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With Black Ops, you got crazy tomahawk kill videos. There's no tomahawk in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, however. Instead we have the throwing knife filling that role. The potential for crazy kills is unchanged though, as you can see in the above video (via CVG).

The user-created clip highlights a completely improbable death by throwing knife after it bounces several times off of a hovering Osprey, only to fall straight down into the back of a camping sniper. That's the sweetest cherry on top imaginable: not only do you get to see this crazy feat of video game physics, you also get the satisfaction of knowing it sent a shameless camper to respawn oblivion.

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What goes up must come down. A simple scientific theory that's put to good use in the above video (via CVG) from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. I can't imagine that the black comedy moment happened by chance; surely there's some kind of mod at work. Frankly, I don't care. This is awesome.

The funniest thing to me isn't the whole "sitting down to watch the murder" thing (though that's plenty entertaining), but rather the delayed reaction of the guards until the arrow hits home. I know it's just a game mechanics thing, but I still have to wonder what those guards were thinking would happen with that arrow after it descended from the stratosphere.

Yes: I anthropomorphize AI-controlled characters. Video games reporting is a lonely pursuit, what can I tell you?

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Man Buys Full Suit Of Halo Master Chief Armor After Getting Dumped

After hopeless romantic Eric Smith custom designed an engagement ring to propose to his girlfriend with, she dumped him. Getting dumped is one of the worst things ever, especially if you're gamer, because finding a significant other that can put up with (and maybe even enjoy) your hobby can sometimes be hard.

Well, Eric took the dumping to the next level. Instead of drowning his sorrows in Skyrim and pizza like a normal guy, he sold the ring on eBay and commissioned an artist to create a full scale suit of armor modeled after Master Chief from Halo. Apparently it's something he always wanted and he had nothing holding him back (like a woman). 

Hopefully his new suit will help him pick up new chicks. Good luck, Spartan. You can check out more pictures of the suit via Eric's Flikr page.

Source: Short List


Hail brethren of the great internet realm. I trust that thine travels across the lands of Skyrim have quickened your thirst for savory links! Well then, fair gamers, gather ‘round the table, for I come bearing tales that will quicken your hearts and tickle the stomach. Navigate your trusty mouse post haste to the links below and click away!  And yes, I have been playing too much Skyrim.

  • The Asteroids film is looking for a writer. I'm as puzzled as you are. [FilmDrunk]
  • Check out this seven-foot papercraft Gundam [Dvice]
  • Immortals director really, really wants to make a Samurai Jack film [Blastr]

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Have you ever felt enough rage when you're killed by an enemy in a game, like a Creeper in Minecraft, that you just wanted to lay in to the helpless beasts with a SMG? Now I know that it's not just me, as Freddie Wong and crew have created Minecraft Massacre, a short yet hilarious video about a gamer chick who feels the need to unleash on some creepers after they own her.

You can check out more video game based short films from Freddie Wong via YouTube.


Skyrim fan, and I assume all around badass, Dan Bull has put together a Skyrim rap unlike any other. I'm pretty sure Skyrim doesn't have a dragon shout quite like this. So go ahead, let Dovahkiin rock your world.

It's good, but it's no Werewolves of Skyrim.

Source: RipTen

Links of TheFeed: Prepare For The Apocalypse

Here at G4 we take the zombie threat seriously. That’s why this week’s Links of TheFeed is full of tips to keep you alive during the inevitable zombie apocalypse. We've got a wrist-mounted crossbow, and a handy guide on how to turn your 1997 civic into zombie-killing machine. Oh, and we also have some Carmen San Diego movie rumors. Carry on and good luck!

  • Check out this awesome Halo sniper rifle LEGO replica [Unrealitymag]
  • Carmen San Diego film may star Jennifer Lopez. Seriously. [FilmDrunk]
  • 25 photos of cats that look like celebrities [Superbooyah]
  • This wrist-mounted crossbow would make Ezio jealous [Dvice]
  • How to zombie-proof car [Blastr]

I've always thought The Legend of Zelda would be ill material for some sick beats. Did I say that right? I may not have articulated that the right way but Zelda Gets Played has all the right words. This Legend of Zelda rap isn't your Mom's Nintendo rap either. Song, lyrics and music are via Hiimrawn and you can check the rest of the credits at their YouTube page. Check it. Here's a taste of the chorus in case you want to sing along.

Why all the Ladies always Trippin on me
they be requesting that I be questing
I be thee best thing big stick I swing
Can you see my Green Drip Drip Visine
What Im questing

Lin of TheFeed: Candy Hangover

Normally, I would open up The Links of TheFeed with some type of witty remark or rhetorical question. That is not happening. Instead, I will simply tell you that there are funny links that should be clicked on. Why have I forgone the pleasantries of humor and wit? I have eaten three-times the amount of sugar recommended by the FDA. Now, click the links and allow me to eat my candy in peace.

  • "Dumb & Dumber" is actually getting a sequel. [FilmDrunk]
  • Every zombie talks like Christopher Walken. [Unrealitymag]
  • General Zod talks the new Superman film! [Blastr]
  • Meet the most dramatic rabbit in the world. [Superbooyah]
  • A peek at how Windows Phone will interact with Xbox Live. [Dvice]


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Plants Vs. Zombies composer Laura Shigihara is back in 'da hood with some friends to bring you this hilarious Magic The Gathering rap, "Tapped Out." Shigi is joined by Andy Hull, George Fan, Paul Hubans, and Tommy Refenes. Do you stand a chance against the deckmaster? Check it out below.

Source: Rock Paper Shotgun

This week, most primetime shows held their annual Halloween episodes, and NBC's The Office featured one of the best costumes we've seen yet: Dwight's version of The Queen of Blades, AKA Kerrigan, from StarCraft 2. Kerrigan is the queen of the Zerg, and Dwight did a brilliant job of putting this epic costume of her together. Check out the clip of the episode below:


If you want to watch the full The Office episode, check it out on Hulu.



Catherine Cosplay Is Impressive

I don't know about you, but I loved weirdo Japanese game Catherine. I gave it a 4 out 5 stars in my Catherine review. I also love cosplay, and the Japanese couple above do Catherine cosplay right.

The cosplayer are Shin, as Vincent and Omni Gibson as Catherine. You can argue that Vincent is clearly not in the dream world in the above photo, but I would respond with, "Shhh... just look at this entire gallery of Catherine cosplay and chill out a little."

(Via Kotaku)

I'll admit right now to not being a huge Starcraft 2 player - let alone RTS games in general. But this mod that recreates one of my favorite Super Nintendo games - The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past is pretty damn sweet. My only question is why didn't the Cucco attack Link?

Source: YouTube


We all know that Sonic the Hedgehog's enemy, Doctor Robotnic, wants to turn all the animals in the world into robots, but have you ever considered why? Like, what does an educated (yet fat) man hope to achieve by mechanizing all wildlife? Check out the video from Dorkly.com for an explanation, and a look at what might happen if his evil plan succeeds.

The ultimate FPS simulator has been created. A British tech show called  "The Gadget Show" set out to make the a gaming experience unlike any thing you've seen before. I'm serious; this is holodeck crazy. They used Battlefield 3 as the ultimate FPS game and from there things got crazy. Using an igloo vision dome, omni-directional treadmill, ambient lighting technology, toy guns and paint ball turrets, "The Gadget Show" was able to create the most immersive gaming experience possible.

Next time someone asks me what I want the next generation of consoles to have, I'm going to link them to this video.

Source: Joystiq


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