Samsung Series 8 46" LCD HDTV »

46 inches of hot LCD action is nothing to sneeze at. In fact, we're all drooling over it, which is why we've chosen to make the Samsung LCD HDTV our object of affection on today's tech review.

Look below the cut for the written review from Attack of the Show.

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Tech Review: LG Dare


Posted September 4, 2008 - By Eugene Morton

LG Dare »

We feel up the LG Dare to see if the touchscreen phone competitor to the iPhone has the moxie to jump in the ring and compete with the Jesus phone.

Look below the cut for the written review from Attack of the Show.

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Yamaha YSP-3050 Home Theater System »

We get breathy in super stereo sound and drool all over the Yamaha YSP-3050 home theater system in today's tech review. It's likely to be loud, so make sure you're well prepared for the kick-ass sound coming your way.

Look below the cut for the written review from Attack of the Show.

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Voodoo Envy 133 (Pre-Production Unit) »

Today's very special tech review features the Voodoo Envy, which has yet to be released to the mass market. Will this piece of cutting edge tech revolutionize mobile computing? You'll find out soon enough.

Look below the cut for the written review from Attack of the Show.

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DXG-567V Camcorder »

Do you need an HD camcorder? Are you working with a limited budget? The DXG-567V Camcorder may be the perfect solution for you. Find out when we give you our take it in today's Tech Review.

Look below the cut for the written review from Attack of the Show.

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Invariably, any phone that is announced and released nowadays will spend a week in the spotlight as the potential "iPhone Killer". It's Palm's turn in the sun with their new device: the Treo Pro.

The device runs Windows Mobile, sports a touchscreen, and a full QWERTY keypad.

Check out the video here... it's got peppy music!



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Late last night, Apple released version 2.0.2 of the iPhone & iPod Touch firmware. The list of changes? The ever-popular "Bug Fixes."

Even though Apple won't reveal exactly what the changes were, some users are reporting snappier loading of applications and a large reduction in keyboard lag. What about the 3G problems we reported earlier?

One user reports that "2.0.2 seems to include a major version modem firmware update (01.48.02 to 02.08.01)," which could indicate a software fix that was potentially on the way.

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Olympus E-520 DSLR »


Olympus is known for making quality cameras, but how does the Olympus E-520 DSLR stack up against the multitude of pro-sumer cameras available on the market? Find out on today's tech review.

Read on to see the written review from Attack of the Show.

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Casio EX-Z150 Digital Camera »


Chris Hardwick gets his grubby little hands all over the Canon EX-Z150, the slimmest, sexiest little digital camera in Canon's product line.

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iPhone App Rundown


Posted August 16, 2008 - By Ty Colfax

They say you can tell a lot about a man by his apps.

Apple has opened up a wonderful can of worms by welcoming the development of anyone with time, skill, and innovation enough to program new applications for their iPhone and iPod touch. And just as they did with iTunes, they're acting as a gatekeeper between the producer and the user, and taking their share of every transaction (30%) while watching their hardware sales skyrocket.

It's an ingenious way to sell hardware: Make software, or in this case supervise the transfer of open development to the consumer, and everyone and their brother will want the manufactured device that it runs on.

The best part of this whole personal computing revolution is the idea of customization. Every user is different, and Apple has made it possible for everyone to enjoy their iPhone in their own way. Check out the list below and see where you fit in.

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Until today, Google's Reader program would automatically share any story a user wanted to share with their friends with anyone they had talked to on Google Talk. Now, users will explicitly be able to decide who gets to see their shared items when using Google Reader.

This is a good change and has been a long time coming. Go ahead and share those stories without worrying that anyone you shared a single message with on Google Talk isn't tracking the types of things you like to read.


Some users have been experiencing problems with the iPhone 3G when it comes to steady data connections, battery life, and dropped calls. Industry insiders believe this could be due to a faulty chip manufactured by Infineon Technologies, a German company based in Munich.

One of the biggest issues being reported by consumers is trouble hanging onto a 3G connection. This is also causing dropped calls as the phone has to transition from 3G to Edge. Some reports put the iPhone 3G's dropped call rate between 2% and 3%, while the carrier average is only 1%.

Apple and Infineon have not commented on the issue, but AT&T went on record saying, "Overall, the new iPhone is performing just great on our 3G network."

Do you think so?

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Cyberpower PC »


Today, we'll discuss a new gaming PC on the market. It's called the Cyberpower, and we'll see just how much power it actually has.

Look below the jump to see the written review from Attack of the Show.

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There's no denying that Vista's reception hasn't been the best and Microsoft would like to change the image of their newest OS. They are trying that with their new marketing project, the Mojave Experiment.

Basically, Microsoft brought in consumers that had never used Vista and had them test the next version of Windows codenamed "Mojave".

At first, Microsoft asked the consumers about why they haven't upgraded to Vista and basically got responses saying that people heard it was slow, buggy, and not worth their money.

Then, they tested out "Mojave" and loved the "new" OS. They were actually testing Vista. Owned.

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