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I'm not suggesting anyone out there get married or anything, but if you absolutely must yoke yourself to another person for the rest of your days, the least you can do is propose in an awesome way. Newly engaged gamer Gary Hudston just raised the bar for everyone.

Hudston commissioned a custom Portal 2 level that ends in "will you marry me." He even managed to get the actual voice actress of GlaDOS, Ellen McLain, to do the voice for the mod. Check it out:

In case you feel like seeing laser hearts yourself, you can download the level yourself right here.


Links of TheFeed:  Samus Meets Portal

How can Samus Aran be made into a more effective killing machine? Give her a portal gun. Honestly, imagine how quickly she could navigate those tedious levels. Need to backtrack to find a weapon upgrade? Shoot a portal. Can't jump over that giant lava dragon? Shoot a portal. Not to mention, Samus would look fantastic in Aperture Science white. Check out her new suit in this week's links. GLaDOS doesn't stand a chance. 

  • And the award for most embarrassing video goes to...[Superbooyah]
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles rob a Wendy's. [Blastr]
  • $1 million gets you into this exclusive space hotel. [Dvice]
  • Good news: No Bradley Cooper in Crow remake. Bad news: It's still happening. [FilmDrunk]

Links of TheFeed: Pizza Quest

This week's Links of TheFeed has a little something for everyone. We've got a truly awesome Star Wars coin, zombie movie news, and the most adorable bear attack video known to man. Not a fan of Star Wars or bears? Don't worry, we've included a Diablo III rage video just for you. Check it out below!

  • World War Z movie will make you weep like a child [FilmDrunk]
  • This is the Star Wars coin you've been looking for [Blastr]
  • R2-D2 sweater will make you a hit with the droids [Dvice]
  • This fan really, really hates the Diablo III auction house [UnrealityMag]
  • The most adorable bear attack video you'll see today. [Superbooyah]

Team Fortress 2 LEGO Characters

One very creative Team Fortress 2 fan named Matt De Lanoy has made a set of all of the characters from Valve's free-to-play FPS in to LEGOs! "I have to say, they're pretty fun to make," said Lanoy. "The scale can allow for a surprising amount of detail, but the real key to making these is getting the proportions right."

If you want to check each individual LEGO character, check out Matt De Lanoy's Flickr page for lots of pictures of each figure.

My favorite LEGO TF2 character would have to be the Pyro, I love his little gas mask and flamethrower. What about you?

Your Mom Rated E for Everyone

Redditor streder posted the above photograph of comical sticker on the bumper of a car. I just wanted to share.

(Although I'm sure your mother is actually a nice woman.)


YouTuber IBTheRapper has created a strange masterpiece in the video below. It takes the Mario universe, pop music, and hip hop, and mashes it into an examination of Mario and his pals' different relationships with Princess Peach.

I'd never considered how Toad feels about Peach before watching this video, not to mention considering Bowser's romantic motivation. Check it out:

A very creative Portal 2 fan has created a talking Wheatley puppet. Youtube user trpchakai describes all of the measures that went in to creating the puppet on her blog, and overall I think that the finished product came together brilliantly.

I want to know if the Space Core puppet will be done next! What did you think of this Wheatley puppet? Awesome or creepy?

There are few things I love more in life than puppies, and this real life Okami puppy is extremely adorable and awesome. Sure some people think dressing up dogs is a crime, but this dog looks happy as can be portraying the beautiful the Sun Goddess Amaterasu.

Real Life Okami: Nugget From The Net

More cute pictures of the doggy are after the break.

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Niko Bellic has a lot of problems, but nothing supernatural... until now. Witness, friends, YouTube user cp0020's video of a mod that adds shuffling, murderous zombies to the PC version of Grand Theft Auto 4.

The mod uses the recently released fan-created ICEnhancer tools for the PC version of GTA 4.

I'm a pretty committed console gamer, but when it comes to breathing new life (or death) into older games, the PC is the way to go!

Link of TheFeed: Star Wars Baseball

Nothing can hide from Star Wars. The popular film series has invaded nearly every aspect of American culture, including the highly coveted holiday special (try not to think about it). So it is of no suprise that fans of the Force are frequentley spotted rooting for their favorite team in full Stormtrooper uniform. Don't believe us? Check out this week's Links of TheFeed to see a full gallery of crazed Star Wars fans kicking back and enjoying a good ol' fashioned pod race baseball game.

  • Life-sized LEGO R2-D2 [Dvice]
  • Popular video game characters as hispsters. [UnrealityMag]
  • Meet the latest real world superhero. [Blastr]
  • Shakespeare movie features "WORDSPLOSIONS" [FilmDrunk]

Mike Haggar is a hero who you may remember from the Final Fight series. Once a professional wrestler, Haggar is now the mayor of Metro City. All of his sacrifices, all of his victories, and there are many, have finally been documented in the way he deserves. I present to you, The Ballad of Mike Haggar.

And so it begins...

"Welcome, friends. I hope you're well, I bid you join me for a spell, Sit by, pipe down and be regaled, With our beloved city's tale."


By now we've all seen Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2. If you haven't seen it, this video may have spoilers. If you have, then you agree that the ending was a little weak. At the very least, it left something to be desired. But what, what was missing? Oh yes of course, Halo Spartans stealing Harry's kill. Perfect.

When you think of the National Jitterbug Competition many images may pop into your mind. I sincerely doubt an image of Luigi and Mario getting down was one of those images and yet here we are. Ladies and Koopas, I give you Mario and Luigi in a dance competition.

If you've never whacked a clucking chicken with your sword so many times that you trigger the summoning of an angry clucking chicken army then you've never truly enjoyed some of the best Legend of Zelda games. Okay, maybe that's not true. Pissing off Cuccos is fun though, right?

What nobody ever thinks about is how the Cucco feels. Sure, there's that whole "angry clucking chicken army" thing, but Zelda's Cucco has got some depth, man. See for yourself in this amusing Nugget from ChrisCrossMedia.

Bonus points for the video featuring a scene of Navi being devoured.

Source: YouTube

Your summer reading list just got longer with the addition of these amazing Pokemon books. Geekosystem has a collection of 15 classic books you were probably assigned in high school. All of you good students who read the Sparknotes saw a noticeable lack of Pokemon in these books. That wrong has been righted.

Here are a few of my favorites.

Pokemon In Classic Literature -- Nugget From The Net

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