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Gaming Addiction: Fact Or Fiction?According to a study published in the medical journal Pediatrics (my third favorite medical journal), one in ten kids is addicted to video games, and that addiction causes anxiety, depression and poor school performance.

The study followed the gaming habits of 3,000 kids (from grades 3, 4, 7 and 8) from the U.S., Singapore and Hong Kong for two years, and found that nearly one in ten was at risk of becoming "pathologically addicted" to gaming.

Game addiction is not an accepted psychological condition, but for the purposes of this study, it was defined as playing more than 31 hours of games a week. I don't know about you, but I would consider that pretty pathological -- that's practically a full time job!

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When last we heard about Project Gotham Racing and Blur developer Bizarre Creations, Activision was looking for a buyer for the studio, and if none was found, the final axe would fall. Today, it has all but certainly fallen. It looks like, barring a miracle, Bizarre Creations will be no more.

According to an article on Develop, Bizarre's parent company, Activision, has not found a buyer for the studio, and has recommended its closure. Bizarre will apparently accept the recommendation and close its doors for good. So pour a little off the top for a dead game developer.

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Photos From Inside A Korean Anti-Gaming Camp

Over in Korea, they are not playing when it comes to "curing" kids of gaming addiction. Website All Voices has posted a set of 15 photos reportedly taken inside a youth camp in South Korea. The pictures detail the military-style training kids who miss school, join gangs or become addicted to video games are subjected to.

Honestly, it doesn't sound far from American "boot-camp" style programs -- teens are put through soldier's disciplinary routines, complete with extreme conditions and battle-fatigues. Inmates are pushed over assault courses and learn to ride horses, but are also given therapy workshops. The difference, in my eyes, is American boot camps are aimed at really bad kids, not kids who spend too much time playing WoW.

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Links of TheFeed: Nintendo Before Hoes.

If there is one thing that I have learned during my time as a gamer, it is that video game tattoos can be both incredibly awesome and absolutely horrendous. A well thought out inking as a tribute to your favorite game is a great idea. But a poorly thought out Nintendo logo tattoo done by an artist who probably practices with crayons? Not such a great choice. Case in point: This photo gallery of horrible video game ink. Now, I love me some video games, but I would literally kill myself if I woke up with "Nintendo before hoes" on my arm. So the next time your partially drunk friend feels like getting Mario inked onto his right butt cheek, be sure to point him to the gallery found in this week’s links. And then slap him. Slap him really hard.

  • The 30 worst gaming tattoos of all time. [SuperBooYah]
  • Tom Hank's son is a rapper. He is absolutely horrible. [FilmDrunk]

It's that time of year, kids, time for the Golden Mullet awards, X-Play's swim through the cess-pit of the very worst video games of 2010. Join Adam and Morgan as they give you our choices for the worst of the worst.

Get ready for action and adventure with our fab opening video, Raiders of the Lost Mullet, with a special guest appearance from legendary game designer Cliff Bleszinski!


Raiders of the Lost Mullet - The Golden Mullet Awards 2010 »


Click the "Read More" tag for links to the year's winning, loser games.

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Sure, we're excited for developer People Can Fly's upcoming shooter Bulletstorm, but the developer was also working on something called Come Midnight, a 360/PS3 survival horror game that has been canceled. All that's left are the beautiful bones shown in this demo video. Oh, what could have been...


People Can Fly game (unpublished) from Andrzej Rudz on Vimeo.

Playstation Move vs Microsoft Kinect: The Future of Motion Control

Microsoft just can't get away from the dreaded "Red Ring of Death." According to reports in the BBC and some posters on Xbox.com's message board, the red ring is showing up to brick 360 consoles of gamers who connect a Kinect to their older Xbox 360s.

According to users, after the Kinect is installed and an update is applied, the screen freezes and the trio of warning lights appear, signaling the end of video game fun and the beginning of the repair process.

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Answers We Want From The Next Episode of Lost:

The lottery just got spooky. In New York State yesterday, four of Hurley's famous numbers from the show Lost came up, and over 9,000 Losties won $150 each. That's way short of the $114 million that Hurley took home in the series, but it's enough to purchase a couple copies of the entire run of Lost on DVD.

Tuesday's New York Mega Millions numbers were 4, 8, 15, 25, 47 and 42, with 42 being the Mega Ball number (as well as the answer to the question of Life from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.) Hurley's numbers:  4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42, so not an exact match, but close enough to be interesting.

