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Boo! Did I scare you? Probably not. But if you want some real scares and surprises, you won’t want to miss this episode of The MMO Report. This week, Casey takes a look at The Secret World’s creepy new Unleashed update, celebrates Star Wars: The Old Republic going free-to-play, issues an Uncle Casey’s Mailbag Photoshop challenge, and much, much more. So go ahead and hit that play button… if you have the guts.


The MMO Report: Thursday, August 2nd »


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Casey’s back, it’s the last Thursday of July, and the earth hasn’t exploded yet. Obviously, there’s a lot to celebrate. So why not commemorate this momentous day by watching a brand new The MMO Report?

This week, Casey continues his countdown to the Guild Wars 2 launch, tells us why everyone is going to love The Elder Scrolls Online, explains why everything’s better with a dash of zombie, and so much more. So grab a snack bowl full of brains and enjoy this week’s The MMO Report.

The MMO Report: Thursday, July 26th »


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The Elder Scrolls Online -- Your Reactions On The Elder Scrolls MMO

ZeniMax Online Studios has launched a new The Elder Scrolls Online contest called the "Sun’s Height Lore Contest." That's a rather intimidating sounding contest, but if you think you're up for task, then keep reading! Just make sure to do it in your best Town Crier voice.

"Calling all Tamriel historians and loremasters! Starting today, we’re kicking off the Sun’s Height Lore Contest. This contest runs through the end of Sun’s Height (July 31st) on the official The Elder Scrolls Online Twitter account, and will put your knowledge of The Elder Scrolls lore to the test. Be one of the first 100 people to correctly answer each question for a chance to win a prize pack of awesome The Elder Scrolls Online and ZeniMax Online Studios loot."

You can find out how to enter, what the rules of eligibility are, and more over at the Bethesda blog. Good lore hunting.

world of warcraft mists of pandaria

Blizzard Entertainment confirms that the World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria expansion pack has a release date. It will be out in stores and online on September 25, 2012. This fourth expansion pack for the popular MMORPG adds the lost continent of Pandaria to the game, as well as playable Pandarens (think Kung-Fu Panda), a new monk class, and quite a bit more besides.

Expect to pay $39.99 for digital and physical copies of Mists of Pandaria in its most basic form, though you'll of course be able to spend additional dollars on more bonus-packed releases as well. A Digital Deluxe version of the expansion pack will sell for $59.99 online and a physical Collector's Edition release carries a $79.99 price tag. Players who purchase the basic version (digital or physical, doesn't matter) will also have the option of spending an extra $20 to get the Digital Deluxe bonuses.

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While Casey is being treated for his post Comic-Con “exhaustion”, guest host John Walsh jumps behind The MMO Report desk and gives us a look at Star Wars: The Old Republic’s HK-51 droid, tells us what to expect from Guild Wars 2’s upcoming beta, celebrates a milestone for RuneScape, turns to some World of Warcraft inspired violence and more! So in the words of the late Maurice Sendak, “let the wild rumpus start!”


The MMO Report: Thursday, July 19th »


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Rhode Island Governor On Kingdoms of Amalur:

Want to see a trailer for the Kingdoms of Amalur MMO? It's a essentially an early look at an MMO that you will never play. Apparently, this was planned as the launch trailer for the MMO, and judging by the obvious placeholder voice-over, this isn't even a finished trailer. A sad, but somehow fitting, end to the debacle that was 38 Studios.

It was sent to game blog Kotaku by an insider who felt that the effort of the people who spent four years developing Amalur deserves to be seen. Check it out, here.

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We have just the cure for your 4th of July hotdog and apple pie hangover… A brand new The MMO Report! This week, David Brevik, President of Gazillion Entertainment and creator of the Diablo franchise, pays Casey a visit to give us the inside scoop on his latest creation, Marvel Heroes. So listen in as David shares details about the game’s storyline, gameplay, characters, their abilities, what MMO’s mean to him and so much more. Also, we get to watch Casey geek out over all things Marvel! I defy you to think of a better way to spend ten and half minutes.


