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Sifl And Olly Video Game Review Show


Posted September 12, 2012 - By Stephen Johnson

In the video below, old-school sock puppet heroes Sifl & Olly make their triumphant return to review fake video games. Check out Sifl and Olly review a couple Kinetic games for the Zeus 720 including Slap Dat Ass: Beat Jamz and the exciting new "Home X-Ray Kit." It's as ridiculous and awesome as it sounds!

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Final Fantasy 7 has been recreated in LittleBigPlanet 2 by a die-hard fan with impeccable timing. Just in time for the 15th Anniversary of Final Fantasy 7, YouTube user Jamie Colliver used the LBP2 level creator to make twenty different levels from FF7, including every conversation, the soundtrack, characters, bosses, and enemies. He also put in a full combat system with all five materia types and every character's Limit Break.

Jamie's currently uploaded six videos spanning two and a half hours of gameplay which we've put below. It's incredible.

There are two groups of people where David Simon and Ed Burns' HBO series The Wire is concerned: those who regard it as one of the best TV programs of all time and those who haven't seen it. This is for the former. What if you could actually PLAY The Wire? CollegeHumor asks that very question in a new video treatment that renders The Wire as a retro RPG in the vein of Final Fantasy.

You, too, can investigate a murder scene with McNulty and Bunk, solving the crime using nothing more than one four-letter word. Or step into the shoes of Stringer Bell as he faces off against Marlo, Omar, and Brother Mouzone. Or use a warp whistle to skip past the "level two" lesson on how freight shipping works. Speaking of which, all of you season two haters are WRONG.

Needless to say, prepare for some admittedly unconventional and indirect yet quite major spoilers. If The Wire is something you plan to watch or are in the midst of watching, just bookmark this video and watch it when you're done. Also, a word of warning to all: there's a LOT of text-based naughty language in the video.

Team Fortress 2 Cats -- Nugget From The Net

Tumblr user Ginger Dude has given the internet the great gift of all, the gift of Team Fortress 2 cats. He has posted numerous pictures of cats with photoshopped TF2 outfits on them. In his tumblr post he says, "I don’t know what I’m doing with my life." You sir, are doing the greatest work in all the world. Keep it up!

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Remember that first Bioshock Infinite trailer? The one that featured Infinite's main character sliding down buildings in a futuristic city-in-the-clouds? What if that trailer had been made in, say, 1985? Check out the Pixelated Bioshock Infinite trailer below for a look into that alternative universe.

You know what? It still works.

I've embedded the original trailer below the Read More tag for comparison purposes.

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Ars Electronica Futurelab has created something truly amazing. The European collective launched 49 Quadrocopters into the night sky, and created a video that is truly magic. Click play!

Silent Hill vs. Resident Evil... which would win? As gamers, we love to pit things against other things. That's what fan filmmaker Brett Driver's new Videogame Deathmatch is all about (via Destructoid). The short film pits RE's Hunk against Pyramid Head, with a special appearance by Silent Hill 2's James Sunderland.

There are shinier fan movies out there that boast bigger budgets, but I quite enjoy how this one is staged and executed. Maybe it's the creepy make-up/camera work combination on Sunderland. Maybe it's my fan allegiance to both series'. Or maybe it's just because we finally get to know what would happen if Pyramid Head faced off against a rocket launcher.

Yeah, probably that last one. Enjoy.

Looper is an upcoming science fiction film about time traveling assassins. Since traveling through time is a major theme, Deepek Chetty decided to make a video showing what Looper would be like if it was a retro 8-bit video game. Check it out!

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In the video below, parkour master Ronnie Shalvis dons the clothing of the hero of Assassin's Creed and absolutely destroys some city streets, buildings, fountains and more. All that's missing is the hidden sleeve-blade.  Check it out:

The Mushroom Kingdom is under attack in this video called Mario Warfare. Youtuber, beatdownboogie, has put together this gripping look at war, honor, and duty as the enemy closes in on the Mushroom Kingdom. Toad, Mario, and Luigi are finally armed and ready to defend what is theirs.

I see a ton of fanmade trailers and videos, but this one definitely has serious potential. I can't wait to see more.

They don't have a release date yet, do don't ask.

YouTube user Seedyrom34 has created a working, time-traveling Delorean for Grand Theft Auto 4. The lovingly created vehicle includes a panel for setting the time travel date and time, a Plutonium meter, and more. Yes, you "time travel" at 88 MPH. Amazing.

Click play on the video to check out this GTA 4 mod.


The below "leaked" iPhone 5 video from Adam Thinks shows off Apple's new phone. It explains how the iPhone 5 is the perfect device to take pictures of your food, as well as the perfect device to momentarily fool your fake friends into thinking you have a fulfilling inner life and aren't a hopeless shambling husk, waiting with a mixture of fear and resignation until your days in this vale of tears come to a merciful end.

Gangnam Style, the k-pop sensation, has been recreated in Valve's Source Filmmaker. It features characters from Team Fortress 2 and Left 4 Dead 2. PSY's Gangam Style has previously been parodied with Gundams, but I think this version with TF's Heavy is my favorite.

The jovial world of Rapture makes the perfect backdrop for a BioShock musical number. A man chooses but a slave JUST WANTS TO DANCE! YouTuber brentalfloss has composed this lovely BioShock song, a love song really, about Rapture. With lyrics like, "Hop in a bathysphere, take in the atmosphere, it's like New York, but with more fish," you know you're in for a good time.

Check out the YouTube page for the rest of the lyrics.

When I first heard PSY's "Gangnam Style" I thought he was singing about Gundams. He was actually singing about a high class area is Seoul, South Korea. But I wasn't the only one who misheard the song, and now a YouTube video, thanks to KatsuhonoProduction, has been released depicting every person in the Gangnam Style video as a Gundam.

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