimilated:

X-Play Comedy: Star Trek: Rock Band »

Click the jump to see a full track list for the game!

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The great (unconfirmed) Derek “The Blizzard” Snowden came into work today flossing a plastic guitar he bought at 7-11. The whole office was obviously impressed with the bleeding-edge tech, but when Derek took a sip out of a straw protruding from his axe, a legend was born. Please enjoy Mr. Snowden’s in-depth review of 7-11’s amazing cup/guitar hybrid. Or, gup.


Who Likes to Rock the Gulp?

I'll admit it. I enjoy a nice fountain drink now and then. I like guitars and things shaped like guitars.

Who Likes to Rock the Gulp?Today, I learned that I can appreciate a soda in a guitar-shaped beverage container.  That's it, really.


Holds 54 oz. of your favorite beverage
Available in red or blue
Has an adjustable strap with metal buckle
The raised plastic strings have surprisingly nice action
Good conversation starter
Comes with rad stickers and a handy ice cone


Does not hold 64 oz. of your favorite beverage
Not available in black or Fender
Guitar-stand-slash-hot-dog-warmer not included
Lefty flip is surprisingly unsatisfying
‘Rockin’ the Coffee’ can be fatal
I don’t like stickers or ice


Mmm, tasty and refreshing.  However, do not attempt to plug into an electrical source.  Results may vary.  For those of you wondering why this is on a videogame blog, here's an HTML hyperlink to our Lego Rock Band review.

Support Movember And Appear In Red Dead Redemption

In honor of Movember, the worldwide, month-long celebration of the stache used to raise awareness of men’s health issues such as prostate cancer and testicular cancer, Rockstar Games is holding a Selleck-tastic contest that could result in your pretty mug showing up in one of next year’s most anticipated games, Red Dead Redemption.

All you have to do is head over to Rockstar’s website, register for the promotion, and prepare to grow the most diabolically sweet stache you can. Here’s the catch: You have to start off the month clean shaven, meaning the mustache has to be grown during November to be eligible. Once you think your mo is up to snuff, just take a picture of it and send it to Rockstar. If your push-broom catches enough eyes, then the developers will model a character after you and include it in Rockstar’s GTA-style western title set to be released next year. (In what capacity your likeness will appear isn't clear, so it could just be a random NPC somewhere in the world, but it's still pretty cool.)

If you think your face has what it takes (and you want to support a great cause), check out Rockstar’s site for more info.

Anyone planning to participate? I would totally be done for it if I weren’t severely facial hair-challenged. Sniffle.

MailboxFor 77 entries and counting, we've been asking you questions in our Morning Hangovers. Now it's your turn to ask us, your humble and impossibly attractive G4tv.com Staff. Starting very soon, we'll be rolling out a weekly mailbag that will feature your letters, questions, observations, musings and other related synonyms. Obviously, we expect a lot of the correspondence to be gaming-related, but feel free to inquire about anything that comes to mind. And if you've got a question for a particular member of the staff, we'll make that happen.

But in choosing your topic, be warned: Webmaster, aka He Who Hates You, will be reading.

Send your amusing, thought-provoking, and spell-checked letters to webmaster@g4tv.com


Breast Cancer Jersey

TheFeed hates cancer so much, we won't even hang out with anyone who was born in July. But of all the cancers, we hate breast cancer most of all*. It attacks something we love, and that makes it personal. Well, watch out, breast cancer: Sony and New Orleans Saints' quarterback Drew Brees are teaming up to defeat you through avatar clothing!

October is breast cancer awareness month, so be aware that an exclusive breast cancer awareness apparel package is now available at the EA SPORTS Complex within Sony's PlayStation Home. The male and female football jerseys will be available for purchase from October 15th through November 11th, and will cost $2.00 each. All proceeds from the jerseys will go to Drew Brees' charity, Brees Dream Foundation, in support of breast cancer awareness. Your days are numbered, breast cancer!

*Also, prostate cancer is bad. Get a checkup, fellas!

Jack Thompson Bill Amendment Passes in Utah State House CommitteeIt's been awhile since we've heard from game-hating attorney(?) Jack Thompson, but don't worry: Jack Thompson is safe and sound and filing lawsuits in Florida courts. The latest litigant: Facebook. Thompson has reportedly sued Facebook for $40 million, claiming the site harmed him by not removing insulting postings made by Facebook users.

There are several facebook groups devoted to people who don't like Jack Thompson, groups like I Hate Jack Thompson, Disbar Jack Thompson, Stop Jack Thompson, and Jack Thompson should be smacked across the face with an Atari 2600. Thompson says that some of the posts have caused him "great harm and distress" because they involved threats of violence against him, including a since-removed post that apparently read: "I will pay $50 to anyone who punches Jack Thompson in the face. If someone can get a video clip of themselves punching Jack Thompson in the face I'll PayPal them $50."

I'm no lawyer, so I don't know how much responsibility Facebook has for things posted on their site, but no matter how the case comes out, I think Jack Thompson has a point (although it pains me to say it.) Threatening bodily harm to people, even on the internet, is not cool, people. I'll be very surprised if Thompson is awarded anything in this case, but still, don't threaten violence, everyone. It makes all gamers look bad.


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Activision Looking At Project Natal, Sony Motion For Guitar Hero

Where do music games go from here? DJ Hero and Scratch: The Ultimate DJ are exploring otherwise ignored areas of music, but Guitar Hero and Rock Band may begin stretching themselves thin. In an interview with CVG, Guitar Hero 5 project lead Brian Right said he's looking at Project Natal and Sony's motion technology for ideas, though he hasn't settled on using either yet.

"Ask me the same question next year," he teased.

There's actually some interesting opportunities for both Rock Band and Guitar Hero to take advantage of the motion technologies from Microsoft and Sony. Both sets of technology are rooted in a camera that captures what's happening in front of the screen. How many times have you jumped around, kicked your foot in the air or headbanged during a particular good song? What if Rock Band and Guitar Hero could reward you for your stage performance and grant extra points and star power?

That would be awesome. Sign me up.


Some people are born into stardom (Paris Hilton); some people have stardom thrust upon them (Spencer Pratt), but some people grab stardom by the short-ones and wrestle it to the ground like an angry Brahmin Bull. Aubrey Tennant is in the third category.

You probably haven't heard of him, and I doubt you're familiar with his reputation, but if you've ever seen the trailer to 2001 skateboard-monkey movie Most Vertical Primate, you know his work. Check out the trailer:

Tennant is the dude about four seconds in, who punches the air while the titular chimp performs his antics. He was merely an extra in the film, but there are no small parts, only small actors, and Tennant's huge, flailing arms and floppy neck captured the imagination of an entire generation. Critics called him the Douglas Fairbanks of straight to DVD chimpanzee based entertainment. Women swooned.  The performance caught the eye of Filmdrunk.com, and, using the power of the internet, Filmdrunk managed to track the thesbianioc titan down and land an interview.

Ladies an gentleman, I present to you: The MOST IMPORTANT INTERVIEW OF A LIFETIME. 

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