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Ubisoft Announces Fighters Uncaged, Exclusively For Kinect

If video games were illegal street-fighters, Kinect combat title Fighters Uncaged would get its scrawny ass kicked all over the ring. This game is just not very good, and our reviewer Matt Cabral tells you why:

"Unfortunately, Ubisoft’s take on underground boxing is as bare-boned as it is bare-knuckled; sparse modes, stripped- down visuals, and broken gameplay should quickly doom it to the bottom of bargain bins, where it’ll still cost more than it’s worth."

Save your pennies, but check out our Fighters Uncaged review right here.

The 2010 Thanksgiving Turkey Game Pardon

Today in Washington D.C., our president, Barack Hussein Obama has pardoned two turkeys from their dreadful fate. Apple and Cider will not be beheaded, cooked and eaten. Instead, they'll take a trip to Disneyland and live the rest of their lives as unknowing celebrities, leading lives that are materially more comfortable than many poverty-stricken American humans. "It's kind of like a turkey version of Dancing With the Stars, except the stakes for the contestants was much higher," The president actually said.

Because we are better than the president of the United States, G4 offers our own annual pardon: Every year, we let a digital turkey off the hook, forgiving one horrible game. This absolutely does not mean that we're forgetting the "winner's" myriad flaws or that we're doing an about-face and recommending it for purchase, just that, in retrospect, we're happy that it exists in spite of the pain it has given us. And the nominees are...

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Activision Offers Bizarre Creations $40 Million Incentive Package

According to sources in the gaming industry, message boards and countless tweets in the twitterverse, developer Bizarre Creations has been closed. The company, acquired by Activision 2007 for $67.4 million, is headquartered in The United Kingdom and is behind recent racing game Blur and recently released action title 007: Blood Stone as well as Project Gotham Racing and Geometry Wars.

Reportedly, all 200 of the employees at Bizarre have been put on 90 day termination notice.

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Driver: San Francisco Pushed Back Into Early 2011

According to Ubisoft, both Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier and Driver: San Francisco have been delayed. Both games are now scheduled for the company's 2011-12 line-up. We don't have a specific launch window or date for either game, but that means the earliest these titles could hit would be April 2011.

Overall, Ubisoft reports first-half sales up 57% to €260 million, but that doesn't mean the company is turning a profit -- total net loss excluding non-recurring items was €44.5 million, with net losses at €89.8 million.

Obviously, any game delay is not happy news, but I'm wondering whether you guys are bummed that these games are delayed, or do you even care? Personally, I'm very curious about Driver: San Franciscoand unhappy that I will have to wait longer to try it out.

four loko blubberella

Ever wanted to watch a movie about an overweight vampire girl who fights nazis? Me neither! However, for those of you who do, Uwe Boll is back directing, and you can watch the trailer for probable train-wreck Blubberella in this week's links. 

  • Director of awful video game movies Uwe Boll is back with a trailer for Blubberella. Prepare to have your intelligence insulted! [FilmDrunk]
  • Here's an honest commercial for booze filled energy drink, Four Loko. [CollegeHumor]
  • Enjoy this gallery of hyper-realistic street fighter portraits. [UnrealityMag]
  • Cats generally can't be trusted. Here's 15 of them holding guns. [SuperTremendous]

Video Kinect's Body Tracking & Video Shared Viewing

The Kinect's nearly flawless facial recognition system is a fun little way to sign in to your profile, but soon the device may start identifying what's happening in your living room and sending the information back to Microsoft's computers. Before you imagine a 1984 style conspiracy where your complaints about the government will be broadcast directly to the Ministry of Kicking Your Ass, Microsoft says they would use the information to target advertising.

Dennis Durkin, chief operating officer and chief financial officer for Microsoft’s Xbox video game business, told investors today that Kinect presents "business opportunities for targeted game marketing and advertising."

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Over 1 Million More People Playing Call of Duty: Black Ops On 360 Than PS3

David Voderhaar, the design director for Call of Duty: Black Ops' multiplayer, has some angry, angry words for gamers who "twit-bomb" him with videos displaying glitches and/or exploits in Black Ops' multiplayer.

On  the Call of Duty: Black Ops message board, Voderhaar posted:

"We are disinterested in making mini-celebrities out of douche-bags... I got Twitbombed today from dozens of people with the same two links... What many of these people want is to be Internet nerd famous. I'm not going to make them famous and you shouldn't either. Internet hysteria from normal people is exactly what they want and that's how many people reacted today. You gave them exactly what they want."

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Please, the internet, continue to make videos of yourself and your family playing Kinect. Kinect accidents make me so happy...as long as no one gets hurt, of course:

We predicted a spate of Kinect injuries, and our prediction is coming true! In the Youtube clip below, a dad playing Kinect with his son throws out an elbow and clocks the youngster right in the face. Owwwww.

