Twilight Creations Inc., the company that brought us such table top sensations as Cthulhu Rising and Bump In the Night, has announced that their popular tile-based topper, Zombies!!! is slated to become a videogame. Logic follows that the concept of the video game version will be similar to the table-top; an ever-growing horde of zombies chases the players through a board as they attempt an escape.

Zombies!!! will be developed by Big Rooster and initially released for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC via Steam. The release date is the vague and oft-used "2009."

This is all great news but dang Twilight, get yourself a web site from this century.


Whoever said America is the capital of ridiculous lawsuits might want to reconsider. In the UK, an eBay seller is looking to take one of his customers to court for libel over some bad feedback left on his ebay account. Yes, you read correctly, over some bad eBay feedback.

When Chris Read received a cell phone he purchased for £155, he said it was not only scratched and not in the new condition in which it was advertised, it was also the WRONG PHONE. Not wishing to get stuck with something that he did not order, he sent it back, got the refund, then left negative feedback on the seller's profile that said the following:

"Item was scratched, chipped and not the model advertised on Mr Jones's eBay account."

Well apparently the seller "Mr. Jones" did not take very kindly to this seemingly honest recount of the transaction that took place, and he wasn't going to take it:

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Have you checked out the newly-launched virtual window-shopping feature from Amazon? "leik omg, itz lik shopping in teh futur worlds!!"

Borrowing heavily from Cooliris' page-scanning plugin, Amazon's new feature allows you to scroll through a wall of content controlled by your space bar and arrow keys (in addition to your mouse.) Zooming in to a particular panel of products will begin an autoplay presentation giving you further details via audio and in some cases will allow you to zoom in to see the item in a way that a simple .jpg never could allow.

Cool stuff, do check it out.


The greatest shill in disguise of our day, Oprah Winfrey, will be unveiling her favorite gadget today on her show, but we already know from the XML on her page that it's the Amazon Kindle. See keywords below:

"Oprah Fridays Live, gadget, favorite things, favorite new gadget, kindle, kindel, kindle device, amazon.com, edgar sawtelle, obc, oprah’s book club"

Ha ha. Geek research wins again. Well, you can keep your Kindle, Harpo. We'll stick to the tactile books you tell us to buy… and O Magazine… and Oprah & Friends on XM. So, dear reader, if you were thinking about grabbing up a Kindle sometime soon, you better do it today, cuz they're going to all be gone in about 24 hours. Also, Oprah spawned Dr. Phil.


Mozilla Labs, the company that makes Firefox, has been working on an experimental service they hope will change the way people interact with the Internet.

The service, called Ubiquity, is currently in an open alpha test and allows users to try out features that could eventually become Web 3.0 standards.

The service differs from anything else available by using advanced scripting to actually change the content of a page, which could include inserting a Google map of an address directly into an email or translating Japanese into English without requiring a translation service.

For a better idea, watch this video. Ignore the opening as it gets better once they start demonstrating the features. 


Ubiquity can be downloaded and tested by Firefox users by going to this page or downloading it directly here. It's a little tricky to get the hang of, but we think it could very well be the future of the Internet.


Tech Review: Palm Treo Pro

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Posted October 24, 2008 - By Eugene Morton

Palm Treo Pro Review »

Chris Hardwick is here to review the sexy new Palm Treo, another in the newest line of handheld devices that are likely to spice up the way you talk on the phone and get information in your life.

Look below the cut for the written review from Attack of the Show.

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In a development that can only be met with a puzzled "WTF," researchers at UCLA have discovered that peeling a roll of Scotch tape emits rapid pulses of significant X-ray radiation. Let me just repeat that: unrolling Scotch tape = X-rays. No need to fear casual tape-peeling, though, as X-rays are only created when the tape is unraveled in a vacuum chamber.

Apparently, enough X-rays were created to develop a fuzzy X-ray image of a researcher's thumb. Further research into this... technology... is needed; it could one day mean inexpensive and/or mobile X-ray machines. I don't really know what else to say about this.



