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What if I told you I've found a way for you to spend the next few month doing nothing but playing a Playstation Portable? All your food will be taken care of, and you'll even get the PSP for free?

"What's the catch?" you ask. Well, you have to spend the next three or four months trapped in a mine in Chile.

As you may have heard, there are 33 miners trapped in a collapsed mine shaft in Chile right now, and they are going to be down there for awhile-- experts estimate three to four months. The miners aren't in immediate danger of losing their lives, so boredom and isolation will be the real problem, so the authorities have lowered down PSPs with the food, water and other supplies.  PSP to the rescue!

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SavagePolice detectives in Seattle, Washington are exploring Dungeons and Dragons and video games as potential motives for a brutal rape and slaying.

On Aug 17, aptly named 18 year old Tyler Savage reportedly strangled and raped his neighbor, Kimberly "Kimmie" Daily and then dumped her body in a thicket of bushes. Daily was 16 and developmentally disabled.

Savage, who had no previous criminal record, told police that he played Dungeons and Dragons Online after the crime to forget what he had done. Police are looking into the game to see if he was "acting out a violent fantasy from Dungeons and Dragons."

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Links: Gary Busey

As you enjoy your weekend and take a break from the hot sun, the beach, the outdoors or just a little gaming time, feel free to find the time to check out a few highly enjoyable links from around the interwebs.

  • Oh how times have changed. Enjoy 20 mind blowing vintage cigarette ads. Remember, blow it in her face and she'll follow you anywhere. [SuperTremendous]
  • Watch Gary Busey be both the worst and best Fantasy Football lawyer. It's predictably insane. [FilmDrunk]
  • Here's a list of the top 10 epic fails in horror movies. Anything they missed? [Heavy]
  • CollegeHumor is making fun of Ska in their latest video, which is fine, it needs to be made fun of. It's also completely relevant because if you're in college right now, you were probably between 4 and 8 years old the last time Ska was popular. [CollegeHumor]


Realtime Worlds Reveals First Details On Project: MyWorld

We've been following the soap-opera of Realtime Worlds all week. The company, who made APB: All Points Bulletin, is now under the administration of business rescue and restructuring specialist Begbies Traynor. But there's good news, 23 previously laid off employees have been hired back. Specifically, the re-hires will be working on the MyWorld project we told you about last month.

“As a smaller entity MyWorld is attracting considerable interest from potential buyers and 23 members of the team who had been working on the project clearly add value to it as a standalone business, hence the fact we have been able to offer a limited number of those jobs back," said Joint administrator Ken Pattullo in a statement.

Let's hope those 23 employees can create a virtual world where their company is stable! Am I right folks?? Hello? Is this thing on?

Limbo 2

This satricial flash cartoon takes a devastating shot at Activision and their business practices by imagining that the company buys the rights to beloved indie game Limbo in order to make a sequel, basically  to bring their Activision Magic(tm) to Limbo like the company did for Call of Duty, Tony Hawk and Guitar Hero!

Among the changes: Activision will add color, include celebrity appearances, with Vern Troyer and Gary Coleman as playable characters, plus a predator missile so Modern Warfare 2 fans can get through levels.

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It looks like MMO maker Realtime Worlds is in some real trouble. The company, whose last release was crime-centric MMO APB: All Points Bulletin, was placed in "administration," which in Scotland means it is in the hands of a company that specializes in corporate rescue. That company (Begbies Traynor Group) will look for a "white knight" investor or three to invest in the company. If that effort fails, APB will most likely be Realtimes' last game.

If you're one of the people actually playing APB, Realtime is keeping your world open. Reportedly, 50 or so employees left at Realtime are working on maintaining APB.

Even if Realtime does shutter its operations, it seems likely to me that some other publisher would pick up APB, and continue on with it. After all: Mixing Grand Theft Auto and World of Warcraft is a good idea for an MMO, even if the execution hasn't been to everyone's liking.

Who would have thought five years ago, when Crackdown was a surprise monster hit for Realtime, and everyone in gaming was excited about the company making an MMO, it would come to this!

Source: Develop

Tomonobu Itagaki To Reveal New Game During E3

According to Tomonobu Itagaki, the Japanese game industry is dying. Itagaki, who created Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive, should know -- the guy is practically synonymous with Eastern gaming.

According to Itagaki, the death of the Japanese game industry won't be due to crappy games, but rather a larger, systemic problem with the Japanese Socio-political system.

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Slave Leia, Cheesy Baseball Cards, Balls To The Face

I'm sure no one will disagree, getting beaned is not a pleasant experience. Though I've never been hit in the face with a baseball like Jimmy Rollins (pictured above), I have whiffed on a few passes playing basketball and taken one off the schnoz. Additionally, I once had a golfball ricochet off of my cranium, although luckily it was on the way down and not in the beginning of it's high speed flight path. Therefore, I can feel the pain of the people in the pictures in one of today's links who are all about to get domed and have the requisite expression of horror to go with it. Check it out along with a gallery of Slave Leias, some funny baseball cards and more.

