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I thought nothing could top the Skyrim Macho Man Randy Savage mod but it looks as though it may have a contender; WarioWare: Valve Edition. A Valve-centric mod has been created. It mixes Nintendo's WarioWare with several of Valve's most well known titles like Portal, Team Fortress 2 and Half-Life. "Who is this" with the Gman is my favorite.

Source: ikusa0717

Skyrim may have been released two months ago but that in no way means we have The Elder Scrolls 5 off the brain. Countless hours of questing can lead to looking at the real world through a Skyrim veil. This video from GroBroPros takes a look at what Skyrim in 2012 would be like, complete with Belethor's distant cousin Gregethor.


There are some pretty cool Skyrim mods out right now, like the ones that make the graphics prettier or the models look more realistic, but the Macho Man Randy Savage mod is just downright hilarious. The mod, titled the Macho Dragons mod, changes all of the dragons in Skyrim to be a Cowboy hat wearing heavyweight champion who yells random Macho Man punchlines rather than using normal dragon shouts. Watch the video below to check it out in action. YEAH!!!!

You can download the mod from Skyrim Nexus, and if you don't, this weird half dragon half wrestler will snap you apart. YEAH!!!

Links of TheFeed: A New Year Of Weird

Need help getting over that new year headache? Allow us to soothe your mind with this week’s Links of TheFeed. We’ve got Nintendo rumors, Avengers news, and Batman acting like a complete fool. What more do you need? Check it out!

  • Nintendo app store rumors [Dvice]
  • The greatest Lord of The Rings tattoo ever? [Blastr]
  • The Avengers to be converted into 3D [Filmdrunk]

StarHack, a project that has been in the works for quite a while now, has just released its beta version on Battle.net in North America. StarHack is a sleek-looking StarCraft 2 custom game that's based on Diablo's gameplay mechanics and style, but uses StarCraft 2 items and models. Here's a video of the game in action.

As the mod is still in beta, all of the areas and characters that will be available aren't in the game yet. However, once it's all complete the game will feature vendors, an inventory system, random generated dungeons, a minimap with real-time locations, four classes, 18 skills per class with a mix of active and passive skills, and support for up to 8 players.

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We've seen plenty of people using Microsoft's Kinect to accomplish impressive feats, and today's offering is no different. Youtube user Taylorveltrop has managed to program his Kinect, in conjunction with a Wii remote, to control and navigate a NAO robot. While I think this is really the first progress we've made toward controlling Gundams, this genius used it to brush his cat. Also commendable.

What do you think about controlling robots via the Kinect sensor? What types of things would you make the robot do?

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  • Videos
  • Screenshots
  • Cheats and Walkthroughs

Mineways: A Free Program The Brings Your Minecraft Sculptures To Life

Mineways is a new, free, program that will let you turn your Minecraft creations into real sculptures. You can use the program to build anything from the imaginative game, not just objects. To make it work, all you need is a 3D printer, or someone like Shapeways, who will put it together for you.

We know there's a LEGO Minecraft set coming soon, but this is different. With the LEGO set you have to rebuild your creations out of Minecraft-inspired blocks. With Mineways, you can take things that you've already created, and bring them to life. If someone spends a lot of time creating a very intricate object, I can totally see why they'd want to use this program.

What do you think of Mineways? Will you be trying it out? You can find all of the details on the Mineways website.

Source: Kotaku



I really wanted to give you readers something special to send you off into 2012 on this final weekday of the year. I searched high and low for the perfect video to share, something that properly encapsulated all of the crazy things that have happened in 2011. Then I realized that most of you are probably gone already, so I grabbed a funny Skyrim glitch montage featuring a cymbal-mashing toy monkey and called it a day.

It's been a real pleasure interacting with and being berated by you all this year. Everyone have a happy, healthy and, most importantly, SAFE New Year's Eve this weekend. Catch you in 2012! And remember, people: when life gets rough and you don't have anywhere or anyone to turn to, you can always just drop everything and DANCE!



Unless you've taken an arrow to the knee, I guess. Then you're screwed.

Video Game Drinks: Nugget From The Net

If you're of legal age in your jurisdiction, perhaps you enjoy an alcoholic beverage occasionally? If so, might I suggest you celebrate your winter-holiday-of-choice by imbibing one of the video game inspired drinks featureed inU.K.'s Guardian? The drinks were created by James Dance, owner of "stylish Falmouth bar and video game arcade Loading," and all are based on 2011's biggest video games. 

My favorite of the six cocktail concoctions is the Modern Warfare-inspired "Frag Grenade" pictured above, if only for the commitment it would take to actually drink one. It works like this: You mix Limocello and creme de menthe in a shooter to create a "Soap MacTavish," then you make a "Jagernaut" by combining Jagermeister and Baileys. Suspend both over a glass of energy drink mixed with black vodka (the Makarov.)  Then you, "pull the pin," of the Soap, dropping the other shot into the energy drink mixture -- Boom! Headshot! Drink all three before everything blows up in your face and you ruin New Years.

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Avenger Controller

I realize that our Nuggets from the Net tend to come in the form of videos. Hopefully you'll forgive me for doing things a little differently this morning.

Let me set the scene: Dave, a Penny Arcade reader, contacted Ocean Marketing, the PR firm that handles peripheral maker N-Control, about an as-yet-unfulfilled order placed in early November for the company's Avenger controller attachment. The series of e-mails that unfolded from there eventually came to include Mike Krahulik, of Penny Arcade and PAX fame. Mike was kind enough to post the entire exchange on PA for all of you to see. There's a long excerpt of it under the "Read More" tag, as I'm afraid Penny-Arcade's site will crash, now that every gamer on the entire planet rushing to read the amazingly douchey exchange.

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Gamer Frog Plays Ant Crusher -- The Amphibians Are Taking Over

Taking after the Bearded Dragon who was playing Ant Crusher a week ago, we've now found a frog that could be her most fierce competitor for the Ant Crushing title. Check out this new video, featuring gamer frog, taking some serious names in the Android version of Ant Crusher. The end of the video had me in tears it was so funny. Check after the break to see it, and note that it autoplays!

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This week’s Links of TheFeed is all about settling arguments.  And who is better at settling arguments then George Takei? The film legend finally settles the debate between the Star Trek and Star Wars by uniting them against a common enemy. Who will face the combined wrath of both sci-fi epics? Find out in this week’s links!

  • A peace treaty between Star Wars and Star Trek [Blastr]
  • Is Bane having speech problems? [Filmdrunk]
  • The PS Vita clones have arrived [Dvice]

The huge smile that I got on my face while watching this bearded dragon playing the iOS game Ant Crusher was just ridiculous. Ant Crusher is a game where you have to quickly tap the screen in order to splat ants before they can take your delicious strawberries and otherwise ruin your day. Check it out below.

The best part of this video, aside from the whole thing, is when the dragon fails and waits for her owner to restart the game. "Just one more level!?" Oh my, what a cute video.

In the X-Play comedy video below, Batman, the Dark Knight, shows off his sensitive side, and professes his love for The Catwoman, as we cut up some footage from Arkham City and set the whole thing to The Cataracs' "Baby Baby (The Lover Anthem.")

Click play, whydon'tcha?

Batman and Catwoman Canoodle To Auto Tune »

I'm sure you've heard of Skyrim's bucket-head glitch, where a bucket can be placed on NPCs' heads to allow for easy theft with no consequences. YouTube user grampo567 tried it out in real life... with hysterical results.

Ladies and gentlemen: Real life bucket-head!

I don't know about you, but I LOL'ed. Check out more funny (and serious!) Skyrim videos here.


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