The more rational-minded among you may say, "It's simply a statistical anomaly of random numbers that people have chosen to assign significance to," but if you think there's something more to it than that, perhaps you should think twice before you play Hurley's famous digits in the next lotto: Hurley's life, post windfall, was fraught with terror and tragedy, and he wished he never got rich at all.

Source: People

Guy Beats George Costanza's Frogger Record...Not That There's Anything Wrong With ThatWhile I don't fully accept that playing video games can alter people's behavior, the case of a Clemson, Soutch Carolina man's accident may be enough to change my mind.

According to police, the 23 year-old man was standing on a street corner with some friends, discussing old school arcade game Frogger. He reportedly yelled "Go!" and took off across a busy highway. He was immediately struck by a 2010 Lexus SUV.

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We're generally positive here at G4 (or, "totally possy" as MMO Report producer Patrick Roche-Sowa once said), but sometimes it's fun to scrape at the bottom of the barrel and take a look at the worst games of the year. Attack of the Show just did that, with an assist by X-Play's Abbie Heppe:

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Links Of TheFeed: Insane Stories & Christmas Shenanigans

2010 was a particularly crazy year. Not because of weather, politics, video games, the economy, or anything else. Rather, 2010 was a year of crazy individuals and stories you wouldn't believe if they happened in a movie. For example, someone tried to do a real life version of Weekend at Bernie's! WTF? For a recap of this year's most insane stories, plus a guy telling little kids the truth about Santa and more, check out this week's links.

  • What happens when impressionable young children are told that Santa isn't real? [CollegeHumor]
  • Here's the 10 funniest Christmas present reactions caught on camera. [Manofest]
  • Video game DLC, 3D Movies, and 4 other price scams we all fall for. [UnrealityMag]
  • The man who was forced to eat his own beard and 12 more of the most insane stories of 2010. [FilmDrunk]

Thief Steals Game Systems From Kids With Cancer

Stealing game systems from anyone is despicable, but there's a special circle of hell reserved for a criminal in Charlotte North Carolina who stole game systems from kids with cancer. The unknown miscreant boosted five systems, including Xboxes, from an office at the Carolinas Medical Center this past weekend.

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North Korean Homefront Barbecue Truck: A Sensitive Photo-Essay

The succession of power in North Korea is always of great interest to us in The West. The identity of the finger on the trigger of North Korea's nuclear weapons (if they exist) has great consequences to the entire population of the earth, so a few years ago, when Kim Jong-Il was noticeably weak-looking, it was obvious that the throne would be passed on to one of his sons. According to secret diplomatic cables released by Wikileaks, Jong-il's middle child was not chosen to head up the tragic regime of North Korea because he is more interested in video games.

From a cable released by Wikileaks, written in 2008:

¶8. (C) There is consensus among xxxxx that, at least for the moment, none of KJI's three sons is likely to be tapped to succeed him. xxxxx considers the two youngest sons, Kim Jong-chol and Kim Jong-un, far too inexperienced and incapable of effective governance. xxxxx, observing that KJI's oldest son, Kim Jong-nam, is "too much of a playboy," Kim Jong-chol is "more interested in video games" than governing, and Kim Jong-un is simply too young. Additionally, KJI had been groomed for many years to replace his father and former North Korean leader Kim Il-Sung before the latter passed away. In contrast, xxxxx, none of the sons has received similar preparatory treatment.

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Gran Turismo 5 Gets New Cars, Modes, and ... Karts?!.

Gran Turismo 5's 1.03 patch went live on the PlayStation Network yesterday, adding much-needed vehicular damage to the car simulation game. Good news, right? Maybe not. According to some users, the GT5 patch may be causing damage to save games, damage that requires saves be deleted, and precious car collections erased and destroyed.

I installed the update at home, and had no problems at all, and the reports don't seem that widespread (yet.) But this might be the tip of a very distressing iceberg. We'll keep up on it and let you know if it gets more serious.

Let me turn it over to you guys: Have you had any problems with the Gran Turismo 5 patch?


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The Empire Strikes Back Turns 30!

A couple of nerd icons, director Irvin Kershner And actor Leslie Nielsen, passed away over the long weekend. Kershner was best known for having directed one of the greatest sci-fi films of all time, The Empire Strikes Back, where Nielsen's roles in the Airplane movies and the Naked Gun series forever assure his place among the funniest movie stars in film history.

Kershner died at his home in Paris at the age of 87, according to his goddaughter Adriana Santini. Nielsen was 84 when he passed in his Florida home due to complications arising from pneumonia.

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