MSI Wind Notebook »

We slobber all over the MSI Wind Notebook, a PC that is small, compact, and still plays nice with Windows XP.

Look below the jump to see the written review from Attack of the Show.

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Samsung Glyde »

Take heed, Apple...there are other new phones on the market, and in this edition of Gadget Pron, we covet Samsung's hot new Glyde, and take it for a ride to see what it's got.

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As is so typical with small-time internet companies, a little press push overloads them with users and crashes the site just as new people are trying to login and check them out. That's just what happened over the weekend as an expansive article in USA Today sent Twitter to the terlit.

Twitter folks quickly responded, saying that the site has been so successful, they haven't been able to keep up with the fast-growing demand and that they're hoping for a new investment to come in to help them stay on top of things.

Considering the typical USA Today reader, don't be surprised if you get some Twitter notices from your Grandma soon, provided the site gets back on its feet.

And, a quick check reveals Twitter is back up and running. It's usefulness, however, is still being debated.

valleywag.com: USA Today Hype Crashes Twitter

Sony HDR-TG1 Camcorder »

We get under the sheets with the new, ultra tiny Sony HDR-TG1 camcorder, which is just the thing when you like it small but packed with action. 

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3G iPhone »

Finally, we have a chance to get all sweaty with the new 3G iPhone and find out how it actually performs outside the box.

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E3 is the week of big reveals and one that might have gotten spoiled is a new peripheral from Nintendo called Wii jOG. Play.com, an English online gaming store has the item for 15 pounds ($30 US,) ready for pre-order.

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Canon Rebel XSi »

We steam up the lens of the new Canon Rebel XSi and take it out for a spin to see whether or not it's worth us salivating over, in today's tech review.

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Apple is saying it will only take 10 to 15 minutes to set up your new iPhone. It's only available in Apple and AT&T stores and a credit card and social security card are required to complete the transaction and hook you up with 2 years of 3G goodness.

The 15 minute set-up seems doubtful considering the hoops some people had to jump through to get the original iPhone set-up with AT&T who are not necessarily known for their customer service.

This version is supposedly going to be harder to jailbreak than the original and will come in black 8 gig and white 16 gig models. If you can't make it to the store or don't feel like dealing with the hysterics of the crowds, you'll be able to check the availability of the phone on the web.

Bloomberg.com: Apple Expects 15-Minute Setup Process for New IPhone

Roku Netflix Set Top Box »

The Roku Netflix Set Top Box allows you to stream over 10,000 movies and television shows to your TV, and it's what we're unnaturally fixated on as we objectify it for today's tech review.

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After a long time in a very functional beta (initially released in May 2005!), our friends at TVersity has launched Version 1.0 of their media streaming solution and it is currently available for download.

“Informal surveys conducted by various independent gaming communities suggest that TVersity is being used by 40%-50% of game console owners that have interest in streaming media.” said Ronen Mizrahi, President and CEO of TVersity Inc., “This new software release will allow us to reach less tech savvy audiences and help us further substantiate our position as the leader in delivering home and Internet media to game consoles as well as other connected devices.”

The software will allow you to stream your own videos, music, and photos to a large number of gaming consoles and devices including the Sony PlayStation 3, Sony PSP, Microsoft Xbox 360, BlackBerry (OS V4.3 or higher), and even the iPhone.

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Have you ever wanted to watch a movie without all that annoying motion and sound? Now you sort of can, with Thumber, a new application for Mac OSX.

Thumber will take a Quicktime compatible movie and take a snapshot every few seconds. It will then assemble these snapshots into a collage of images.

Watch this episode of Sessler's Soapbox:


Sessler's Soapbox: Pre-3 Goodies! »


Then hit the jump to see what it looks like after Thumber... will it truly capture Adam's hand movements?

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iHome iPhone Docks »

We look at these convenient slings for your iPhone, and decide which holster is going to be the one to make you drool with joy in this tech review.

Look below the cut for the written review from Attack of the Show.

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Tech Review: LG enV2


Posted July 3, 2008 - By Eugene Morton

LG enV2 »

LG has given us a phone to obsess over with the enV2, which is exactly what we're going to do to the little bugger on this edition of Gadget Pr0n. 

Read on to see the written review from Attack of the Show.

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AT&T announced to today some juicy details about launch day for the long awaited 3G iPhone. According to their announcement, AT&T retail stores will open at 8AM for the launch of the new Apple iPhone on July 11th.

In addition to that, they released detailed descriptions of the rate plans available for customers of the new, better, stronger, faster iPhone.

The plans range from 450 minutes to Unlimited talking time and can cost as little as $69.99 and as much as $129.99. That's, of course, not including the activation fees or the actual purchase price of the phone itself.

Click on the cut for the details and the devil hidden therein.

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IGN spoke with the Lead Designer at Harmonix, Dan Teasdale, who spilled a lot of details on the enhanced Rock Band sequel. One of those details was the image of the fabulous and much more realistic-looking guitar controller seen above.

It's a Fender Stratocaster design and makes non-stop rocking possible. Rock Band 2 is the rhythm based cooperative music blasting experience from Harmonix due out on Xbox 360 in September and "soon thereafter" for the PlayStation 3.

ign.com: Rock Band 2: The Opening Act


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