Toshiba, which has recently bailed on their HD DVD nest-egg, putting an end to the recent format war, is reportedly still going to close their fiscal year with a profit. Abandoning the format will mean a substantial restructuring and inventory cost for their assembly lines and storage and its said that they were able to save around $450 million on marketing and infrastructure by conceding defeat early in the process.

But for all that savings, it's important to note they'll lose almost a billion dollars ($986 million) by losing the overall war. Toshiba is also not looking forward to turmoil in their flash memory and LCD display holdings, as prices for the raw materials used to make them have dropped.

news.com: Nikkei: Toshiba faces $986 million loss on HD DVDs

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MP3 Player Turns 10


Posted March 11, 2008 - By Ty Colfax

Happy Birthmonth to the MP3 player! This month, the MP3 player is 10 years old. It doesn't seem like it's been ten years since we first plugged our iPod into the… wait, iPod wasn't first? Released on October 23, 2001, the iPod was actually over 3 years behind the Saehan MPMan F10, which had 32 MB of Flash storage, enough for about 8 songs at a crummy sample rate.

It was the second player, the Diamond Rio PMP300, that garnered the most attention from the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) who sued it for giving people the option to store and listen to music files portably. It was really a reaction to things like Napster that were catching tons of fire for their peer2peer sharing systems.

But eventually they were both left in the dust by the juggernaut success of the iPod, which once it was opened up to PC users in 2003, made it impossible for small players like Saehan and Diamond to keep pace. So, Happy B-Month, Saehan.

Sorry you couldn't be here to celebrate it… I guess.

reghardware.co.uk: Ten years old: the world's first MP3 player

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You know, we could go on and on about how Super Smash Bros. Brawl is coming out this week for the Wii. We could write about all the new playable characters and the new arenas - about how we're all going to be waiting in line at Sam's Club to purchase the game at midnight. But you'd be expecting that. So, instead, I give you...

The PS2 port of Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters!

This once-PSP title has finally made it's way to the almost next-gen system from Sony. And who doesn't love the antics of Ratchet and his adorable metal mini-friend? So, friends, what will it be? Are you going to pick up Super Smash Bros. Brawl like every other J3nnE-087 from the block, or are you going to be different?

P.S. - Getting Super Smash Bros. Brawl is the right answer!

Super Smash Bros. Brawl - Wii
X-Play Hands On
X-Play Preview
Women of Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Condemned 2: Bloodshot - PS3, 360
X-Play Preview

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It's grain of salt time. There's a new rumor and it's pointing to a spherical version of Microsoft's Surface being in the prototype phase.

It'd be extremely hard to put the Surface tech into a ball, but hey, we put a man on the moon (allegedly) so anything is possible...

Just imagine, a little computer ball that you touch to interact with it.

Engadget: Microsoft Surface going spherical?

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A Korean gentleman known merely as Jeong left LG back in 2005 with over a thousand top secret files on plasma display technology on a personal drive. A few months later he was handed a cush job at Chinese competitor Changhong in China. Well, for some stupid reason, he went back to Korea (maybe he forgot his favorite pair of socks) and was promptly arrested by Korean officials.

Changhong is now on track to release their new line of plasmas using the "borrowed" LG technology. Whoa. This is big time international corporate espionage type stuff. In my neighborhood you get killed over some strap like this. Could get really interesting.

engadget.com: Former LG employee leaks $1b in top secret plasma info to Chinese manufacturer



If you live in Australia and want to buy Guitar Hero III for your Wii, you'll very soon be able to buy a pack with the game and 2 guitars. That's right, Activision has decided to start doing a 2-guitar bundle for the first time. There is no word among the internets if this will spread to other consoles and other countries, but you gotta think that if they're doing it elsewhere, it means they're gearing up to make it happen in the U.S.

Goodbye, axe shortage, we hope. Cross them fingers.

wii.ign.com: 'Guitar Hero III' Double Whammy

Get ready to control a virtual universe using only the powers of your mind. Also, you can add MySpace friends with it, too.

The new Epoc from Emotiv, set for release this coming holiday season, is a headset of metal branches that senses electronic activity in the brain, allowing for telepathic controls of Emotiv PC games. There will also be a web portal which will lend the mind the powers to telepathically surf the web, and software for mapping keystrokes to thought patterns, essentially creating mind macros.

One thing you can't control with your mind is the price, which will be up in the $300 range.

kotaku.com: PC Psychic Controller Hits This Year

How do you prove that you can get 5 stars on Through the Fire and Flames and are 9 years old? You film it and throw it on YouTube, but what do you use to edit it?

Pinnacle wants to help you out with their new software Pinnacle Studio 11, which starts at $50 and is an easy-to-use video editing suite.

"Available at e-tail and retail stores, Pinnacle Studio Plus version 11 and Pinnacle Studio Ultimate version 11 with full HD support have MSRPs of $99.99 and $129.99 respectively. The standard Pinnacle Studio version 11, without HD support, is available with an MSRP of $49.99."

