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Super Mario Brothers

You may think you know your favorite games inside and out. Turns out, your favorite games could have been very, very different. Picture Mario gunning down Goombas with a rifle, playing The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time in first person or even playing Arkham Asylum as a...rhythm game?! Yup - game designs go through a lot of different versions, that's no secret; it just turns out some of them are completely insane.

Take a look at six of the strangest early prototypes for games.

Source: Cracked

Battlefield 3's beta has left some gamers with mixed feelings about DICE's upcoming FPS. The beta, on all platforms, has been plagued with some weird glitches, some are even game breaking. It goes without saying (but here I go anyway) the BF3 beta is not a reflection of the finished product. The retail copy of the game will hopefully do away with these bugs, but in the mean time, we will exploit them and make fun of them mercilessly.

One of the funniest glitches in BF3 is the "Nessie." Yes, I'm the only one who calls it that. The glitch has already been parodied with a "in real life" video.

Keep reading to see the original video of the "Nessie" glitch.

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id Software filled Rage with plenty of Easter Eggs paying homage to past games. One of Rage's Easter Eggs is nod to Wolfenstein 3D. The blue, polygonal level even has a gold trophy that can be sold for a pretty good price.

If you want to find the Wolfenstein 3D room head to the Ghost Hideout by the Hagar Territory. It has to be after your initial visit. I know that's vague but I'm trying to spare you spoilers. Watch the video to find out more.

Rage "Wolfenstein 3D" Easter Egg Video »

Nintendo Butchering Charts: Yoshi Tongue Stew, Anyone?

If you love butchering and Nintendo character sprites then you're going to love artist Jude Buffum's prints. He's taken famous Nintendo characters like King Koopa, Ganon, Chocobos, and Yoshi and literally cut them up in to their "edible" parts. I've never thought about what a Chocobo drumstick or Yoshi tongue stew might taste like but unfortunately I will now.

Check after the break for a few more examples the butchering charts.

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Sometimes the best jokes are the simplest, like creating a full-on, high production value YouTube World War II epic using cardboard for all weapons. I'm not even sure why I like this so much, but it's amazing. 

Check out "Cardboard Warfare"... and note that the music is from Medal of Honor!


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  • Videos
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Sometimes the Internet leaves me speechless. Very frequently, Mojang's Minecraft is the culprit responsible for stealing my words. Such is the case again today.

One dedicated fan of The Simpsons took the time to construct an elaborate Minecraft machinima treatment of the title sequence from Matt Groening's classic series (via Kotaku). My favorite part is seeing Maggie rendered as a block. Enjoy.

Source: YouTube

Links of TheFeed: Internet Headaches

If you are part of the gazillion users that use Facebook, you’re probably already aware of the changes coming to the social network. You also probably have a few friends who have been posting on Facebook that they are tired of Facebook (it’s odd, I know). But where would they flock to? Where could they go to whine constantly about changes that they’ll forget about in two weeks? Perhaps you should direct them to Not Google +, a social networking service for people that you never want to hear from again. Check it out in this week’s links!

  • Possible set photos from the Mad Max reboot [FilmDrunk]
  • Amazon releasing a new tablet soon? [Dvice]
  • Awesome sci-fi mashups [Blastr]
  • A breathtaking trip around planet earth [SuperBooyah]


Games On Demand Version Of Oblivion Is Not Game Of The Year Edition

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion has entertained fans for over five years now, and its sequel Skyrim will be released in November. Part of the draw - at least for me - of these games is the way the world feels fully developed. A big part of that is the literature in the game. Well, one intrepid Redditor took all of the in-game books in Oblvion and printed them out, then bound them in leather. He should just about be finished reading by the time Skyrim is released.

Click the source link for a look at his amazing work!

Source: Reddit

Gears of War 3 made an appearance on TBS' Conan O'Brien show last night. The comedian and crew took advantage of the newly released Xbox 360 game to create a more "emotional" storyline of their own. Check it out below.

Personally I didn't find any of the jokes very funny, but that's just me. Did you like what Conan did with Gears of War 3? If you want to watch some people who actually know what they're doing play the game, check out our Gears of War 3 live stream at 1 PM PST today.

Gears of War 3 Cheesecake: Coco With A Lancer

In honor of the release of Gears of War 3, the great Coco, girlfriend of badass gamer and Gears 3 star Ice-T, has posted a photo of herself rocking a Gears lancer. Who am I not to share it with you? I mean look at those that gun!

Click this link to look at the full, uncropped photo, right from the source.

Zerg Inspired Motorcycle

I've always known that members of the StarCraft 2 community are some of the most creative gamers around, and once again they've surprised me with this custom Zerg inspired motorcycle. This 2007 Suzuki GSX-R 600 has been painted with enamel spray paint by Redditor Smashblu and I've got to say, for their first try, it came out spectacularly. Plus, not only is it colored green and purple For The Swarm, but it's also decorated with Zerg decals and comes complete with a "Z3RGRSH" license plate. I'd love to see the Queen of Blades riding around on this thing. For more pictures of the bike you can check out the photo gallery.

Source: Reddit

Have something to share? Sitting on a news tip? E-mail me. You can also follow me on Twitter!


Indie developer Arthur "Mr. Pondukian" Lee has found a way to spawn parallel universes to control time with his unnamed Screenshot tech demo. While Valve may alter gravity and space within Half-Life and Portal respectively, this game brings everything to a new level. Check out the incredible demo below.

What do you think of the Screenshot tech demo? Did it blow your mind, and would this be the next implementation you'd want to see in a Portal-esque game?

Source: RPS

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Just when you thought there wasn't anything left to create in Minecraft, someone made a mod that turns the game into World of Warcraft. The creator of this mod likes to call it Mine of WorldCraft, a title I thoroughly enjoy saying. Take a look-see at the video below to witness first hand what World of Warcraft would be like if it was a lot "cubier." No, that's not a word, yet.

For the SUPER iam8bit art exhibition a group of very creative gamers came up with some hilarious Mario and Zelda inspired Roomba covers (dubbed Goomba Roombas by the Internet). The art exhibition featured over 100 artists remixing their own personal 80's videogame memories, and I think that this is the perfect way modernize a classic. If these ever came out I'd have to pack up my Dyson vaccuum cleaner and get a Roomba. These are that adorable and hilarious.

If you want to learn more about the art exhibition you can check out our SUPER iam8bit Gallery Art Show video.

Links of TheFeed: Real-Life Minecraft

There are some video games that would be incredible in real-life. Unfortunately, Minecraft is not one of them. Today's Links of TheFeed features an artist's realsitic portrait of the popular PC game and it is full of....grass. Maybe it's just me, but wandering around grass fields with a pick-axe in L.A. doesn't sound like much fun. Then again, being chased on the streets of L.A. by a real Creeper could be entertaining. Judge for yourself by checking out the picture in this week's links.

  • A Star Wars LEGO model that will make you weep tears of joy. [Dvice]
  • 13 fantasic sci-fi cookie jars. [Blastr]



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