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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 will feature a huge campaign, a revamped multiplayer experience, the largest zombie mode ever, and all the futuristic weapons you can imagine. In the video below, Blair Herter and Kristin Adams break down everything we know about Black Ops 2 so far, including an in-depth look at the game's campaign, zombies, and new multiplayer features.

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See what happens in episode four of Telltale's The Walking Dead as G4tv.com plays the first 15 minutes, just in time for Halloween. I predict many zombies, heart-to-heart talks, and lots of suspense. Check it out in the video below


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XCOM: Enemy Unknown Beginner's Guide - Be Prepared For The Alien Invasion

Welcome, new recruits! Earth has been invaded by an unknown alien race, and the planet's governments have banded together to create the secret organization known as XCOM, to counter attack the extraterrestrial invasion. You play as the commander of XCOM and have full control of the world defense team. You must lead them into battle against the intruders and create a fully functional HQ

Our beginner's guide will get you started in the world of alien elimination by going through the basics in this tactical turn-based game, XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Once you are done reading this guide, you'll be ready to take on the alien invasion and save Earth once and for all.

Building A Better HQ

Before we send you out to battle, you’ll need to build up your team, put together your alien-blasting arsenal, and make some of the tough choices that make XCOM a game that’s nearly impossible to put down. In the base-building section of the game, you'll have a complete overview of your HQ and be managing five rooms. Your main goal is to grow and enhance your base in order to improve your overall readiness when you take the fight to the aliens. Let me break down the five different rooms before we head into battle.

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IndieCade 2012 Winners -- Or How I Was Wrong With All My Predictions

Like I was telling someone before the big IndieCade Awards, this year’s selection of games demonstrated an unprecedented amount of talent and creativity. Any one of these titles could easily take home any of these awards without anyone batting an eye. That doesn’t make me feel any better at getting every single prediction (as usual) completely and utterly wrong.

I sometimes wonder if they don’t wait until the night before to start switching games around just so I have to write the article explaining how wrong I really am. But, I will take my defeat in grace and will never shy away from any opportunity to talk about some great indie games.

Now without further ado, I present to you the award winning games of IndieCade 2012. If you haven’t played them yet, you’ll want to get your hands on them as soon as possible.

IndieCade 2012 Winners -- Or How I Was Wrong With All My Predictions

Grand Jury Award – Unmanned

It takes minutes to play, but Unmanned sticks with you for long after the credits roll. As a part of a two man team for an unarmed drone, you experience one day in the life of this man who’s tired of staring through the camera of a drone flying around the Middle East and keeping his finger on the trigger. The day starts off with you waking up from a terrible dream and ends with you counting sheep. Between it all, you go to work, deal with you attraction to your co-worker, the slow death of your marriage, your son’s ADHD, and the life of the man in your sites.

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Indiecade, the International Festival of Independent Games, is the only gaming event in the nation focused exclusively on indie gaming.

We stopped by the show to chat with some up-and-coming developers like Shawn McGrath, Dain Saint, Jason Roberts, and Christine Love to get more information on their indie games Dyad, Splice, Gorogoa, and Analogue: A Hate Story. Check out the video below to see each one in action and to learn more about these passionate developers.

IndieCade 2012: Dyad, Splice, Gorogoa, Analogue Interviews »

For more from Indiecade, read our latest feature on the event: The Importance Of Being IndieCade -- Lessons We Can Learn From Past Games.


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You must learn about Star Citizen! We knew Chris Roberts (creator of the Wing Commander series) was returning to gaming with a new space simulation title, but we had no idea our asses would be so thoroughly kicked by the first video for the game.

Star Citizen "Squadron 42" Announcement Trailer »

Judging from the announcement trailer, Star Citizen looks like it will be the coolest game in the history of ever.

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New BioShock Infinite Trailer Coming Soon

BioShock Infinite has a new trailer coming. According to the BioShock Infinite facebook page, the latest video from the game will be live on the internet on Sunday, October 21 at 7AM ET.

The auteur behind the game, Ken Levine, has said that he was waiting to show off Infinite until what you see in video is "essentially the product we intend to put in the box."  So this trailer is kind of a big deal. 

After a series of delays, BioShock Infinite has been missing from recent game shows (GamesCom, E3, Pax, Etc.), leading to some speculation as to the state of the game. But the recent hiring of Rod Fergusson to work on the game is a good sign. BioShock Infinite is still on track for a February 26, 2013 release. 

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Borderlands 2

Co-op shooter Borderlands 2's has some more DLC coming. "Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty" DLC was revealed through the PS3's trophy list. PlayStation 3 users who downloaded an update were met with some new trophies related to the upcoming DLC, and, judging from the list, it looks like it will be an impressively large piece of new content.

