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YouTube user Armago24X is my new hero. He/she, with the help of his/her friends have recreated the Skyrim trailer in Team Fortress 2. It is a work of extreme comedy and genius, and I take off my hat and bow deeply.

I've embeded the original trailer below, so you can compare and contrast.

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The video game bloggers over at Smashing Joysticks have put together an amazing video that details the history of console gaming in only four minutes. It's slick and interesting and begs the question: How many  of these consoles can you name?




Steampunk Fighting Stick -- For Those Who Love Fighting Games And Really Hot Water

Custom fighting sticks are hardcore, but custom steampunk fighting sticks are for the elite. This arcade stick was built for a member of SRK who wanted to go full-steampunk. Here are some of the features it boasts:

  • Solid full clear acrylic case with hardwood cladding with brass screws to match theme
  • Hand cut and engraved brass sheet below top plexi panel.
  • Hand cut and roughly sanded bottom stainless steel panel for underside
  • Genuine clock work parts for internals
  • 8mm copper piping to hide/tidy cables
  • Random silver wire acting like cable tidy
  • Seimitsu PS-14-KN buttons all round with copper leaf inserts with simple light up LEDs on activation
  • Sanwa JLF stick with a real wind up pocket watch. Sadly, I ruined it when I was drilling the hole for the threaded insert. A little crumb of plastic fell into the gears and stopped it from working.
  • Datel/Paewang pcb for xbox 360, ps3 & pc support. 

Check out Shoryuken for more information and pictures.

BioShock Cosplay Photoshoot at the Georgia Aquarium

Irrational staffers showed up at the Georgia Aquarium to take some awesome pictures of a few really creative BioShock cosplayers last weekend during Dragon*Con. The group included people dressed as Thuggish Splicers, Houdini Splicers, Spider Splicers, Sander Cohen, Andrew Ryan, Jasmine Jolene, Jack, a Little Sister, and many more.

You can check out the full BioShock Dragon*Con cosplay flickr page to see all of the costumes. Which is your favorite?

Fallout: New Vegas was noticeably missing something and if you're on the same page as I am, that something was Pokemon. A gamer named darthgir2 was on that Pokemon-filled page with me when he created this Fallout: New Vegas mod. I've decided to call it Fallout: New Kanto.

Check out this site to get the mod for yourself.


Why You Should Wait A Few Weeks Before Buying A Single Player Game

There are a lot of really awesome single player games available now and coming out over the next few months so reddit user Cephster has created an extremely scientific image weighing in on the benefits of waiting a few weeks before purchasing these games. In his example, he takes Deus Ex: Human Revolution and shows off how the game went on sale right after it was released, got plenty of bug fixes, and how many Deus Ex: Human Revolution guides were available online.

Click the cut for the big reason to get a game on launch day.

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Links of TheFeed: Back to the PastAre

Fans of the Back to the Future series lost it this past weekend when Nike announced their intention to auction a collection of highly coveted Nike "Power Lace" Air Mags. The self-lacing shoes featured in the 1989 sequel were showcased in their full glory at a special press event organized by the Nike. But why would a pair of shoes cause such a fervor and sell for a jaw-dropping $37,500? Check out the kicks in this week's Links of TheFeed to find out!

  • Marty McFly's self-lacing shoes go on sale [Blastr]
  • This bendeble phone concept would make a Bender bot blush [Dvice]
  • Chris Evans is having way too much fun on the set of The Avengers [FilmDrunk]
  • A collection of fantastic Star Wars graffiti [Superbooyah]
  • This is why intergalatic troopers don't use a suggestion box [CollegeHumor]

Women Fighter In Reasonable Armor -- Metal Bikinis Need Not Apply

It's long been a running joke in my circle of gamers friends that women in games would get killed in the armor they wear. Seriously, how does Milena, Ivy or Cammy survive a single battle? Just aim for anything.

Well our battle cries complaints have been heard in the form of concept art. WomenFighters.Tumblr is a collection of female fighters who have battle appropriate armor. These designs still show some skin but it's an upgrade from Kitana's sash. Head to the site to see more designs.

The video below is from the ending of 1997 PlayStation game The Lost World: Jurassic Park, and is probably the best video game ending that has ever been created.

Every game on earth should end with Jeff Goldblum telling victorious players to "Go outside and get the stink blown off you," don't you agree?


Links of TheFeed: Amazing BioShock Infinite Cosplay
Every now and then there is one piece of cosplay that simply defies description. Such is the case with this amazing BioShock Infinite cosplay, which stars cosplayer Anna as the fragile yet powerful Elizabeth. Honestly, I will be genuinely suprised if 2K Games doesn't immediately contact this woman and produce some type of promotional art. Hell, just put her on the cover of the game and call it a day. Check out the pictures for yourself in this week's Links of TheFeed.
  • The Wonder Twins are close...a little too close. [CollegeHumor]
  • George Lucas' daughter brings the pain. [FilmDrunk]
  • Did Apple lose another iPhone prototype? [Dvice]
  • Cyclops and Wolverine switch powers. [Blastr]
  • The greatest killers in the history of horror films. [Guyism


Thank the PlayStation Gods, Kevin Butler is back with a new hilarious PlayStation 3 ad called Long Live Play. I don't want to spoil the epicness, but watch all the way through for the crazy stunt Butler pulls off at the end.

What'd you think of the new PS3 ad? Did it get a giggle out of you?


Taking cover in Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a vital part of the game. Adam Jensen runs to safety in many key moments of the game. A gamer named Joshua Mutter noticed that when Adam Jensen tries to use the cover mechanics he does a little dance, a safety dance you might call it.

Next time you're at a club you should break out the Jensen.

Links of TheFeed: The Greatest Holiday Sweater Ever Created

Everyone dreads the deadly grandma sweater. Every holiday at least one child is forced to give out a muffled "thank you" as they are given a hand knit monstrosity, usually decorated with deformed reindeer. However, there is always at least one exception to the rule. Just check out this Contra sweater, created by perhaps the greatest grandparent ever.

  • Nicolas Cage returns in this new Ghost Rider 2 trailer. [Filmdrunk]
  • The Star Wars alphabet [Blastr]
  • NASA is working on an MMO [Dvice]
  • The 30 dumbest video games ever created [SuperBooYah]


The below short film about Portal by Dan Trachtenberg is very, very amazing. We don't want to spoil anything about the film, so just watch for yourself and we'll help you pick your jaw up off the floor after it's over.

Entertainment industry: This is how you should make video game movies!

 What did you think of "No Escape?" Let us know in the comments section.

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A new Minecraft mod called Pokémobs lets you catch them all. To all you naysayers, this isn't just some blocky Pokemon creatures, the mod gives gamers the ability to throw Pokeballs, capture the Pokemon and have them follow you around like Pikachu in Pokemon Yellow. The mod is still in its early forms of development but it already demonstrates many key Pokemon characteristics. For example, Pokemon try to escape before capture, and Pokemon can evolve.

The mod was created by Seagoingmanatee Pwootage

Check out the Minecraft forums for more.


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