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So, there's good news and there's bad news. The good news is that Dr. Pepper, the greatest soda on planet Earth, is giving away 20 oz. bottles of their concoction on November 23, 2008. The bad news is it's in celebration of the "planned" release date for Guns N' Roses' Chinese Democracy album.

The album, which has been in development and re-recording sessions for a whopping 17 years, has seen many a release date come and go, but with the album actually completed, it's now a matter of Axl just letting it go out into the world.

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Logitech Spy Camera Clock Review »

Today's tech review talks about things that might happen on the down-low, as we take a look at the Logitech Spy Camera Clock, which is a camera hidden in a desk clock. How awesome is that?

Look below the cut for the written review from Attack of the Show.

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Sure, your laptop may have the latest processor, gigs of RAM and the most uber video card out there but does it emit an earthy musk? Do you get a whiff of Floral Blossoms every time you open it up? We didn't think so...

Asus is introducing their latest lineup of special edition laptops that features four unique designs and scents. The folks at CNET break down the color and smell combos of the devices:

"Floral Blossom is pink with a flowery smell; Musky Black sports graffiti art and emits an earthy musk; Morning Dew comes in pastel green and offers that refreshing early a.m. je ne sais quoi; and Aqua Ocean gives off an aquatic aroma and comes with sky and wave imagery on the cover."

Aside from the complimentary scents, the laptops come with a 13.3-inch screen, Intel Core2 Duo processor, integrated webcam, up to 4GB of DRAM and up to 320GB of HD space. Pricing and availability is yet to be announced although customizing scents with your current laptops is already possible--like nacho cheese, French fry grease, ranch, etc.


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OCZ Neural Impulse Actuator Gaming Headband Review »

Today's tech review gets down and dirty with the OCZ Neural Impulse Actuator, a gaming headband that actually works off of your brain waves to deliver a satisfying gaming experience.

Look below the cut for the written review from Attack of the Show.

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Sony IS100 Home Theater System »

Sometimes, it's not the size of the speaker, but the motion of the wave, you know what we mean? That's why we look at the small but mighty Sony IS100 Home Theater system.

Look below the cut for the written review from Attack of the Show.

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T-Mobile G1 »

We finally get a chance to unwrap the G1, the first phone to make use of the new Google Android technology, to see what makes it so sexy.

Look below the cut for the written review from Attack of the Show.

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A Chinese company has engineered a pair of shoes that generates electricity as you walk. The sole contains a small amount of water and when the walker takes a step the fluid shifts and spins a tiny turbine capable of creating 1.2 watts of electricity. It's just enough to keep an iPod running forever provided the user keeps walking.

They're working on ways to make it more efficient and powerful and say the shoes could generate as much as 3 watts, which would handle a laptop. Unfortunately there's no system right now to store power so you'd have to be walking while using that laptop, which means you would have no lap, and therefore no top of your lap. But putting a small battery on a belt or on whatever connector goes into the device could solve that problem.

NTT hopes to actually have products for sale with the generators in 2010.


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The owners of Puck Technology are facing serious federal charges for selling a couple products that allow people to mask chemical substances in their urine. They're expected to plead guilty to conspiracy and defrauding the government charges when the time comes.

One of the products, the Original Whizzinator, is a prosthetic penis that the web site claims is "Undetectable!, foolproof!, and re-usable!" Well, the first two aren't totally disgusting. Apparently the penis mask stays warm for up to 8 hours thanks to third party glove warmers. This allows the flow to be the correct temperature when it gets squirted out by hand.

If you need to smoke pot bad enough to use a device like this, you probably shouldn't be a part of the U.S. workforce anyway. Also, no pothead is dedicated enough to actually pull this off. Of course, it masks more than just pot.

The attorney representing the company has said there is a plea agreement in place, but he could not discuss what it entails. What a pisser, huh?


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