The new Borderlands 2 content seems to have pirate theme, and take place in a new location, Oasis. The "gadabout" achievement givs a trophy for discovering "all named locations in Oasis and the surrounding Pirate's Booty areas."

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Maxis' upcoming urban planning game SimCity will allow players to move into cities that have been "abandonded" by other players.

Among the biggest changes that will be coming with the version of SimCity to hit in 2013 is the addition of social play. Your city will "interact" with neighboring towns in a non-linear way, so if you build the perfect little town of Mayberry next to the crime filled hell-scape of Near-Future Detroit, criminals will "overflow" into the prim and proper city, wreaking havoc. The same would work for positive trade betwen 'burghs, with players having the ability to share money, water, power and even plan intra-city projects like International airports.

But if you move in next to a deadbeat -- If someone in your region abandons his/her town -- you'll be able to take over his or her city and install yourself as mayor. There's a built in abandonment feature in SimCity.

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Crysis 3 will feature eight different types of multiplayer modes, on top of the game's story mode. Two of these multiplayer modes, Hunter Mode and Crash-Site Mode, were playable at Gamescom 2012. If you missed that convention, don't fret, the lead producer of Crysis 3, Mike Read, breaks down both modes in this gameplay video below. We played multiplayer  back in August, here's our Crysis 3 Hunter Mode and Crash-Site preview  if you want to know more.

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Borderlands 2 Mechromancer Guide -- Gaige Finds A Best Friend In Anarchy

Gaige the Mechromancer is unlike any other character that we've seen so far in the Borderlands universe. The playable foursome that shipped with the sequel all have common ties with the original game's Vault Hunters, but Gaige and her pal Deathtrap strike out in an unusual direction.

I got to witness this for myself firsthand in a recent two-hour hands-on demo, and I'm here now to share some of what I learned so the pros among you can get a sense of what to expect as you introduce Gaige to Pandora. Consider the following a primer. I didn't get to advance all the way through any one tree, though I did flip through the higher-level options and form some ideas about how I might want to proceed.

Borderlands 2 Mechromancer Charms On Twitter

Gaige’s Action Skill - Summon Deathtrap. Think of the robot as a mobile, smart-mouthed, melee-focused version of Axton's turret. Call Deathtrap to the battlefield and he'll zip around, putting the smackdown on your enemies with his claws. An onscreen timer -- again, similar to Axton's turret -- indicates how long your robot pal will stick around, though unlike the turret there's no option for calling him back early.

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EA's Redwood Shores Studio Now Visceral GamesVisceral Games may be developing a free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) strategy game for the PC as part of EA's Play4Free division. The company hasn't given any details on the project, but considering they're hiring people who have past experience with MOBA games for an upcoming PC action title, it seems like a safe bet.

Visceral Games is well-known for their work on the Dead Space series, so it's possible that this upcoming PC game could be a Dead Space spinoff. When we get more details about this unconfirmed project we'll be sure to let you know.

In the meantime, would you be interested in playing a competitive Dead Space MOBA title? I'm not sure how Dead Space really fits in to the MOBA genre, so it will be interesting to see what Visceral is coming up with.

Source: IGN


Game developers at Maxis are showing off their new game, SimCity, on a live stream. If you're at all curious about SimCity --and you really should be-- click the Read More tag for the video stream, or visit Maxis's site.

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Ubisoft has released another gameplay trailer for Far Cry 3. This video introduces us to the tribe you'll be helping throughout the game. First up is Citra, the mysterious and seductive leader of the Rakyat tribe. You also get to meet Dennis who will act as your spiritual guide as you try to become a warrior. Warning: I'm pretty sure I saw nipples toward the end of the video.

Far Cry 3 "The Tribe: Citra and Dennis" Gameplay Trailer »

Far Cry 3 will be released on December 4, 2012.

Borderlands 2 Mechromancer Charms On Twitter

Borderlands 2's Mechromancer DLC character will be available today on all platforms, a week earlier than previously announced.

The great Randy Pitchford, president of Gearbox software, tweeted the news thusly:

"So - here's the surprise, Mechromancer for Borderlands 2 is ready about a week earlier than I promised. Oct 9, all platforms. Woo!"

You know it's big news when it ends with a "Woo!"

If you preordered Borderlands 2, the Mechromancer will be a free download. If you didn't preorder, you can still download this character for $9.99 on the Playstation Network or 800 Microsoft Points via Xbox Live. For a more in-depth look at the Mechromancer in action, click the "Read More" tag.

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