  • Uncoached has an excellent gallery of people who either are about to be or have just been hit in the face with a ball.
  • Supertremendous has 30 of the worst baseball cards of all time. Many of them involve mustaches and the 1970s and 1980s.
  • If you haven't already watched Dinner For Schmucks, FilmDrunk will let you know why you should keep it that way.
  • Like most people, I thought Inception was awesome. But CollegeHumor is hear to break down some of the more ludricrous plot points.

Gamer Teen Leads Cops To Parents' Pot Stash

Judging from media reports, the Miller family of Buffalo Grove Illinois are interesting people. Trevor, 17, is into online gaming and his folks, James and Cindy seem to like smoking weed. The problem is that Trevor may have been using a stolen credit card to pay for his gaming, and that stolen card led police to the Miller house, and that led to the bust of his parents for growing marijuana. Two hobbies ruined in one shot.

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Crime SceneA small community of gamers in Kaneohe, Hawaii banded together briefly to defend their beloved Internet Cafe from a group of dumb-as-rocks hoods who tried to rob the place.  And it was all caught on video (included after the jump).

It all went down on Wednesday of last week at Gamerz, when a couple of masked thugs entered the Hawaiian nerd hang-out. They came in yelling and throwing punches at cashier Devin Wolery, as well as gesturing as if they had guns. After cold-cocking the counterman a couple times, the miscreants turned toward the customers and demanded money. A few handed over some ducats, but when the ne'er-do-wells demanded customer Dylan Hays Nintendo DS, the shizz got real.

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Discussion: The American Idol Judges Shake-Up

By now, you've probably heard the devastating, Earth-shattering news, which will affect the lives of people around the globe: Ellen Degenres and Kara DioGuardi are OUT as judges on American Idol. (We'll give you a moment to compose yourselves.)

After Simon Cowell called it quits from the show after the completion of the most recent season, the scramble to shake the show up was a task that became equivalent to trying to sell tickets to a fun park that lost its best rides. Shortly after bringing back executive producer (and So You Think You Can Dance? judge and show boss) Nigel Lythgoe, the agenda of getting the judging panel straightened out had quickly been put into overdrive. And just as we've learned about the exit of two of the show's judges, strong rumors are pointing to their replacements being Jennifer Lopez and iconic Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler.

So, let's get a discussion going: Is American Idol salvageable? Is there anyone out there that can fill the shoes stuffed with un-cashed million-dollar checks of Simon Cowell?

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Richard "Lord British" Garriott, creator of Ultima and incredibly awesome rich guy, will have some extra money to spend on space trips, antique magic equipment and solid gold aviaries. Garriott's legal team of Dupre, Shamino and Geoffery, Attorneys at Law (okay, actually Fish and Richardson) issued a statement reading:

“Because NCsoft mischaracterized his termination as voluntary, Mr. Garriott was forced to sell his stock options 2 1/2 years early, costing him millions of dollars. Jurors found NCsoft liable for breaching the stock option agreement with Mr. Garriott, and awarded him $28 million in damages.”

You could buy over 17 hamburgers with that kind of money!

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Prince Of Persia Movie

Director Mike Newell has an interesting relationship with gaming. He directed Prince of Persia, one of the most high profile video game movies ever made, and yet seems to believe that games can't convey emotions in the way that film does.

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Links Of TheFeed: Sucker Punch, NFL Hazing & More

Zack Snyder is a director who, in my mind, has always done a better job of making movies that are more visually interesting than anything else. I realize I could be opening myself up to fanboy rage here, but in The Watchmen, the beautifully choreographed opening sequence was the best part of the movie. The 300 definitely had a unique style to it, but the story was bare bones and it left me wondering what the hype was all about.

Hopefully that wil change with Sucker Punch, because the idea of a girl in a mental institution entering an alternate reality in order to hatch an escape plan has promise. In this week's links, we have the first Sucker Punch trailer, along with some NFL rookies being hazed like fraternity pledges and two completely insane videos from opposite sides of the world. 

  • Uncoached has one of the strangest rap videos ever. Yes, there's a disabled man, but the crazy guy next to him takes it to another level.

Trailer For Titanic II: The Unthinkable Has Been Achieved

What you're about to see, is not some clever viral video with a tongue-in-cheek joke about Hollywood daring to make a sequel to James Cameron's Titanic. Nope, this is a real trailer for a real film, as the folks over at film studio The Asylum have dared to do the unthinkable. (See below.) Of course, these are the same folks responsible for a plethora of straight-to-DVD films that have become mainstays of SyFy movie night, which, to the point of glibness, rip-off known Hollywood blockbusters. Do films like: 2012: Doomsday, Alan Quatermain and the Temple of Skulls, The Day The Earth Stopped, along with the films from the Transmorphers series ring a bell? Oh, and lest we forget, they also gave us gems like Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus and Mega Piranha.

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