Enjoy the Kinect Injury Mayhem:

Playstation Move vs Microsoft Kinect: The Future of Motion Control

Remember when the Wii launched back in 2006? And days after it came out, we read a million reports of smashed TVs, smashed faces and smashed egos? Since Kinect launched, we've recieved one report of a broken TV, but we suspect the injuries and broken furniture from Microsoft's motion sensing camera device are just begining.

We've played a lot of Kinect here at G4, and feel confident that we will see the following injuries when the Microsoft Kinect gains a wider base of users.

"I Can Do This For Real!"

When I was playing Sonic Free Riders, in which you often have to jump, stretch, lean, kick, and punch, I noticed that if my onscreen avatar was doing it, I thought I could do it. You know, like hurtling down a steep ramp at breakneck speed before leaping across a chasm made out of hot lava. This game is sort of like training, right? I could totally pick up a board and shred some powder at Vail without falling on my ass, because I never made Sonic fall down once. Well, here's a tip: Sonic never falls down. He might catch on fire or have his vision obscured by octopus ink, but he'll never wipeout. Therefore, I must have superhuman powers of agility. So, I predict a rash of "I CAN DO THIS IN REAL LIFE!"-itis. Just wait until some poor kid tries to play with a Bengal tiger, or make their car do multiple flips while they're hanging out the window with one hand on the steering wheel.

--Kevin Kelly

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First Kinect Broken TV Reported

You knew these reports were going to start coming in -- The first TV has been destroyed by Kinect.  Movie critic Phil Villarreal wrecked his expensive TV playing Kinect last night. Sadly, he didn't put his fist through the LCD screen. Instead, Villarreal was playing Kinect Sports last night and... well, I'll let him explain it:

"A public service announcement: Do not under any circumstances play Kinect Sports Volleyball at 1:30 a.m. while standing under a ceiling fan with a dangling chain for a light switch. You could conceivably spike it into your year-old amazing TV, causing it to die with a rainbow LCD teardrop dripping down from the impact wound. Plus you'll lose the match by forfeit"

Ouch. Stay tuned to our blog for the next wave of reports about Kinect-horrors: Pulled muscles, punched faces, strains, sprains and broken bones, coming soon to a sedentary gamer near you.

(via Kotaku)


Microsoft Kinect Priced, New Bundle And 360 SKU Announced

According to some internet reports, including an article on GameSpot, the Microsoft Kinect is having problems recognizing some people with darker skin tones. Gamespot tested the Kinect with three "dark-skinned" employees. Two of them had problems with the system's facial recognition, one of them did not. Gamestop tried a bunch of different calibrations, and were not able to get Kinect to recognize the pair. Leading to the obvious conclusion that Kinect is totally racist!  (Kidding.)

Microsoft comment, saying, "Kinect works with people of all skin tones. And just like a camera, optimal lighting is best. Anyone experiencing issues with facial recognition should adjust their lighting settings, as instructed in the Kinect Tuner."

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Cops Collar Crook For Pokemon Crime

Cops in Yokohama Japan have collared an alledged arch-criminal mastermind! Twenty-seven-year-old Makoto Sekiguchi was recently arrested for uploading unreleased Pokémon characters from Pocket Monsters: Black & White to the internet. The horror!

Sekiguchi reportedly uploaded six images of Pokémans like Chaoboo on September 1, a full 17 days before the official release of the game in Japan. Sekiguchi is charged with violating copyright infringement.

In a deposition, Sekiguchi said, "Thought I would show everyone the characters that haven't been made public yet."

I, for one, feel much safer now that Sekiguchi is off the streets.

Source: Kotaku

Rumor: Ignition Shuts Down Florida Office

According to a report on GI.Biz, publisher Ignition Entertainment has shut down its Florida office. The company published Black Light Tango Down and my own, personal favorite game, wacked-out horror title Deadly Premonition.

According to GI.biz's source, “Several members of the UTV Ignition Corporate Office in London came in [to the Florida studio] with police officers, and asked the 70 members of staff including the GM and executive producer to pack up their stuff and go home.”


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Xbox.com Getting Major Update Tomorrow

Some indie developers are not happy with the changes that have come from yesterday's Xbox 360 dashboard update. At issue: The removal of Xbox Live Indie Games from the proper games store.

Within the "Games & Demos" section of the Games Marketplace, you'll now find Arcade Games, Games on Demand, and Demos, but no "Indie Games." Indie Games now reside in their own section within a separate "Specialty Shops" category, along with the Avatar Marketplace and Game Room.

"It's a categorical failure (literally) ... I'm hear (sic) to mourn Indie Games being known as 'games', which I suppose we must now rename Indie Specialties," said Weapon of Choice developer Mommy's Best Games.

Do you think the new classification of Indie games will make them harder to find? Do you care at all?

Source: Gamasutra


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