Gizmondo is BACK, BABY!

Remember that trainwreck of a handheld concept that was a trumped up investment scam bent on capitalizing on the growing gaming trend? Well, if you don't remember it, it's called the Gizmondo and Founder Carl Freer is bringing it back. The 2.0 Gizmondo will get a new graphics chip, Windows CE 6.0, and a bunch of original content downloadable through the gizmondo web site.

We've been hurt before. Will this time be different? It should drop in "Winter 2008." The first day of winter is December 22. Just fyi.

gizmodo.com: Gizmondo to Rise From the Dead in Winter 2008, Founder Says

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We’re living in a tech obsessed world. To not be aware of the latest technology is to welcome ridicule from your friends and peers. Is that what you want? Keep checking back here for new tech reviews three times a week and save yourself from ridicule.

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An "expert," and we use the quotes with great purpose, has predicted that demand for the Wii Fit will be greater than GTA IV on eBay. It's not beyond us or anyone with half a brain, which is also us, that this is due to factors beyond base demand.

Could it be because anyone who wants a copy of GTA is of the age savvy enough to just go buy a copy, or maybe because old people who are going to buy the Wii Fit are ironically too lazy to get fit by exercising and diet, and therefore are too lazy to go to the f***ing Best Buy 2 miles from their house?

Also, people are going to be reselling their Wii Fit once they realize how bored they are so of course there will be more copies up on eBay. Do you know anyone who is seling their copy of GTA? NO! THEY'RE PLAYING IT!

Where are my blood pressure pills?

wiifitchat.blogspot.com: Demand for Wii Fit on eBay to be higher than GTA IV?

It's post-time. You're slotted in the distant, outside Gate 12 slot. Your philly is anxious, your thighs grip her in anticipation. Your little hat almost falls off. THE BELL. The gates slam open and you ride to a remote 12th place finish. You lost by 43 lengths. Your Dad was right. You didn't practice enough. You need something else. You need… The Ridemaster Pro.

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'GTA' Sells a Lot


Posted May 7, 2008 - By TylerColfax

On their unstoppable journey to break videogame and entertainment records, Rockstar has announced that they've sold 6 million copies equaling $500 million worth of Grand Theft Auto IV money.

Take Two stock has responded with an upward trend and will no doubt continue to rise above what Electronic Arts can offer for their takeover bid. Looks like we'll have an EA-free GTA for a while, but for how long?

shacknews.com: Grand Theft Auto 4 Has $500 Million First Week

Shoes haven't evolved in a while, but now they are getting computers. VectraSense is now taking pre-orders on their $700 computer-enhanced Verb for Shoe shoes.

The shoes will use the computer to adjust to your feet, sync data with your PC, and exchange contact information with other shoes.

Then, presumably, the shoes will enslave their owners and rise up in rebellion using the gathered data to infiltrate the world's infrastructure... or something.

Engadget: Verb For Shoe "smart shoe" finally goes on sale for $700

$200 3G iPhone coming?


Posted April 30, 2008 - By bleahy

Analysts are pointing to a possible cost subsidy for the next version of the iPhone, which would seriously cut costs to the consumer. This is how most phones work, because the carrier makes money on the service plan.

They are pointing to a magic number of $200 for a 3G iPhone when users sign up or renew a 2-year contract. This reduction in cost would potentially bring in so many new customers that are put off by the iPhone's price to AT&T.

Since they would all be on a 2-year contract, AT&T makes a lot of money in the long run.

Will you get an iPhone if it's 3G and $200? Will you upgrade your existing iPhone for $200? I would.

ZDNet: Will AT&T really be offering a $200 subsidy on the 3G iPhone?

Dead Space
looks like it might be pretty sweet, and if you want to get an early peek at the Dead Space comic and a free poster, pre-order the PC version of Mass Effect through the EA site. Ok, so it's a little weird that the incentive to pre-order a game gets you shwag for a different game but its better than nothing.

And if you want even better than nothing, you can $10 off for pre-ordering through your local PC dealer. That's PC dealer, not PCP dealer -- significant difference.

kotaku.com: Pre-order Mass Effect PC, Get Dead Space Stuff

Reggie Fils-Aime, the Nintendo of America President, had a chat with Wired Magazine recently, no doubt for a feature article that will appear in the newsstand version of the venerable tech magazine soon.

They didn't give away too much on the article, but they did let us know about how Reggie is trying his darn-hardest to get more Wiis available for the U.S. market which is constantly in a state of high demand. He says a Wii will spend an average of 1 hour on the shelf before being sold and that he has passionately pleaded with Japanese leadership in the Nintendo home offices for more than the usual North American allotment of 1.8 million consoles per month, to no avail.

It doesn't add up. Here we are doing this story about how you can't get one, yet it's the fastest and highest selling console right now. Something tells us this demand situation is false just so they can stay in the positive news column. It's despicable really. But it's working.

wired.com: Nintendo: Average Wii Sits on Shelf for Just an Hour

Dell has a new concept for an environmentally friendly PC that comes in a friendly bamboo casing. It apparently on 70% less power than a standard desktop and is 81% smaller.

No specs yet, but it should cost between $500 and $700.

Just don't buy this if you have a pet panda.

Engadget: Dell unveils tiny bamboo-cased eco-computer concept

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Some of the more astute gaming news fans out there would know the PS3 is currently sold at a loss. The technology that goes into making it so powerful wasn't cost-effective, until recently. Well, now that the the chips have gotten stronger, smaller, and cheaper, the PS3 will be a profit-making sale for Sony.

Consider how long and strong the PS2 has gone selling as many units as it has, and you can understand why the next-gen loss-leader investment was such a great deal for Sony.

Rumors of a slim PS3 are starting to resurface and this has some 360 fans considering their first PS3 purchase. But I have to ask this: Do people really make their console decisions based on how big the system is? Unless you're living in an RV, is space really that much of an issue? People will buy electronics for the stupidest reasons. Look, my laptop fits in my mouth!

engadget.com: PS3 to get smaller Cell and/or RSX chips in August?

Check out this brief interview with three GTA fans who've managed to play M-rated games, despite being under 17, some without their parent's knowledge. We know how easy it can be to get access to these games, but these kids have some interesting and surprisingly wise things to say about ratings and the games themselves.

multiplayerblog.mtv.com: Underage and Playing Grand Theft Auto for Years

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