Are warehouse and loft living too passé and not edgy enough for you? Do you want to get your espionage on and live the life of a secret service agent?

Well you can for the cool asking price of $7.4 million.

There's an enormous tunnel complex in central London for sale which used to house Britain's secret service, as well as 400 tons of government documents. It was a bed of American and Soviet activity during the Cold War, and it even served as a bomb shelter for London residents during World War II.

The BT Group, Britain's largest phone company, is selling this one mile underground corridor with adjacent rooms. While London's property value above ground is seeing its biggest decline in decades, the company hopes the site's unique factors will lure buyers.

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Canon EOS 50D Camera Review »

Chris Hardwick heads down to San Diego to field test the new 15.1 megapixel Canon EOS 50D Camera by taking shots of the San Diego Chargers during pre-game training. How does the flashy, high priced DSLR stack up? Find out in today's Tech Review.

BlackBerry Storm Review »

Reports are that Verizon stores have had some scuffles over today's gadget in its limited release, but we've got one and we'd like to tell you all about the new BlackBerry Storm with its 3G, GPS, web browsing, 3.2 megapixel camera, and Microsoft Office support.

Look below the cut for the written review from Attack of the Show.

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Hot Black Friday Deals


Posted November 26, 2008 - By TylerColfax

There's tons of great deals out in our favorite stores set to roll for Black Friday. Will you be in position at 5am, fist full of dollars, ready to pounce on these fantastic economy resuscitating purchases? We hope so.

- Best Buy has got some good deals on electronics.
- You'll have to do some digging at Circuit City because we can't find a page dedicated to Black Friday, but the deals are there.
- Get yourself those Dark Knight PJs even if they don't fit you over at Wal-Mart.
- Also, keep an eye on KeepCash.com which updates daily with great deals.

And be sure to watch Attack of the Show later today for a special Black Friday edition of Attack This.

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Sony has counterpunched in reaction to rumors leaked yesterday from an anonymous source who supposedly attended a staff meeting at Sony. There is no planned price cut for the PlayStation 3 in March of 2009.

Say goodbye to your price drop, fans. Although, a lack of plans to drop the price doesn't mean it won't happen. Still, our advice to you is, if you've got the cash and you want the system, buy the dern thing. Little Big Planet will blow your mind and MGS 4 is no slouch, neither.

Also factor in that Sony has been losing money on the PS3 since day one and the tightening global economy and you can understand why they would resist a price drop despite being the most expensive console on the market by a considerable margin.

Smithers, release the fanboys!



Reactor Gaming PC Review »

Starting at $3,700, we have a whole new level in PC cooling with the Reactor PC, whose rig is filled with mineral fluids to keep the parts as cool as possible. How does this cool rig handle the hottest games? Find out in today's Tech Review!

Look below the cut for the written review from Attack of the Show.

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Casio EX-FH20 Digital Camera Review »

For today's Tech Review, we hit you with a super-tricked out digital camera that does video just as well as stills. It's designed to shoot 40 hi-res photos in one second or video at 1,000 frames per second. We'll let you know if it's as impressive as it sounds or just another over-hyped piece of tech.

Look below the cut for the written review from Attack of the Show.

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The giant eco-friendly LED billboard that has been installed in Times Square in New York City has been turned on for a test run. The sign, which wraps entirely around the building its attached to requires 30 computers churning out 150GB of data for just 30 seconds of video.

The picture itself is supposedly running at "20 times the resolution of standard HDTV," which only makes us want to hook a console up to the display and do some gaming in Times Square.

The sign, developed by D3 LED, will usher in a new era of advertising. Now, you can have your retinas blasted with commercials and products without having to worry about Mother Nature.


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Today's flamebait article relates to how fast a game gets tossed to the bargain bin at retailers. According to a study from Electronic Entertainment Design and Research, Nintendo Wii titles are the fastest to have their publisher's price-per-unit cost dip.

Typically when a retailer gets games delivered to them cheaper, they drop the price so that the consumer is more tempted to make the purchase, meanwhile they maintain their mark-up percentages. When the average selling price of a game drops by 20% for 3 consecutive months, this is called "price protection."

The study showed that "Over 7.5% of Xbox 360 and 9.09% PS3 third-party published titles go into price protection early. The Wii, however, nearly doubles the Xbox 360 and PS3s average at 15.1%... This disparity on the Wii reinforces concerns that the market has had with third-party publishers developing successful titles on the Wii," explained EEDAR analyst Jesse Divnich.

Take that, Wiifans, wherever you are! Today's flamebait post is brought to you by The Xbox 360.*


*not really

Lenovo W700 Thinkpad Review »

The built-in WACOM Digitizer, 17" widescreen display, up to 8GB of RAM, quad-core processor, and 64GB solid state hard drive may just make this lap topper from Lenovo worth the $2,500 price tag. We'll find out in today's Tech Review.

Look below the cut for the written review from Attack of the Show.

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About a week ago, Sirius and XM started to consolidate their content over the satellite radio airwaves as they officially joined forces. In the end, this has resulted in many of the more daring stations from XM to become a little toned down, consolidated or even completely removed altogether.

Users could have guessed this fate but some are outraged that there was no warning or communication about what changes would be made. Luckily, the new, and only, satellite radio juggernaut offers different subscription plans, including one that gives the option to select a 50-station set instead of getting the full boat unnecessarily.

Still, 52% of subscribers are unsatisfied or planning to cancel after the changes went into effect last week. This is according to a poll posted on an XM fanboy forum. So, while it's not very scientific and presumably only represents XM users which is where most of the cuts happened, its at least representative in some way.



Samsung INNOV8 Camera Phone Review »

Samsung takes their latest shot at the iPhone with this 8 megapixel, smile-detecting camera-phone with video, that also has surround sound capabilities, 8 or 16GB storage, Wi-Fi and GPS.

Look below the cut for the written review from Attack of the Show.

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Black Friday Deals on Games


Posted November 17, 2008 - By TylerColfax

It's that time of year again, when all the new entertainment you can consume gets released and lots of older entertainment goes on sale. Come Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, it's open season on cheap games for you and your loved ones to buy for you.

Follow yonder link to find a gigantic list of amazing deals including an 80GB PS3 bundle that comes with Ratchet & Clank and the Casino Royale movie on Blu-ray for just $399.99, Saints Row 1 for $9.99, and Bioshock and the Orange Box for $19.99 each.


Toshiba Qosmio X305 Gaming Laptop Review »

It's not often that a gaming laptop gets even close to the power of a desktop, but Toshiba is not one to heed. They have stuffed their new Qosmio with dual Nvidia SLI video cards, an Intel dual core processor, 4 gigs of RAM, and a set of fancy Harmon Kardon speakers.

Look below the cut for the written review from Attack of the Show.

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Microsoft Launches Online Store


Posted November 14, 2008 - By kijibe

While some may consider it a bit of a late start, Microsoft is launching an online store. You can download software like Windows and Office, but for obvious reasons, do so at your own risk:

"The obvious fear for most users buying ESD products is not having the software on physical media to re-install the product at a later time."

However, Microsoft will allow you to re-download products until mainstream support for the product ends.  Usually, that ends after five years.  Of course, you have the option of copying the download should you wish to access it beyond what the mainstream lifetime will support it.


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