However, it still doesn't solve the problem of getting the actual footage off of your console. For that, check out Adaptec's GameBridge.

(via Press Release)

Analog Cell Networks Shut Down


Posted February 19, 2008 - By Brian Leahy

The OG of cell networks is getting shut down. The government has given the okay for the move and AT&T, Verizon, and Alltel are shutting down their analog cellular networks.

Expect the AT&T and Verizon shut downs to occur immediately with Alltel planning on progressively shutting it down through September. We don't know why, but they are.

This should help free up network resources and towers to expand fancy digital networks and improve cell coverage.

You had a good run, analog, but your days are up.

Engadget: Analog cellular networks, R.I.P.: 1983 - 2008

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Nokia has beat Gizmondo to the user-generated handheld gaming punch. The N-Gage is now equipped with Yamake, which allows users to insert pictures, sounds, and other pointless things into mini-games. It sounds like it's more of a user modified version of games we've played a thousand times. The mini game part of it tipped us off to that.

So, instead of playing skeeball with a skeeball, you can use a picture of your head and whenever the ball enters a hole, a fart sound happens. Then a cut-scene of your little cousin throwing cake at your sister plays… WHAT? Why? Is this going to work? Are people actually buying this?

engadget.com: Nokia launches user created "Yamake"…

Bear with us because this is going to get a little specific, but if you wanted to check-out the HP Blackbird 002 in person and live in Los Angeles, San Diego, or San Francisco... now you can! In malls!

HP will be setting up kiosks in the following 3 malls in the upcoming weeks to show off their powerhouse.

  • Los Angeles - Westfield Topanga - 6600 Topanga Canyon Blvd.
    Canoga Park, CA 91303
    Thursday, February 14 to Sunday, February 17
  • San Diego - Westfield North County - 272 E. Via Rancho Parkway
    Escondido, CA 92025
    Thursday, February 21 to Sunday, February 24
  • San Francisco – Westfield San Francisco Centre - 865 Market Street
    San Francisco, CA 94103
    Thursday, February 28 to Sunday, March 2


HP Blackbird 002 Interview »


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There is no doubt that 2007 will go down as one of the biggest years the gaming world has ever seen, but EA isn't wanting it to stop with 2007. They've unveiled some of the plans for the next two years, and let us say, it's a doozy.

Included in EA's tenative lineup for 2008 & 2009 are new installments of their Burnout and Need for Speed franchises, as well as a new Skate. Skate, now being dubbed the "Tony Hawk-killer", far exceeded expectations last year by seemingly besting the Goliath that is Tony and his skating buddies.

Also on the list was a confirmation that we would be seeing the 2nd and 3rd installments of the Mass Effect trilogy over the next 2 years, and that both of those will be coming to the 360 and PC. BioWare was also listed as developers on an upcoming Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic game, which is not an MMO.

In short, it looks like EA is going to have a very very big couple of years. What do you good folk think? Is this a bunch of good news or is EA rushing out a bunch of titles to try and capitalize on the great releases of last year?

IGN.com: EA Goes Big in '08, '09

Gateway's FX540XT is a great gaming rig and they are running a contest to give away a brand new FX540XT and their XHD 3000 30" HD monitor.

The gaming PC clocks in at over $3,000 and the monitor kicks the prize package up to $4,500.

Head on over to Gateway's contest page for all the instructions and rules and tell 'em G4 sent ya. You'll need a cow.

Full press release after the break.

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Apple has filed a patent for the handheld gaming device that has been rumored to be in the works at their labs for quite a while. Now, before you get all crazy about how sweet it would be to have a touchscreen gaming interface that would have tons of space and computing power in your pocket (drools,) let's remember that big companies file for patents all the time.

A high percentage of these patents are designed to keep doors open for future innovation and cover their bases should they decide however many years down the road they want to put something out. It also means that any other company who wants to move on the technology has to license it from them, thereby creating more revenue for a company that merely did a tiny bit of research and filled out some paperwork 20 years ago.

But oh, how sweet would it be? Only time will tell. And Steve Jobs.
At the time of this article, Steve Jobs was probably unavailable for comment.

ign.com: Apple to Enter Gaming Arena


The Loop: Are Apple products worth the hype? »

When you can't get yourself a 10, you can always buy five 2's. Microsoft struck out with Yahoo so to repair their self-esteem they snatched up a consolation prize: Danger, the makers of the Sidekick. Who will be next?

The mobile maker will be incorporated into Microsoft's mobile division and you can bet that a Windows Mobile version of the Sidekick is on the horizon.

We'll be with our iPhones over here not caring. Microsoft, maybe next time you can buy a product we don't associate with annoying tweens texting at the movies and Paris Hilton.

Engadget: Microsoft buys Danger, Windows Mobile Sidekick imminent


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