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Are you a friend to the Earth? Then check out GCycle... it's G4's new initiative to try and get you to be a better person and recycle tech stuff!

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The Head Honcho for XNA, Chris Satchell (not pictured above,) spoke with Eurogamer recently, noting that the touch-screen gaming is progressing nicely for the Zune. "Imagine bowling, where you swing across it, or anything that requires a physical dexterity gesture," Satchell said. Someone even ported a "Wolfenstein-style renderer" to their Zune, which ran it at 30 frames-per-second.

He went on to say he is "really looking forward to people using their networking ability to use peer-to-peer games," and that he's "sure we're going to see some peer-to-peer race games, kart-style games - those are going to be fun."

We likely won't see any of this until the next XNA development kit is released which might happen before the end of 2008. We also likely won't own a Zune by then either.

eurogamer.net: XNA Boss Talks Up Zune Concepts

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Are you a friend to the Earth? Then check out GCycle... it's G4's new initiative to try and get you to be a better person and recycle tech stuff!

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We now present one of the worst ideas ever: Ray-Ban is teaming up with D-mented Entertainment and Kerner Optical to create designer 3D eyewear.

This is in response to the increasing amount of 3D movies being created by studios like DreamWorks and Disney.

If you buy or know anyone that buys these, we will personally ban you from this website. Seriously, we can't make this stuff up.

These fools have deluded themselves into thinking that videogames will go 3D in response to their glasses. Epic fail.

Variety: Trio debuts line of 3-D eyewear

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Looking to buy something from Amazon.com without access to the internet? Send a text to AMAZON (262966) with an items description, UPC, or ISBN code and Amazon will hit you back with a list of potential matches.

Reply to that with the item you want and Amazon will call you to confirm.

We're a little sad the entire process cannot be done by text and we'd prefer a web portal or iPhone version of Amazon.com.

What do you think? Want to buy things by text?

Wired: Amazon Launches Text-Message Shopping


Dualshock 3 Next Week


Posted April 2, 2008 - By TylerColfax

Dualshock 3 is coming out this week and will give you the latest in vibrating controller technology. It's compatible right away with a few games, most of them made by Sony, and surely there are more on the way and maybe some patches for games people actually play.

The controller has SIXAXIS and it's wireless through the Bluetooth styles. It's gonna run you $54.99 and you'll be able to find it at the usual retail spots. Personally, the rumble is annoying and has been ever since N64, but to each his/her own.

For a full list of the games that are compatible with the Dualshock 3, hit that jiznump.

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Wii for Women


Posted March 28, 2008 - By TylerColfax

Best Buy is doing a promo this Saturday called 'Wii for Women' where they invite women to play the Wii in-store. To further entice, the ladies will be able to register for a chance to win a gps, a Wii, or gift cards to spas.

It's unclear whether this will result in converting any women to gaming or if it will even result in any sales. What is clear is, I want to be there the whole day, because watching women who don't know how to play games is fun as hell so long as you've got popcorn and a lazy boy.

Follow the link in the Wired story to see the list of participating locations. It's a strangely small number of stores, and they seem to be in odd locations.

blog.wired.com: Best Buy Hosts 'Wii for Women' Event

Microsoft's Surface in 2011?


Posted March 28, 2008 - By bleahy

Microsoft's Surface is still coming down the pipeline, but it could be another 3 years before it hits the consumer market. MS is shooting for 2011, but hopes to deliver enterprise units to businesses soon.

If you still don't know what Surface is, check this article right here.

Engadget: Surface to hit consumerdom in 2011, maybe sooner

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USB Security System for $100


Posted March 27, 2008 - By bleahy

If you've got a problem getting your iPod stolen or just want a great way to secretly film your roommate check out this DVR security system from Swann Communications.

The DVR Guardian hooks up to a USB port and records live from up to 4 cameras directly to your hard drive. The $99 package comes with 2 cameras.

Check it out and get recording. You could be a viral video star! Press release after the cut.

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We love energy products because they make us feel tingly and special. We got a promotional kit for a new one today and we just had to share the love.

The new product is BLOW, a white powder that gets mixed in with 16oz of water and tastes like pixie sticks. It's guaranteed to get your heart pumping all while looking like illegal drugs.

It definitely provided a boost in energy and led to a lot of jokes about cocaine.

Kevin Pereira loves it! He doesn't do drugs, though. He's a winner.

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Intel has experienced a significant breakthrough in wi-fi tech. They've jazzed up, or rather, greatly simplified, the software in their long-range wi-fi routers so that the bandwidth isn't eaten up by unnecessary confirmation signals. They've been able to extend the signal as far as 60 miles and only have trouble beyond that due to the curvature of the Earth.

The technology is extremely cheap because the hardware already exists and has low-power needs making it easily juiced by solar panels. An urban area with a hard cable connection will be able to communicate with rural areas, where running ground wires is impractical, for around $1000 by purchasing two of the units.

It's already been tested with success in India, Panama, Vietnam, and South Africa. Intel will start selling the device in India later in 2008. Soon, we'll be able to see what the world's more rural internetateers find funny in their lolcatz.

technologyreview.com: Long-Distance Wi-Fi

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The Xbox 360 saw a recent sales spike of 40% in the United Kingdom, after a pan-Europe price slash. Dorian Bloch, a games industry expert said, "The real litmus test will be over the next three to four weeks – it's too early to read too much into it at this stage."

While clearly no winner can be declared in the European front of the console wars, all of the players seem to be doing well. The PS3 is jazzed about a hardware bundle they're offering in conjunction with the exclusive release of Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, which should boost sales, and the Wii/DS continue to top software sales charts with Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games. Meanwhile, the PS2 continues to surprise analysts doing well in console and software sales which speaks to Sony's console longevity.

Not to start a flame war or anything but which of these consoles is your favorite and why? Ha, c'mon take the bait. It's so shiny.

gamesindustry.biz: UK Xbox 360 sales up 40%

Processors went dual core as a natural evolution and it makes sense that graphics cards would follow suit. NVIDIA is dropping the 9800GX2 on you and it's going to cost you $600.

Crysis got you down? This will be more than enough to run it.

Check out the press release, features and specs after the cut.

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GameStop Makes Big Dough


Posted March 18, 2008 - By TylerColfax

GameStop, love it or hate it, is making big bucks off the gaming industry. They just reported that their annual sales were $7.1 billion for February, 2007 - February, 2008, which is  up 33% from the year before.

New game sales accounted for the bulk of that revenue up 38.4% from the previous year due to the big success of their top five selling games: Call of Duty 4, Rock Band, Assassin's Creed, Super Mario Galaxy and Guitar Hero III.

They opened an amazing 586 stores last year. That's one every 15 hours! So, while the economy is supposedly slumping and may get worse, GameStop is doing just fine and doesn't expect to feel any economic pinch in the near future.

next-gen.biz: GameStop Rakes in $7.1 bln in 2007

Pepsi is going to advertise to you and it's going to be extreme. The soda giant will release a web show pushing the Mountain Dew brand that will be interactive in a choose your own adventure type way.

They feel that allowing fans to vote on what happens next will allow "the consumer to have some engagement with the brand."

Hit the break for our list of things that should happen in this Dew series.

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