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Diablo 3 players Kripp and Krippi have achieved the world first hardcore Diablo kill. These two players were playing Diablo 3 in a mode that means once you die, you lose your character and all the items it was wearing and you have to start all over again. Inferno mode is the hardest difficulty in the game, and Diablo is the final boss in the game. Basically, they were the first people to beat it.

And what did they get for their accomplishment? A crappy blue ring that will be worth millions of gold (or hundreds of dollars on the RMAH) for what it represents. Here's a video of the final moments before the kill.

What's makes the achievement even more special is that Kripp and Krippi were under a time crunch to get it done. Mere hours after they killed Diablo, Blizzard patched Diablo 3 and made game-changing decisions that nerfed several classes. They also made Inferno difficulty a bit easier so more people would have a chance to play through it. Defeating Diablo pre-nerf like Kripp and Krippi did  will be something every BlizzCon goer will remember forever. Congrats!

Microsoft recently unveiled their NUads idea which will allow you to interact with TV ads via your Kinect. While it's not the same thing, a band named Chairlift recently released an interactive music video for their song "Met Before." We wanted to post the video so you can see this type of interactivity in action and feel all nostalgic for choose-your-own-adventure-things like Goosebumps. 


Source: Kotaku

Aisha Tyler Responds To Criticism With Dear Gamers Letter:

Aisha Tyler received some harsh criticism from gamers after her recent job hosting the Ubisoft Presser during E3 2012. Personally I think she did a fantastic job keeping the show upbeat. You can watch the entire Ubisoft press conference here at G4TV.com and judge for yourself.

Since the presser, she's responded to the criticism via a somewhat defensive letter entitled Dear Gamers on her Facebook page . Here's a snippet:

"I play.
I've been playing my whole life.
I'm not ashamed of it.
I don't apologize for it.
It's who I am.
To the core.
I'm a gamer."

The full letter can be found after the break.

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E3 2012 E3 2012 Homepage Hero

E3 2012 is all over now, but the memories will live on for at least a few months. We'll be bringing you previews, interviews and more from the show, but I wanted to share some funny fan reactions to the Entertainment Expo. Below, you'll find three of the funniest, most clever E3 GIFs I've seen. Feel free to point us to more of them in our comment section.

I've posted the sources where I saw these, but like many internet things, I'm not sure if these are the original sources.

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There are two important lessons to be learned from CorridorDigital's new mash-up short (via Destructoid): mash-ups are sweet and Nintendo's Mario continues to be the reigning king in all "who's the best?" video game debates. Don't agree? That's fine. Just stand over there. Away from me. I don't want to get any blood or entrails on me when a blue shells squashes you.

Great work on "Art of the Instakill" here from CorridorDigital, the same folks who brought you Repair Tool Hero and a special effects-fueled "Fus Ro Dah" vid. This one rules them all though. I can't think of any better way to kick off the week than with two minutes of senseless, cross-franchise violence.


Take a look at these fraggers in Battlefield 3 taking aim from their...boats? That's right, apparently some bug in Battlefield 3 allows boats that have gotten flung in the air on the Sharqi Peninsula map to stay there for a while. The boat can even been controlled in the air. Just watch the video, it's funny.

Note: Video contains some NSFW language.


Check out this awesome Simpsons fan art, featuring all of the characters dressed up the main classes from Diablo 3. We've got Homer as a Barbarian, Marge as a Wizard (and she looks rad with her hair down if I may say so myself), Lisa as a Monk, Maggie as a baby Demon Hunter, and Bart as a Witch Doctor. No, this isn't from an actual episode, it's fanart that Diablo 3 community manager Bashiok tweeted. Pretty awesome, huh?

You might fancy yourself a Nintendo fanboy or fangirl, but is your love for the hardware manufacturer and game maker strong enough that you're willing to set up 30,000 dominoes to demonstrate it? YouTube user ShanesDominoez just raised the bar for fan-created tributes with this elaborate domino setup.

