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Minecraft Prom Picture Delights Everyone On Earth

Reddit user creativian did his prom right, as you can see in the picture above. According to creativian, his friend and he "decided we didn't want to do the old 'corsage & boutonniere' for prom, so we got these instead."

Crossed swords from Minecraft? That's what I call "style!"

I posted the full-size picture under the "Read More" tag.

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Another week, another ridiculous Grand Theft Auto 4 mod. "Desert Storm" dumps a desert's worth of sand on Rockstar Games' beautiful Liberty City, creating a beautiful post-apocalyptic city that's been ravaged by a horrific sandstorm. Kind of like Spec Ops: The Line's Dubai, only with far fewer nods to Heart of Darkness.

As it turns out, sandy Liberty City is an awesome place to race dune buggies in. Catch air like you've never caught air before as you race up the side of a dune -- or pyramid, apparently -- and soar off into the unknown. For added joy, mix this mod with the hilarious horse mod. Then you can play out your very own version of Hidalgo, only with much less Viggo Mortensen (and hopefully MUCH less suckage).

Source: Kotaku

The Matrix has been remade in the Source Filmmaker by Youtube user LiveCurious95.

Check out the film below entitled "The Matrix Remaked" which is a recreation of the famous "Recusing Morpheus" scene from the critically acclaimed film The Matrix. If you aren't familiar with the original scene, in which Neo has to gun through an entire building that's swarming with agents in order to rescue Morpheus, we've embedded it after the break so you can see just how amazingly accurate the Source recreation is.

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If you were moved at all by the story of Portal 2, I think you will enjoy this fan-made continuation of the ending. Made with Source Film Maker, RonaldTheCock's "After Aperture" is evocative, moody and just might bring a tear to your eyes. Check it out:

Zelda meets the wild west in The Game Station's "Fistful of Rupees," a three-part miniseries starring YouTube celebs TJ Smith, Lisa Foiles, and Rawn, with guest appearances by Brook "Dodger" Leigh and Jesse Cox. "Fistful of Rupees" is part of The Game Station's ongoing MASHUP project, where the group takes popular video games and mixes them with a movie genre. You can find all three parts of the miniseries embedded below for your enjoyment. My favorite character in the series has to be Dodger's Navi, but I think the whole thing is extremely well done.

For parts two and three, check after the break.

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LEGO Legend Of Zelda Poster -- The Hero Of Time We Deserve

LEGO Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time could potentially be one of the greatest action-adventure titles ever conceived. I mean, it's got everything: love, sword fights, mystery, ponies, a terrifying villain, and most of all, tons of studs to collect and bricks to smash. Wouldn't that be great? Just think, even LEGO Stud Navi is adorable. If you can make Navi likeable, anything is possible. It seems like Wes Talbott, the artist behind this imaginary poster for a Zelda LEGO game, thought so too. Check out the full poster after the break.

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Some Black Mesa: Source gameplay has been leaked. Black Mesa: Source is an ongoing fan project which aims to re-create the original Half-Life using HD visuals. The footage below is from the "On a Rail" chapter, where Freeman must navigate through an electrified rail yard teeming in guards in order to launch a rocket. While the voice-acting may need a bit of work, everything else from the guns to the music seems top notch.

Source: ValveTime

We love mods, they're silly, they're creative, and they're often violent. This GTA 4 mod is all three. YouTuber Taltigolt, who credits indirivacua for the mod, has posted a video of a mod that turns gamers into a horse, one with paralyzed back legs, no less. The horse can stroll around town, bump into people, and drive his car through crowds of people.

Source: Kotaku

Professional StarCraft 2 player "MVP" from team Incredible Miracle was featured in a great piece by CNN. The video takes you inside the life of one of Korea's most winningest pro gamers, and his journey to WCG 2011. Not only is the piece informative and expertly made, but it's also great for the community that such main stream news outlets, like CNN, are taking notice of the increasingly popular eSports phenomenon. Take a look at the video, and let us know your thoughts about it in the comments section.

Olympic gymnast Elsa Garcia Rodriguez Blancas did her London 2012 Olympic qualification routine to an arrangement of music from The Legend of Zelda by Lindsey Stirling. Blancas ranked 35th in the event, but nonetheless her performance was still beautiful. Check out a video below of her performance from a qualification event using the same song. 

You can watch a high-quality version of the performance during the Olympics over at Kotaku.

Cooking Mama: Breaking Bad Edition -- Cook The Highest Quality Product With Mama Walt

Breaking Bad fans, I've found the most amazing flash game you'll play all day. Feast your glossy eyes on Breaking Bad Cooking Mama from Juan David Gómez. In this clever game you'll go through the steps of making meth as seen in the hit AMC show, like crushing sudafed pills, mixing ingredients in the right order, and adding ingredients to your mixture at the right time. What's great is how Mama Walt guides you through every step of the way in order to make sure your product is up to his standards. It's really short, but definitely got me smiling.

Now we just need a sequel with Jesse, because I love Jesse.


Valve's Left 4 Dead games are relatively straightforward "survive the zombie apocalypse as you move from A to B" shooters, but there are many subtle layers within the basic framework that this new fan film manages to nail (via Joystiq). Seriously Left 4 Dead is a short film built entirely out of fictional found footage, following three survivors as they explore the post-apocalyptic ruins on the outskirts of Savannah, Georgia.

There's a bit of a Blair Witch Project influence going on here, what with the title card nodding to the three lost survivors at the beginning and the direct address of the camera that kicks off the film. The action is staged in the Left 4 Dead style, and while the film isn't heavy on gory special effects, what's used is used very effectively. Thumbs up to YouTube poster Jason Forge and his cohorts on pulling this together.

Warning: Lots of NSFW language to be found in this video. You have been warned.

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Corgi Corki League Of Legends Fan Art Is Ready To Fly!

Corki the Daring is a champion in Riot Gaming's League of Legends who flies a plane in his standard look. However, an amazing Redditor/artist after my own heart named Rachel Corey created this adorable Corgi Corki skin fan art. I love League of Legends almost as much as I love Corgis, so this skin is practically made for me. Check it out and then send mass e-mails to Riot to get it made. Please?

Source: Reddit

If you have a spare million bucks or so sitting around, you might want to purchase a Kuratas from Suidobashi Heavy Industries. Kuratas is a mech, an actual, working, ride-in mech that's 13-feet high and weighs over 4 tons.

The mech is controlled through a touchscreen UI with Kinect-based movement interface, It can lock on to enemies through facial recognition, and its twin BB "gatling guns" can be activated through smiling. All I'd do was smile, and everyone would be pelted with endless rounds of BBs.

The $1.35 million price tag doesn't include further customization options like a faux leather interior, cup holder or phone cubby, but you'll probably want to pony up the extra dough for those. I mean, why wouldn't you?

As far as I can tell, this is a real thing that actually exists. Please watch the videos below and send me a million bucks:

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To date, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City remains one of Rockstar Games' more perfect releases, and one of the best examples of GTA game design done right. Vice City does an outstanding job of balancing play with story, focus with variety. It's clunky to play by today's standards, especially now that we can all be floored by Rockstar's RAGE engine, but it nonetheless continues to stand as one of the greatest in video games.

Now we have this fan-made translation of Vice City's final mission as it might have played on a Commodore 64 (via Kotaku). It tweaks the narrative slightly -- the final showdown with [name redacted -- SPOILER] is no longer on the roof of Tommy' mansion -- but I don't think you'll enjoy it any less. Needless to say, don't watch the clip if you've never finished Vice City before.

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