The MMO Report: Thursday, July 5th »


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Ladies and gentlemen, esteemed readers of TheFeed and visitors to G4tv.com, it is with great honor that we invite you to a publically posted screening of this week’s The MMO Report. A masterful episode wherein our charming host, Casey Schreiner, clarifies the true intent of Star Wars: The Old Republic’s server transfers, regales us with tales of PlanetSide 2’s classes, reads from a delivery to his voluminous mailbag and so much more. Enjoy the show! 

The MMO Report: Thursday, June 28th »


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Are you in the mood for some exciting MMO related news and entertainment? Well friend, you've come to the right place. On this week's MMO Report, Casey gets some clown love from the Insane Clown Posse, prepares us for The Secret World's final beta, sells us on the MechWarrior Online Founders Program, helps spread rumors about Guild Wars 2's "imminent" release date and so much more! You're welcome.


The MMO Report: Thursday, June 21st »


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E3 2012 is over, but that doesn’t mean there’s an end to all the news and information that came out of it. On this post-E3 MMO Report entertainment extravaganza, Casey gets treated to a deeper look at some of the awesome upcoming MMO’s that were represented on the show floor. So join us as we take a look at the environments and combat of The Elder Scrolls Online, the classes and vehicles of PlanetSide 2, the enormous universe of Dust 514 and so much more! Sit back, relax and enjoy this week’s super-size episode of The MMO Report.

The MMO Report: Thursday, June 14th »


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Age of Wushu

Age of Wushu is the free-to-play MMORPG that plops players in an idealized version of Feudal China. There, you'll train and otherwise live your Kung Fu dreams through the power of MMOs. Here's a snippet from our Age of Wushu preview from Kung Fu master Steve Johnson:

"Once you’ve locked down your skills, combat is timed-cooldown style, with rock-paper-scissor elements--some skills perfectly counter others, while some defenses work poorly against certain kinds of attacks. Standard MMO stuff, but it’s pulled off pretty well here. While the combat is essentially turn-based, it’s frantic and fast enough to feel “real,” and you can even link moves together in combos. Not bad for a free-to-play game; not bad at all."

Grab your katana and head over to our full Age of Wushu preview from E3 2012 now, grasshopper.


In our Elder Scrolls Online gameplay demo from E3 2012 Live, Morgan Webb chats with Paul Sage from Zenimax Studios about this highly anticipated MMO. Here's what we learned: the game takes place a thousand years before Skyrim, players can join three different factions and there will be plenty of combat. Not mentioned was how playing Elder Scrolls can now officially be deemed a "social" activity.

Learn more about The Elder Scrolls Online in our E3 2012 Live video!

The Elder Scrolls Online E3 Gameplay Demo »


It’s Thursday, and that only means one thing: It’s time for The MMO Report! On this very special Pre-E3 episode, Casey breaks down the factions of The Elder Scrolls Online, gets some brand new scoop on Defiance straight from Trion World’s pre-E3 event, and scores us an exclusive look at the awesome MAX suits of PlanetSide 2. So I guess the only question I have is who the hell are you to resist hitting that play button?

The MMO Report: Thursday, May 24th »

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The show’s hiatus is over! That means we’re serving you up a super fresh MMO Report. So open wide as Casey gives us a peek under the hood of PlanetSide 2’s sweet new vehicle, practices some voodoo with Diablo 3’s Witch Doctor and dishes some fresh details on the MMO/TV series crossover, Defiance. So make yourself comfortable, hit play and enjoy the beauty that is this week’s The MMO Report.

The MMO Report: Thursday, May 10th »

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Star Wars: The Old Republic Update 1.2 Rides In On The Back Of A Tauntaun

BioWare is finally launching the much-talked-about Game Update 1.2 for Star Wars: The Old Republic today, April 13, 2012, adding an expanded Legacy system, a new Operation, a new PvP Warzone, and various other bits to the popular MMO. The update will be officially live as soon as the servers come back online around 11am ET/8am PT.

Players who have stuck with SW:TOR all along will also be getting some special bonuses from BioWare. All of those who were active subscribers when v1.2 launched will receive a free Tauntaun Ram pet, which is pretty much the best news ever for a Star Wars fan. As an added bonus, anyone who had a level 50 character at the time the update launched will also receive a complimentary 30 days of play time in return for their loyalty.

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