The setup was actually a two-person effort, as ShanesDominoez admits to collaborating with fellow YouTuber, Dieckdomino. I think we can all agree that their efforts are commendable. They even managed to work in some actual game cases and Wii remotes alongside the falling dominoes!

If you need help creeping out girls with you vast Pokemon knowledge, check out this video. Simple Pickup has put together a compilation of their best, and worst, Pokemon pick-up lines. I assume they were inspired by one of my favorite memes, Dat Ash. Prepare to be amazed and offended.

Warning: Some pickup lines are NSFW-ish.

Perfect Strangers Flash Game Makes Us Do The Dance Of Joy

Perfect Strangers is now the subject of a browser-based Flash game. I wasn't aware that pop culture nostalgia had reached the point of embracing the odd-yet-strangely sweet adventures of the Chicago-dwelling Larry Appleton and his recently arrived distant cousin, Balki Bartokomous. It has though, and that loving embrace has given birth to a bizarre little Flash game set to the sounds of the show's opening theme.

You'll guide a running and flying Balki through a series of worlds as you collect stars and try to make your dream -- which you write out before you play -- come true. I nabbed all the stars and am still waiting for my BILLION DOLLARS to arrive, so I'm not sure the game really delivers on the dream promise. It delivers on every other front though, so go play it and get a taste of what watching '80s TV felt like.

Now bring on the Family Matters-inspired sequel, please. As long as it involves doing something terrible to Urkel, it wins.

Source: Joystiq

If you love Portal 2, then you have to dedicate a few minutes to watch Harry101UK's parody of Beyonce's "I'm Just A Boy" as sung by an emotional turret. The video is touching, the lyrics are hilarious, and the actual singing is spot on. Definitely check it out, but beware, it contains Portal 2 spoilers. 


Since a Wii U remake of Star Fox has not been announced, we'll have to get our HD Star Fox kicks somewhere else. YouTuber rickonami has heard the cries of millions and answered them with this badass remake of the original opening sequence from 1993's Star Fox.

Check out the original opening after the break.

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What could be better for a Friday morning Nugget than a new Freddie Wong short that nods to Skyrim? This live-action love letter basically plays like a slightly warped version of the actual game, only it's set in the real world and features living people. As anyone who is familiar with Wong's work knows, the quality of the production is what sets this one apart.

There's also not a single "arrow in the knee" joke, despite there being several opportunities to draw from that exceedingly empty well. For that alone, this video is worth your time.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Sends Us A Disembodied Arm

Check out that crazy disembodied arm above! It was delivered to G4's offices earlier today, and at first I thought it was a strange warning from one of my many murderous enemies in the Mafia. But it turns out to be connected with upcoming game Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

As you can see, the arm has a USB drive attached to it.  The drive contained a series of photos, a letter and a video. I love a good mystery/ARG/wild-goose-chase/viral marketing thing as much as anyone, so I've embedded it all under the "Read More" tag. Pour over it at your leisure.

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Valve Employee Handbook

An employee handbook from Valve has hit the internet. Generally, I wouldn't be linking to internal, organizational documents related to a company because it would be very dull, but if you've ever wondered why, exactly, Valve is the best game company on the planet earth, this document may enlighten you. It's all about structure.

At heart, Valve is organized in a non-hierarchical manner, and relies on no outside funding or influence. Even Gabe Newell doesn't have people who report to him. The idea is to hire awesome people who want to do awesome things and the just let them do those things -- according to the document, the employees are all on self-directed projects, all the time.

Maybe that means Half Life 3 doesn't come out when you want it to, but it also means that when it does come out, it will be extra-double awesome, because there isn't a board room full of guys in suits pushing the "creatives" toward a November release so that quarterly sales figures can be higher.

Of cours, the danger in such an endevaor is that it flashes bright and burns out, but somehow, Valve's been chugging along just fine for a bunch of year.

Before you click this link, be warned: Valve's employee handbook will make you very, very jealous.

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